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Eunice Francesca M. Elazegui “Diamond in the Rough”


n theory, there are 15 orders of hierarchical complexity and then there’s Nichi. An undefinable abstraction even Dr. Who can’t solve. She’s both quiet and loud, strong and sensitive, smart and crazy! You can count on her to spoil you with cupcakes or give it to you straight by truth-slapping you in the face. Then she’ll be that proverbial shoulder, rock or anchor to cry on or hold onto in your darkest hour.

It’s easy to see past hidden gems like Nichi who’s never flashy or arrogant, but those lucky enough to have known her are grateful for her quiet yet impactful presence in our lives. So cheers to our friend and timid wild flower! May you always face the sun and steer clear from the shadows.


“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.� -Rumi

Maria Regina T. Lopez “Not sMOLE but Still Terrible” “Nothing is ever as it seems / This life is but a dream.” – Jason Mraz, Live High


othing is ever as it seems. Aina excels in her studies, you’d think she’s some serious girl who doesn’t have fun.

Nothing is ever as it seems. Aina’s an active member in her two organizations, you’d think she has no time left for friends and family. Nothing is ever as it seems. Aina’s a leader at heart, you’d think she’s dominating all her circles and all her conversations, and end up being unapproachable. Nothing is ever as it seems. Aina has an endless supply of terrific ideas, you’d think she doesn’t welcome other people’s minds.

Nothing is ever as it seems. Aina is, and does, a lot of things, you’d think she surely can’t be a considerate listener and shoulder to cry on as well. Nothing is ever as it seems. Aina has a lot on her mind and on her plate, you’d think she can’t be a cheery ray of sunshine.

Nothing is ever as it seems.

There’s a reason why Live High is Aina’s favorite song. In her four years in UP, she has faced various challenges, taken on a number of responsibilities, and experienced ups and downs. She is grateful for every step, every person, and every encounter that led to today. The experience may have been a roller coaster, but nothing is ever as it seems. College life is but a dream.

Nothing is ever as it seems. Aina’s interests are far and wide, you’d think she can’t possibly be determined to achieve all of them.


“When will you stop putting your dreams on hold?”

Edmer C. Maguan


he four year journey that I chose to take in the University of the Philippines was in many ways one of the best decisions of my life. I somehow knew that this momentous decision in my life would change me in many ways, but never did I expect to what extent it would allow me to grow as a person.

contradiction in itself, and I blame myself for that. But meeting people in the university and being able to experience all sorts of things has made me realize that I must make the most of every opportunity and do things I want to do, even if it absolutely terrifies me, whether that is doing theatre or joining a reality show.

Honor and excellence. For most UP students, excellence is something that has probably made them stand out since their high school days. Modesty aside, I will admit that I was probably one of those high school students. Coming into the university taught me that I’m not so special. Everyone in this institution is excellent in their own way, and it is a matter of maintaining that excellence, pushing further, and keeping a sense of honor in everything that you do that will truly make you stand out.

Open-minded, yet principled. I’ve met many individuals in the university that have taught me to be open-minded, but it is those whom I’ve met in my political organization, UP CMC ISA, who taught me what it means to be both open-minded, yet principled. It is through this organization that I have learned to become a more worldly person and I know it is what I’ve learned from them that will make me a better Filipino.

Creativity. I’ve always been more businessminded, some would joke due to my Chinese heritage. It is only in college when I had to work for my different organizations that I learned to create harmony between my natural managerial skills and the creativity in me that I’ve been wanting to hone and develop for so long. Seizing the day. While I’ve been a go-getter for most of my life, I would say there has been no one else holding me back but myself. It’s a

Thank you to my friends, my professors, UP CMC Student Council, UP CMC ISA, UP CRS, UP Cinema, UP Advertising Core, and FGUP. Thank you to my family and the Filipino people for their constant moral (the former), and financial support for four long years. I will make you proud.


“Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous your future will be.” -Job 8:7

Anna Paulina R. Matillano “Fighting in the Standpoint of Victory in Style� Ordinary woman with hopes and dreams greater than the life she lives.


“A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour.�

Ivy Dianne J. Olivan “Feisty AND Funny”


ianne is not a manic pixie dream girl. She doesn’t have the unnecessary mystery, the irrational behavior, or the complicated quirks. Despite her crazy hairstyles and antics, she is no dream girl. This is because there are no layers to peel back or skin to shed in order to see a person so unassuming, so unapologetic, and so simply real, you will soon realize that she cannot be contained in a label or even as an enigma. Her honesty needs no sugarcoating. In a university that boasts of the smartest in the country, in a college where critical views are celebrated, one would think it is easy to meet someone like Dianne Olivan. But her strength, her understanding of the world, and the way she fights for her beliefs and passions are rare in any setting. She is very unafraid. Unafraid to speak up when she disagrees, unafraid to take risks and challenges, unafraid of the people of the

world no matter how diverse they come. She has no delusions about life so she welcomes all its capacities, both the beautiful and the ugly, with an interest and sincerity that is hard to maintain. Even though her excellence takes a backseat to her personality, Dianne knows her stuff. From her academics to her different organizations, people trust her without any doubts. She may deny her heart for service but many have witnessed how successful Dianne can be when she offers herself to others. For a person who laughs over the concept of love, she is constantly one of its greatest sources. It is no secret to her friends how severe and immense love is when it comes from Dianne Olivan. That is why despite her being no dream girl, she is better – she is real, with all the crass, sass, small feet, and chewed fingernails you can imagine.


“What we have planned out for ourselves is less than a smidge of what the Universe has planned for us. Our comprehension, like our plans, is miniscule against the grand scheme of cosmological things.� -The Cosmonaut

Ma. Gabrielle T. Pantaleon “The Wandering Daydreamer”


abbi is a modern-day Renaissance woman. She has a lot of interests, the foremost of which is Art. She is a creative writer at heart. We both share a love for music, movies, and good Books. In reading and appreciating the written word through comic strips, poetry, and prose, we find bliss. Baguio and the semestral break of 2012 are close to our hearts. I would return to that time if I could. In due course, I am pretty sure that you will find your own place in our society. Passion will be your driving force to use your talents and skills to the best of your ability. Admirable is your resolve to continue learning so you can serve the people with your entirety Never underestimate how writing can influence people and spur them to action. I have belief in your capacity.

To offer your all for your fellowmen may be the most important lesson that UP has taught you. Always keep in mind that the Oblation is our reminder of our obligation to serve the country. Love for country does not entail literally giving up one’s life for it to be true. Expected of us is using our intelligence for the good, in ways people may not always see. Overwhelming is the fact that we will soon leave UP. Some parts of your story here may not have made sense. Nevertheless, trust me, someday it all will. Lastly, may we never forget to always uphold honor and excellence.


“Sing it out and just take it easy and celebrate the malleable reality Because nothing is ever as it seems, this life is but a dream� -Jason Mraz, Live High

Kristine J. Pineda “The Girl Who Made a Difference�


in is a girl who is game for anything. From rackets to different organizations to gettogethers with friends, she manages all of them. You even wonder how on earth she does it amidst her schoolwork. She looks friendly and not to mention pretty. When you talk to her the very first time, her enthusiastic personality is the first thing you’ll notice. The way she talks makes you want to talk some more. And with her many adventures, she can talk about almost anything and will never run out of things to talk about.

She has friends with the most varied personalities. Though she has many of them whom she can rely on, she still values the ability to do things on her own. With that being said, not only does she want to have things done her way, she usually wants do them on her own. She dreams to travel places old and new, to see the world and to meet strangers from different walks of life. She wants to do all these things alone, because to be a strong, independent woman is all she ever wanted to be.


“Don’t dream of changing the world - do change the world.”

Regine R. Villanueva “Negosyante ng Maskom”


ot too long ago, Regine and our family were so pre-occupied choosing which university she will enroll in having passed both ACET and UPCAT. We are extremely proud of our “Ate” in the family and her choice to be completely molded and honed in UP as “ISKA” is such a great honor and pride for all of us. I can’t thank University of the Philippines more than enough for molding her into a beautiful person that she has become. As parents, we have ample share of imparting guidance and discipline on Regine for her to receive the strength of character and values that will prepare and brace her when she finally experience life in the real world. Well, we strongly believe that she will make it out there with flying colors! She has exuded positive disposition along with confidence, optimism and openness in facing responsibilities and challenges.

I can vividly recall when she was much younger her soft talks, little steps, and modest moves which I envisioned to be her significant leaps for her BIG DREAMS to be fulfilled are about to unfold right in her very own eyes! Dear child, dreams and wishes do come true as we always tell you! And it is happening now! Receive and take good care of it. Value what God has entrusted you. Thank Him for having created you with much talents and skills for you to find your purpose in building His kingdom on Earth. UP has led you to be strong, conscientious, committed, responsible, and determined. Set your vision, work genuinely hard for it and when the fullness of time comes, nothing can prevent it to happen, it will surely happen and truly you’ll be in awe!


The UP

Film Institute


he UP Film Institute of the premier state university is the only internationally-accredited academic institution in the country. Offering film courses for both undergraduate and master’s degrees, it is situated next to the UP College of Mass Communication. Established in March 2003 by the UP Board of Regents, the UPFI merges two units: the former UP Film Center and the Film and Audiovisual Communication Department of the UP College of Mass Communication.

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye – The Little Prince

Alberto Gian Carlo P. Ante “Indie Boy of Manila”


e’s sung and acted onstage. He’ll instantly learn a song on the guitar or piano by ear. He’ll talk for hours about films, music and cars, among other things. He co-founded an organization as a freshman. He’s won awards for doing the things he loves most, and he’s been offered many opportunities in his lifetime. But I doubt if Gianco has ever boasted to anyone about all that. It’s because Gianco doesn’t like thinking of himself. It’s one of the last things he ever does—and those who know him can attest to that. If a person’s ever gotten to know Gianco, they have probably been thankful for him in some way. Maybe he’s lent them his equipment during their time of need, offered them a ride,

or sacrificed his time to help them shoot a film. He’s listened to his closest friends break down and he’s been there when they felt most alone. Still, he’s never asked for anything in return because he genuinely finds fulfillment in making others happy. There’s so much more to say about Gianco. He is a true romantic who continues to fall in love with the world every day. He is an old soul yet he possesses an optimistic, childlike view of the universe. But, I suppose the best way to remember him is in the ways that he’s been there for those around him. For in these moments, Gianco offered a bit of his heart for his loved ones to keep.


“Do your best with what you have now and everything will fall into place.�

Lloyd Laurence Y. Arboleda “The Boy Who Shot Melancholia Still”


here are people who stay true to their first impressions, and there are people who prove you wrong. Most people who meet Koji for the first time tend to feel he’s intimidating. But what they don’t know is that Koji is the exact opposite. Koji is the type of person who sings along with his friends while driving with his radio on full blast. He goes beyond the typical adjectives someone would use to describe a person. More than that, he is the most genuine person you’ll

ever meet. There is no room for judgments or pretenses. He honestly expresses what he feels and that’s what makes him a keeper. They say, “Never try to be someone you’re not.” Koji— with his love affair with photography, Japanese food, minimalism, and so on—is Koji. But it is worth noting that other than his undeniable talent, Koji has such a big heart. A hopeless romantic, Koji is one of those people who look at the world with the lenses of a believer of that one-of-a-kind love. And this mindset is definitely worth fighting for.


“Get your ass out there.� -me to self (especially in the mornings after hearing alarm clock)

Brainard Bill B. Barrinuevo “This Bill was special. He hasn’t figured it out yet but he was special.”


ill is an awful name. Brainard is worse. Brainard Bill put together is not so bad. Bill is thoughtfully reminded of his parents’ sense of humor and ferocity every time he hears his full name. Bill wants to be a special Bill, which proves to be a challenge mainly because a lot of superlatives are already taken by the other Bill’s of the world: smartest Bill is Gates, tallest Bill is Skarsgård, most amazing actor is Murray, funniest Bill is Hader, and pervy Bill is Clinton although Cosby had some rape allegations, too. Badass Bill is none other than Bill the snake charmer, being fictional only doubles his badassery.

of dancing, his mom’s cooking, The Vaccines, Truffaut (not to be scholarly but mainly because he had to report about Truffaut in film theory class), naptimes, Catherine Deneuve, V-ups (3 sets of 12), good work ethics, pizza with lots of cheese (yes, cheese I’m spending 15 of my 250 word limit on you because I love you), labor issues, cheap red wine and homemade buffalo wings, Italian virtues, loyalty and most importantly, self reliance; hence, this write up which he did himself but put in the third person so it will look like he had a lot of friends who wrote it instead. Bill’s goal in life is to be selfreliant. No other thing can be a man’s reward to himself. That and probably bagnet sisig or a pet Beagle.

Brainard Bill’s spirit animal is a coin toss between a pigeon and Tina Fey. He is a big fan


“In a world saturated in “objectivity”, “professionalism”, “technicalities”, and “trabaho lang walang personalan”, forget not humanity. At the end of the day, it is the one thing we could keep forever and one thing we truly have.”

CMC 2015 Yearbook P7  
CMC 2015 Yearbook P7