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Hello I-I District Key Clubbers! To the Key Clubbers of The I-I District, What an outstanding first few months of the 2013-2014 year we’ve had. It’s been an honor serving as your District Governor. What else would this position be without serving you, the members, which is most important? Any upcoming events for your club? Wanting a guest speaker? Invite me! My contact info is:; (309)-525-2490; 402 Roosevelt Ave., Kewanee, IL Has your club filled out your Club Officer Directory for the 2013-14 year? If not, no problem. Find this form (for use of filing contact info of clubs’ respective Executive officers) available here: yeUY4TWFST1VlNV93dGVvUGc6MQ#gid=0 Remember, wherever you are, you’re representing Key Club. For this reason, we are the world’s best youth service organization.

Yours in Service,

Illinois–Eastern Iowa District Key Club Governor Kewanee, Illinois

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

FAREWELL ADDRESS FROM I-I DISTRICT SECRETARY HAYLEY HAWTON, LIMESTONE HIGH SCHOOL As much as it pains me to write this, I am stepping down as your 2013-2014 Illinois-Eastern Iowa District Secretary. I wish I could continue my service to all of you and be on the district board for one more year, but I realized I don’t have as much time and technology skills for this position. I want you to all know I did it for myself and for the best of the district. I truly care about every single one of you and still am here for any advice you may need. My plans for my upcoming year as a senior at Limestone Community High School and fourth year in Key Club is to make my last year in high school count and try and help make my Key Club the best Key Club in the district. I still lay to be very involved in my division and the district this year. If you see me at any events this upcoming year, please don’t hesitate to come up and talk to me! I want to congratulate and ask you all to please welcome Graham Novak as your new 2013-2014 I-I District Secretary. I am sure he will do amazing things for our district. Together We Serve,

Hayley Hawton Contact the new District Secretary Graham Novak Phone: 630/248/0698 Email Graham at: Add Graham as a friend on Facebook by searching “Graham Novak”

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

GREETINGS FROM I-I DISTRICT STATISTICAL SECRETARY NATALIE WALGREN, DUBUQUE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Hey I-I District! I would first like to congratulate you all on an excellent start to an amazing year of service! We are truly making great strides through service to our homes, schools, and communities. Just a quick reminder, the next club monthly report is due May 10th for the month of April. Reporting is a great asset to both the district board and your club. It actively allows your current Lieutenant Governor and the district board to know how you’re doing and if you need any help! It’s a vital communication link between the district level and club level. Club reports also provide recognition for your club. They give everyone new ideas and allow us to recognize you for all your hard work. The April report is the first official report for the 2013-2014 reporting year, so let’s start off strong! Submitting club monthly reports online is the easiest and most efficient way, but can sometimes be a bit tricky to fill out. Complete club monthly reports as E-Forms on the I-I District website: If you are unsure whether your club is missing any monthly reports or need any help regarding reporting, please don’t hesitate to contact your Lieutenant Governor or me. Keep up the amazing work! Yours in service,

Natalie Walgren Contact Natalie at Phone: 563/581-9272 Email: Add Natalie as a friend on Facebook by searching “Natalie Walgren”

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

O’FALLON KEY CLUB CHARTERING NIGHT SUREEPOUL PATTUMMA, O’FALLON TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL On Monday, April 22, the O’Fallon, Illinois’, Kiwanis Club hosted a chartering banquet for O’Fallon Township High School’s recently formed Key Club. For eighteen months, the club has functioned without an official standing, so the event was of great importance for its advisor, Cecilia Modarelli, and its chartered members. Of the twenty members chartered that night, seven attended, including Founding Club President Sureepoul Pattumma, Vice President Jordyn Johnson, Secretary Brianne Lang, Mary Ward, Allison Hermann, Madison Land, and Princess Burch. Also attending the chartering dinner were other Kiwanis Clubs from the area and other Key Clubs from the I-I district. I-I Governor, Will Kelley, and I-I Lieutenant Governor, Autumn Simons, both delivered heartfelt, encouraging speeches, ensuring that they would assist O’Fallon’s Key Club in any way possible. Once the members were inducted, they received generous donations from the O’Fallon, Illinois, Kiwanis Club and the Fairview Heights, Illinois, Kiwanis club, with Governor Kelley also receiving his share of gifts, as he was given a Manchester United soccer jersey. The ceremony ended with countless hugs, congratulations, and great excitement for O’Fallon’s newly chartered Key Club. Yours in Service,

Sureepoul Pattumma

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

CIRCLE K’S SUMMER SOCIAL ASHLEY WOLFE, AUGUSTANA COLLEGE Greetings from Circle K! With the school year coming to a close, I hope that all of the seniors are anxiously waiting to leave for college. It is a neat experience, to say the least! While you are waiting, be on the lookout for the I-I Circle K Summer Social event! This event is an annual summer gettogether for the I-I Kiwanis Family. In the past there have been baseball games, a dance for The Eliminate Project, ice cream socials, and more! Summer Social is a great opportunity to meet people from the Kiwanis Family in a casual setting. You are able to meet and network with Kiwanis members who could help you find a summer job or internship, as well as Circle K members who you can look to for advice on college life and what to expect. If you are graduating you have the opportunity to connect with your Circle K Club before school even starts! Summer Social will be July 13th this year at Starved Rock (Utica, IL); it’s luau themed! We hope to see you there! If you ever have any questions about Circle K or the Kiwanis Family please don’t hesitate to contact me at Yours in Service,

Ashley Wolfe

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013



Fellow Key Clubbers, Key Leader is an unforgettable leadership program for today's young leaders. At Key Leader, we delved into the most pertinent lesson of leadership— “Service Leadership” that is derived from helping others succeed. Through large and small group workshops, discussions and teambuilding activities over the course of the weekend, we had opportunities to learn leadership skills that will help us improve our schools, communities, and world. While exploring leadership in a whole new way, participants made amazing new friends and had experiences they will never forget. Some highlights of the weekend included: Introduction Activities, Small -Group Projects, Low Ropes Team Building, Evening Camp Fires, and Interactive Training Sessions developed around Integrity, Growth, Respect, Community, and Excellence. Personally, I know this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The skills I took home after the weekend were powerfully influential upon me. I can apply them to not only Key Club, but any other group I am a part of. I see these tools being useful through High School, College, and eventually the workforce. Moreover, I left Key Leader with forty friends I felt as though I had known for a lifetime, most of which I had never met before. The bonds I made with other kids cannot be described in words. By Sunday I had made seemingly tangible connections with so many students, whom I hope to remain friends with for years to come. With an altered view of leadership and a plethora of new friendshipsmy best advice is to attend a Key Leader Weekend. You will not regret it!

Yours in Service,

Graham Novak

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013


Going into the week, I was very skeptical because I believed that it was going to be very boring, but I am very happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Every single thing was very revealing about yourself and what kind of leader you are, and it was also very educational on how to be the best leader that you can be. Every single person was inviting, which made the experience that much better, especially during the activities that we participated in. These activities included low ropes courses, team-building exercises, and group discussions. The low ropes courses were some of the best courses because not only were they fun and challenging, they also really encouraged team-building and how to be an effective leader to help your team accomplish the course. Some of the team-building exercises consisted of many different things, but one of the best seemed to be the elevating hula hoop. This was an exercise where we had to work in teams and only use our pointer fingers to raise and lower a hula hoop while keeping our fingers leveled. This was educational because it showed us how to be effective communicators and how to accomplish a goal in the best way possible. Lastly, the speaker was amazing. She really did a great job putting together a very inspirational and educational presentation, which really helped us learn what it means to be a Key Leader. The weekend was such a great time with a perfect mix of education and fun, and everybody from the other students to the administrators were very kind and helpful, which made the week that much better. I would highly recommend this camp to anybody interested in learning how to become a better leader. I am defiantly going to go to this event next year. Yours in Service,

Joe Whang

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013



At the first Key Club International convention in 1946, the organization was given the responsibility of creating a program that would unite all the Key Club members together into an area that would make an International impact. This is how the Major Emphasis Program and its theme, “Children: Their Future, Our Focus”, got started. Any project conducted by members or clubs that help serve children in need is considered a project of the Major Emphasis Program. Key Club International works with three preferred service partners that help unite all Key Club members together in one common goal to help children across the world. These three service partners include UNICEF, March of Dimes, and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Each year thousands of service hours and dollars are donated to help children in need. Currently, Key Clubs all over the world are working with their local Kiwanis Clubs to help eliminate Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) from the face of our world. Each year, MNT takes 100,000 lives each year. It is our mission to world with Kiwanis International to help eliminate this disease by the year 2015 by raising $110 million dollars to help purchase vaccines to protect a mother and her future babies from this deadly disease. Small differences, like donating money to our service partners, makes a big difference in the lives of children. Get your club involved today!

Yours in Service, Most clubs wonder how they can really contribute to the District and find new service projects, I have a solution for you! This year our goal, as a District, is to make Spastic Paralysis stand out! We need YOUR help! On Saturday September 7th, 2013 we want you to do a service project/fundraiser for Spastic Paralysis. However, we want you to make it an interclub with your local Builders Club and K-Kids! Children

Jasmine Bains

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

PROJECT OF THE MONTH: FOOD FIGHT FOR HUNGER SAVANAH SELLARS, YORKVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Food Fight for Hunger is a 100% student led Non-Profit Organization. Originating in 2008 in Naperville high school districts #203 and #204, Food Fight has expanded and endured to the present. Each year, students host fundraisers to purchase dehydrated vegetables, rice, soy, and mineral (chicken) powder to be packed and sent overseas to impoverished countries. Similar to the packing of Feed My Starving Children, Food Fight packs the four ingredients in an assembly line fashion. This takes place annually at each high school in April, at the notorious “Packing Day,” where students volunteer their time during the school day to pack the meals. Since the beginning, Food Fight has packed over 1 million meals that have been sent to Cambodia, Haiti, Zimbabwe and most recently, Afghanistan. Yorkville was the 6th high school to join, following Neuqua Valley, Waubonsie Valley, Naperville North, Naperville Central and Metea Valley. (Food Fight is not a Key Club project at the other 5 schools.) In 2010, Yorkville High School’s Key Club put together the 1st annual Food Fight for Hunger Dodge-ball tournament. Between the tournament and t-shirt sales, Yorkville High School’s Key Club raised $1,500 for Food Fight, and Yorkville High Sschool students packed 36,000 meals that year. In the past three years, lead by current Key Club President, Savanah Sellars, Yorkville High School has raised nearly $5,000 and packed 100,000 meals. Food Fight’s mission statement is not only to eradicate world hunger, but also to create student leaders. In the past three years, over 2,000 students have packed meals at Yorkville High School. Not only are high school students feeding the hungry and learning to serve others, they are taking pride and finding confidence in doing so – making Food Fight a favorite event of Yorkville High School students. Although Savanah is senior, keep an eye out for future success with Food Fight and Yorkville High School Key Club with the incoming president and Food Fight leader, Kylie Kreischer. Yours in Service,

Savanah Sellars

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

MEET YOUR LIEUTENANT GOVENROR! When I hear the name Key Club, a lot of different things come to mind. To start, it is an amazing club that offers a ton of opportunities. It gives high school students like me a chance to learn skills that will benefit us in the future, including communication, leadership, and so much more. Also, Key Club’s mission is to benefit the children around the world. Every Key Club member serves its community, school, and home and does their best to help the world become a better place. Everything that Key Club stands for is why I love Key Club! Yours in Service, Jennifer Zhou Division 1 Lieutenant Governor

When I was younger I always used to see homeless people under a bridge or sitting on the sidewalk. I was always depressed seeing them and I always wanted to do something to help them. These were people without a home, food, clothing, or lacking any other life necessities. Since I saw these people, I developed a passion for serving and helping those who need help. I joined Key Club because it’s a club that serves the community and the nation and make it a better place for everyone. We help the children, the misfortunate, and the needy. Serving others who need help is what I dedicated my life to, and this is why I joined Key Club. I am a member for life! Yours in Service, Tiant Holloway Division 4 Lieutenant Governor I’m Margot, your new Lieutenant Governor of Division 5/6. I was a bulletin editor of my club and have been on Key Club for a year now. I really would like to make a better effort this year for all the clubs in our division to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about what’s going on in our districts. You’ll be hearing more from me and feel free to text, call, or e-mail me whenever you’d like, and I will try my best to get back to you right away. Yours in Service, Margot Wagner Division 5/6 Lieutenant Governor

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

MEET YOUR LIEUTENANT GOVENROR! I joined Key Club in the spring before freshman year of high school at my school’s freshman activity night, because I wanted to make a difference in my community. I wanted to be able to help those in need in my community, as well as around the world. I really love the sense of family and camaraderie between all Key Club members from all different clubs, and I love seeing the smile on someone’s face after you make a lasting difference in their lives.

Yours in Service, Jeremy Goodsnyder Division 7 Lieutenant Governor Key Club is a truly amazing organization. There are many things that I like about Key Club and that is why it is my favorite organization. Key Club gives students an excellent opportunity to give back to the community and gives a memorable experience. Key club offers everyone a chance to come together with the community and help make a difference. It gives an opportunity to help others and make new friends at the same time. Key club provides students with leadership skills for personal growth and gives them a drive and a passion to help build their home, school, and community. Yours in Service, Joel Vargeese Division 9 Lieutenant Governor Freshman year my mom actually forced me to join a club, so while at my schools club fair I happened across our Key Club booth. I thought it looked like something easy that I could join and get away with not doing much. It wasn't until I started going to meetings I realized I wanted to do a lot for this club and be as involved as I could be. I had no idea how amazing the organization was and all the wonderful things they do until I saw them happening before my eyes. I couldn't believe I got to be apart of all the work being done. I was helping the people in my community and others millions of miles away. I am so honored to be apart of Key Club because it has changed my life for the better and shown me how much of an impact one person can have in the lives of others. Yours in Service, Rachel Radtke Division 10 Lieutenant Governor

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

MEET YOUR LIEUTENANT GOVENROR! Greetings all! My name is Chloe Fischer and I am the Lieutenant Governor of the II Key Club District for Division 11, Region 3. One of my favorite things about Key Club and the people that are in it is that we strive for the best every day. We serve our homes, school and communities with good hearts and that alone gives me untiring motivation to do my best in every aspect. I truly appreciate and love this organization and I am so happy that I took the moment to sign up for Key Club at my school last year! Yours in Service, Chloe Fischer Division 11 Lieutenant Governor

Choosing Key Club was quite an easy task for me! However it was my sister that really got me interested in the club itself. I knew that they did community service and that they had monthly meetings, but I never realized how big of an impact the club really makes until I continued to go to service projects. The main reason for my love of the club is the look on someone's face after you help them. My favorite service project is Autism Babysitting just for that reason. I love being able to take time out of my day to go color, play games, and just talk to someone! It is a great feeling knowing that I made an impact on the children's day! Key Club is by far the BEST club you could ever join! Yours in Service, Kari Wolfe Division 13 Lieutenant Governor At first, I joined Key Club because I knew that I wanted to be a part of some service organization. Little did I know then that Key Club would become a major part of my life and make a huge impact on the person I have grown into. Key Club has taught me to become a strong and better leader and take initiative to help those in my home, school, and community. Key Club is truly my passion, and I love to be a part of this great and amazing organization. Yours in Service, Sonal Patel Division 14 Lieutenant Governor

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

MEET YOUR LIEUTENANT GOVENROR! I have always wanted to help people. As a child, I didn’t realize that this was indeed “service”. I just knew that I wanted to make the lives of others better. I became part of a service organization in middle school, since I was looking for a club to help me volunteer in my community. Key Club just fits me perfectly. Yours in Service, Jamila Johnson Division 15 Lieutenant Governor

I joined Key Club when I was a freshman because I wanted some volunteer hours. Then I learned that Key Club really can help people out and hearing some stories on how fundraising fro Key Club has changed some people’s lives really changed my look on what Key Club is about. That is what made me get into Key Club knowing that all the lives that one club can change is a great feeling.

Yours in Service, Olivia Carrasco Division 16 Lieutenant Governor I joined key club because I knew that it was something that I would enjoy. Both of my older sibling and my upperclassmen friends have always done key club, and love it! Most people stereotype key club towards volunteer work, but I think of it as an opportunity to have fun with my friends. As a good school student, I know that it is important to he involved at your school as well as maintaining good grades. After talking to my friends, I thought key club would be the perfect way to do this! Yours in Service, Nathan Addis Division 17 Lieutenant Governor

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

MEET YOUR LIEUTENANT GOVENROR! In the pie chart of things I admire about Key Club, there would be thousands of impossibly small but essential slivers that fuse together to make this gargantuan group of teenagers so amazing. Some of the more noticeable slices: inclusiveness, compassion, and service. With togetherness in mind, not one person is excluded from the chance to care for others. While these traits are commendable, what draws me into Key Club are the people who are the near definition of these qualities. Our values and mission do not make us who we are. Our members do. Yours in Service, Catharine Leahy Division 18/19Lieutenant Governor

I first joined Key Club my freshman year of high school, not really knowing what I was getting myself into or what Key Club is all about. At the first meeting I learned that Key Club is a service organization that really has a heart for helping those in need. I have since grown to love this great organization and have had the opportunity to participate in many service projects to aid worthy causes. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to the coming year of service!

Yours in Service, Madison Roberts Division 20 West Lieutenant Governor I joined Key Club because it sounded like a wonderful opportunity to serve others in my community. I like Key Club because I am making a long lasting impression on my community and the people I serve. I look forward to serving as Lieutenant Governor of 20 East for the coming year! Yours in Service, Jacob Godwin Division 20 East Lieutenant Governor

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

MEET YOUR LIEUTENANT GOVENROR! The first time I attended a Key Club meeting I had no idea what it was about. To be honest, I had put it in the “weird club� category just by the name. I mean how much is there to do at a club about Keys? But a friend had told me it was well worthwhile to come, so I listened. At that meeting, I found out what it was really about: service, leadership, commitment, dedication, and initiative. When I saw the passion and enthusiasm that everyone had, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Yours in Service, Graham Novak Division 21 Lieutenant Governor

I joined Key Club because I love helping people and I liked what Key Club stood for and what they do to help others out. I remember being a freshman and coming to our school's first meeting of that year. I had no idea what to expect, but I've learned so much about Key Club and what a difference I can make in other people's lives. Key Club is a passion of mine and I am honored to serve in this organization.

Yours in Service, Mylinh Tran Division 22 West Lieutenant Governor

I joined Key Club my freshman year with the thought of bettering my community through the club. Since my time on the I-I Board, my love for Key Club has bloomed; from seeing how the clubs in my Division are bettering their community, to making new friends and memories throughout the District. I encourage you all to go out in your community and make a difference. Think global, act local. Yours in Service, Emily Griffith Division 22 East Lieutenant Governor

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

MEET YOUR LIEUTENANT GOVENROR! I started to take an interest in Key Club and community service in my eighth grade year of Jr. High. I was inspired to join Key Club by seeing the positive impacts students made within the community. I also joined Key Club because it is a way to create new and fun events that allows students to get excited about helping the community. I knew joining Key Club was a great way to give back to my community as well as making great memories. I love Key Club and I am glad I joined! Yours in Service, Ashleigh Glecier Division 23 Lieutenant Governor Hello fellow I-I District Key Clubbers! I'm Shannon Harback, LTG of Division 24. To be one-hundred percent honest, I joined Key Club out of complete curiosity. I heard great things about the organization growing up, such as their annual service projects and numerous fundraising efforts. However, I never fully understood the concept of the organization until I decided to join. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the wonderful comments I grew up hearing were absolutely true! Key Club truly is a fantastic way to give back to your community. I come from a small town where a little volunteer work goes a long way. Perhaps my favorite part about being in Key Club is that it really gives me a sense of worth. It has opened my eyes as to how much of a difference one person can make! Yours in Service, Shannon Harback Division 24 Lieutenant Governor Key Club is an organization that performs services and offers help to those who are needed of it. This student led organization not just helps the community and the people who are getting helped, but it also helps the students themselves who are volunteering by sharing their ability and leadership. Sharing money or clothes can be easy if you just have some extra, but sharing one’s distinct and original power that is only available to that one person is not easy. Key Club teaches them how to use their abilities wisely to make a brighter, more caring world.

Yours in Service, Claire Park Division 25/27 Lieutenant Governor

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

MEET YOUR LIEUTENANT GOVENROR! Joining Key Club two years ago was one of the best decisions I have made in high school. It has allowed me to get more involved in my community and made me a better person. Making a difference in others’ lives is rewarding which is why I wanted to get more involved in Key Club—so I could share this joy with others. Overall, I think that Key Club is one of the best clubs offered because it allows teens to be themselves while boosting their self-esteem. This is why I plan to stick with the K-Family in the future. Yours in Service, Victoria Drake Division 26 Lieutenant Governor

Ever since I was little, I would attend my school's Homecoming Parade. Key Club always had a float, and even though I, at the time, thought Key Club was about collecting keys for the greater good, I knew I wanted to be a part of such an organization. Everyone on the float always seemed so kind. Joining Key Club as a freshman, I truly got to experience the friendship that comes with volunteering and service. As I became an officer and leader of Key Club, it was truly a great experience for me to be a facilitator of such a club. Now, as a Lieutenant Governor, I get to oversee such service from a wider viewpoint, and get hear about the endeavors and projects my clubs have taken a part of to help their communities. Being a part of Key Club gives me an opportunity to help others at every officer or member meeting I attend, and I always leave eager to help others! Yours in Service, Abby Kauerauf Division 28/29 Lieutenant Governor I joined Key Club because of my desire to help my community. My parents have been very involved in the community, and they instilled that same sense of pride and service they have. Also, word travels fast in Morrisonville, so I definitely didn’t miss on all the fun stories from our biggest service project, building floats for the Morrisonville Picnic Parade. It seemed like an obvious choice back then, and now I am very glad I joined Key Club. Yours in Service, Kara Brockamp

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013

MEET YOUR LIEUTENANT GOVENROR! There are many reasons why I joined key club. Key club is a great club where one can give back to their community that has given so much to them. I like to meet all types of new people like other key clubbers, advisors, and people of the community. The best part about key club is seeing the smile on someone’s face after you just helped them as best as you could. There is no better feeling then knowing you made someone’s day after doing something to help them. Yours in Service, Dylan Miley Division 36 Lieutenant Governor



Have you check out the Illinois-Eastern Iowa District webpage recently? A few upgrades have been made to improve the overall experience! A comment box has recently been added to the home page. Key Club members can post comments about anything they fell should be added to the Key Club website. Also, our district is on various social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can find us on Facebook by typing in “Illinois-Eastern Iowa District”. You can also follow us on twitter (@iikeyclub) to get updates on important Key Club events. These are also great resources to share with other Key Club members that you know! Yours in Service,

Jasmine Bains CONTACT



Hello I-I Key Clubbers! My name is Jasmine Bains and I am the 2013-2014 Iolian Editor for our district. My job is to collect articles from Key Club members across our district and compile them into the Iolian newsletter. The Iolian serves as an inspiration to Key Club members, and advisers about what types of services projects they can host at their own school. If you would like to submit an article, please email/call me at or 1630-345-0833.

Illino is - Eastern Iowa 6 4 t h Key Club D istrict Conven tion Crowne Plaza -Springfield, IL—February 28 - March 2

What is District Convention? District Convention is a Key Club event that usually occurs during March. It celebrates the year of self-less service and dedication for all of the Key Club members!

What’s in it for me? By attending this event, you will meet passionate Key Clubbers from our district, learn more about Key Club, bring useful information back to your home club, attend workshops, receive awards, elect the new Executive Board members, and much more!

Visit for more information

Bring the

to your school!

Youth for Understanding (YFU) advances intercultural understanding, mutual respect, and social responsibility through educational exchanges for youth, families, and communities.

Host a foreign exchange student at your school & expand your networks across the world! YFU provides: administrative support study abroad scholarships local events/activities How do you get involved? Help find a HOST FAMILY! The more families willing to host, the more international students we can enroll at your school. Maybe members of your local Kiwanis Club will host!

Key Club/Key Leader Study Abroad Scholarships Available! YFU offers over $1.6 million In study abroad Scholarships! For more information, contact: Kristen Arbogast, IL Field Director (515)-276-630 ext 6112

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Illinois-Eastern Iowa District April 2013



Important Dates:

Summer Social: 13th at Hello I-I District! I am Jack Vielhauer, your International Trustee! On July behalf of myself and Key Club International, I am proud to be here Starved Rock to speak to you about the 2013 Key Club International Convention, July 3rd to July 7th, in the nation’s capital: Washington, D.C.! International Convention will not disappoint anyone. August 27th: all articles for the While staying in the Hilton Hotel for the duration of the convention, Iolian need to be you will enjoy and learn from a wide range of interesting workshops e m a i l e d to and sessions, hosted by professionals as well as your 2012-2013 Inter- national Council members. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to meet new people from all over the world and build long September 1st: lasting relationships. There will be amazing speakers, such as the vic- Iolian publication tim of one of the highly followed child abduction cases of our time, date Elizabeth Smart, and performances by Michael C. Anthony, a worldfamous hypnotist who has been seen on CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox. July 3rd-7th: ICON Aside from all of the learning and loads of fun, you will also be able to help elect the new International Board for the 2013-2014 service year. Meet the candidates personally and be a part of the change! These 5 days will change your life forever! So come again for another time to celebrate our oneness in service as Key Clubbers and change the world for tomorrow!

Jack Vielhauer 3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 USA 317-875-8755 • US AND CANADA: 800-KIWANIS

The iolian newsletter 1 may 1st  
The iolian newsletter 1 may 1st