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I was getting home from a day at school when I was still in high school. I got out of the car and two big snakes lunged at me and as I ran they slithered very fast behind me. I ran back and around the car then got on the car and climbed into the car from a sunroof. Then I drove the car to the porch and jumped from the car to the porch and ran into the house where my family already was. I noticed that I forgot my back pack and I really needed it so I had to go back outside, where the snakes were waiting for me, and get it. I distracted them and got in the car got my bag and got back in the house.

Snake Dream

This dream started out with me just hanging out on my couch watching television I could see the blue glow of the t.v but not the show that was on. I started hearing a scatching/knocking of someone trying to get my attention and because the porchlight was on the figure was being backlit with a soft yellow glow behind him and all I saw was a young males figure then he spoke in a clam voice and said that he was here to take me away because it was my time to go with him. At this point I freaked out told him to go away he said he would but that he would be back. Many days past and then he came back but this time it was my bedroom window and I had been there watching a movie. when he told me in a calm voice that he was there to take me away. At this point it was like a movie scene where the actress grabbs her hair and starts shaking her head freaking out when something bad happens whick is exactly what I was doing while yelling at him to go away. Then I woke up from the overwhelming emotions I had been thought in the dream.

I opened my eyes because I had been sleeping, but I couldn’t get my eyes opened because they had become very sensitive to light so when I tried to open them a very bright white light would cause them to close. It felt like I was staring directly at the sun but it was regular light and everything looked overlit and I could only just make out shapes. Even thought It was opening my eyes with my fingers they would shut. It felt like I had lost contorl of my body and my eyes didnt want to cooperate with my brain.

I was on my bed with a bunch of books surrounding me and I remember looking at the covers when I spotted my favorite one then I cracked it opened and started reading it. As soon as I started reading the words they would disapear from my memory but I kept reading the book.

I was going to the store for some supplies and snacks, but me my brother and sister were being driven there with me by two body gaurds in this black tinted car. We parked but only I got out of the car and this other bodygaurd got out and started shadowing me. I made my way down different isles as the guy trailed me but still tryed to make it seem like I was shopping alone.

I was in a long hallway in a big and old house and it had many rooms but I had to find my sister because she was in danger but she didnt know it. I ran down the empty hall and when a guy finally past by I stopped him and asked him if he had seen her. He said he had and that she was in the pool area just to follow the water noises. I kept going down the hall and heard the water but instead of finding the pool when I opened the door i found a river. The door led to the outside strait into a loud river. I went in the river but because it was so shallow I just walked down it.

I was at my old high school in the parking lot and a man with a child were the only ones there apart from me. I was there waiting I don’t remember who I was waiting for, but then the guy proceded to grab the little girl about four or five and he threw her and she landed on the pavement. I was outraged by what I had just wittnessed so I confronted him and started telling him that what he had just done was cruel and he could go to jail... I was in my friends room at her apartment and we were hanging out but I saw a picture of the guy and asked her about it she said it was her father. I told she could come to my house and I would get her and her little sister help. I was helping her pack a bag when her dad entered furious at seeing me and he took out a gun and shot me in the head I fell to the ground but because I had been on my knees I didn’t fall hard but then I came to and he was yelling angily at me...

I was in my room at my old house and looking out of the window threw the shades staring at the neighbors trying to be sneaky, but one of them saw me so I quickly stepped away. I loud bang sounded, the neighbor had barged into my house and into my room with a knife in his hand which he pointed at me. I reached for the knives I kept in my room and took one in each hand, when he saw the big knives in my hand he backed away and left.

I was at an abandoned school and it had many large staircases some which were winding leading to different floors and I kept trying to find my way out because a guy was trailing me and he had a gun. I was running down the stairs as he shot at me and made it to an upper level when i was trying to get downstairs. and after many attempts of trying to find my way out while trying to miss the bullets being shot at me, when one shot past my head nearly hitting me I decided to just jump because the one i was on was winding and I was closer to the ground. When i landed i quickly made it out of the school and ran past the playground into a car.

I was in a desert and it was bright and sunny and I could fly, but when I realized that I could I would fall and land in the sand so I tried flying and kept failing until i could only hover. Then I hovered a couple feet in the air around the desert.

It was a night time but because the moon was full I could see clearly. I was near a mountain and on top was a dark castle the scene looked like a cliche scary movie because then it started to rain. My sister and I were drifters and we were hitch hiking then this eighteen wheeler pulled up and we got in. Then we told him to stop so we could get off but instead he sped up and by this time there was alot of thunder and lighting and then we opened the door to jump out and only got on to the sidestep of the eighteen wheeler when I heard my sister cry out. the man had gotten a hold of her hand and he was swerving on the road and I grabbed a hold of my sisters leg and pulled while trying to fight the guy as the trailer continued to swerve. he finaly let go of her leg and we fell out of the car and landed in snow because we had driven into a snowy part of the mountain.

The end...

Coffee table book  

This is a book cataloging my dreams I have had.