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Roselle Joyce M. Torrecampo “Indie Girl of Manila”



beauty and is able to let other people see it as well. It’s a feeling that fills you up and makes you feel warm, something that makes you feel whole. That’s the kind of person Joyce is.

That’s Joyce, basically. There’s a beauty in her that you can’t put into words. Is it the way that she moves? Is it the way that she smiles? The way that she sings? One at time, you try to list down what makes her beautiful, and when you see how the list slowly gets longer—you realize, why does it matter? Joyce is, and that simple fact makes her beautiful—that’s all there is to it. Beauty is also something she can translate into her work. Whichever her hands touch, whichever her eyes see—somehow, she captures

But, there’s another side to Joyce—who is also soup; funny when she doesn’t try, corny when she does; crazy, clumsy, witty if given the chance, absent-minded, open-minded, hardworking, passionate, creative, creative, and oh, creative! She’s almost perfect, but she’s not. She’s flawed too—and her flaws you cannot separate from her because that is part of what makes her beautiful too. That’s Joyce. A person of many talents. A person of many flaws. A person of beauty.


“I want to taste and glory in each day, and never be afraid to experience pain; and never shut myself up in a numb core of nonfeeling, or stop questioning and criticising life and take the easy way out.� -Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath

Eva Angeline M. Trinidad “The Non-Shy Introvert”


va Trinidad is probably the messiest woman I’ve ever known. Whenever I had to go home late and I needed a place to crash, I’d visit her place. And clothes, books, and other school knick-knacks are everywhere. But it doesn’t matter. Eva’s good company-- she would go on talking about her whirlwind of adventures on a daily basis, and they’re not boring. See, behind that huge smile she gives, her endearing openness, her opinions, and rants make her the best. And most of the time, she’s actually right. To top it off, no one can step to her quick wit. Being her best friend for almost a decade made me witness that she was not the quietly smart bookworm who draws a lot of dresses and scribbles her rants in her notebooks I thought I knew in grade school, but she’s actually the most sociable person in college ever. Believe

me, I met more people in the whole sphere of college through her. She’s probably some kind of governor or mayor in her past life. Anyway. Ten years later, and she’s still full of surprises. I knew when we were younger she can write stories really well, but she’s also a brilliant filmmaker. She’s influential, in a lot of ways, and in some ways can be very surprising I wouldn’t elaborate any further because she might punch me hahaha]. But above all, we’ve been through thick and thin, the good and the bad. We’ve seen each other’s fears, shared each other’s hopes and dreams. I don’t even know how to continue anymore, because words cannot simply describe the joy of having to share some of the best experiences in life with someone like Eva. I am truly grateful and blessed to have her. Words by Ella Imperial, best friend since 4th grade


“Self-confidence is very important. If you don’t think you can win, you will take cowardly decisions in the crucial moments, out of sheer respect for your opponent. You see the opportunity but also greater limitations than you should. I have always believed in what I do on the chessboard, even when I had no objective reason to. It is better to overestimate your prospects than underestimate them.” -Magnus Carlsen, Chess World Champion

John Edison T. Ubaldo “The Chesscuber”


ust try to get to know this person, otherwise you are missing out. One of the most talented man I know – an amazing dancer and a great singer, there is no doubt. Hands down to his chess, basketball and speed cubing ability. Nerdiness is too strong a word, but he does have this GCness tied to his personality. Enthusiastic man with a passion, he deals with any challenge that comes his way. Dedicated and implacable, he tackles every problem with tenacity sashayed. Independent man who can survive on his own, one who was never afraid to be on his own. Sometimes though remember,it does not hurt to call a friend on the phone. Optimism at its finest, when you’re with him,

no problem seems too big. Never is there a dull moment with him – you’ll never run out of anything to do or talk about. Uncanny ability to charm girls, indeed he knows how to woo a woman with words. But despite this intrinsic skill, he gets an A for his unswerving love and loyalty. Alas he is a great friend, a compassionate brother, a responsible son and a real keeper. Lots of people are going for that perfect man but I say – hey, he is the one. Dare devil, handsome, kind, sweet, crazy, caring and loving – what’s more to ask? Oh – and if you are wondering who he is, then you need not look further than the first letters of each sentence.


“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.� -Maya Angelou

Clarisse Paulina M. Valdecantos “Ms. Congeniality”


Those closest to her know that behind that pretty smile and bubbly personality, is an extremely dedicated and determined woman who always strives for excellence.

This girl is Clarisse Valdecantos, but her friends call her Clar.

She aims for the best in all aspects of her life, especially with the things that she is passionate about. Aside from being a consistent scholar, she also excels as a dancer, performing inside and outside UP. Her love for dancing inspires her to do even better in school.

f you happen to be in the College of Mass Communication during hell week, chances are you’ll see a petite girl in her floral dress looking fresh and smiling at everyone. She always looks like she is walking on sunshine even if everyone around her is stressed.

Her friends know her as someone who is extremely animated as she likes to dance and move around whenever she talks. When she’s not sharing stories, she is cracking corny jokes (her laugh often being funnier than the punch line). She is the type of person that others enjoy being around because she is always overflowing with positive energy. Her happy disposition is infectious as she always tries to brighten up the days of the people she encounters.

Small yet headstrong, she faces her giants everyday wearing her most colorful skirts and her best smile. She draws her strength from her friends, her family, and God who have been her sources of inspiration not only through college but throughout her entire life. As her college life comes to a close, her zest for life continues to open many more doors for her, and she now looks to the future ready to face more giants ahead.


“Our reach must exceed our grasp.” -Oswald Chambers

Nathan David T. Valenzuela “The Master Engager”


athan seems to have the energy to do it all. All that matters, at least. And he manages to accomplish much with excellence. But much more admirable is his humility to attribute all these to the One True Source. – Kuya Ivan Nathan is an exuberant person who loves reaching out to people that seemed to be unnoticed and unloved. He is a friend who cares, protects, and genuinely shows his love. – Miki Nathan is a testament to a life wholly and completely lived for Jesus. He overflows with joy and excitement as he shares God’s love to everyone around Him. Most importantly, he exemplifies how the grace of the Father has changed his life and can change every single person’s life. Continue to be a blessing Dearest! Congratulations!- Ate Tim Nathan means “Gift from God”. That meaning communicates who you are to us. Your friendship brings countless joy to many. Your

great sensitivity, wise heart and sound mind will bring you to your destiny. Get ready, You’re in for the ride of your life! – Ate Les A person with full of energy and passionate in everything he does, you’ll never get bored whenever you spend time with him. A man that is full of wisdom as young as he is. And above all, he loves God more than anything else. – Nath Psalm 139:14 And I praise God for you because of the wonderful way He created you. Everything He does is marvellous! Of this I have no doubt. Nurtured. Accepting. Thinker. Humourous. Adventurous. Nurturer. Victorious. Avid. Leader. Noble. Zany. Unique. Enthusiastic. Loving. Astute. – Ate Vida Nathan is a man of infectious passion, coupled with a deep desire to Honor God. Congratulations Nathan! Continue co-laboring with Him on the great things He has prepared in advance for you. The world awaits, GO CHANGE IT! – G


“Sometimes you cannot believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel.� -Morrie Schwartz, Tuesdays With Morrie

Krystelle Ymari A. Vergara “The Bubbly Wordsmith”


rystelle is a seemingly shy, awkward, and contemplative girl who later on learns to open herself up. You’ll be surprised to find out that she can be the jolly, “soupy” classmate, the talkative seatmate, and the ultimate spazz buddy. Her sincere laughs are so contagious they spread good vibes all around her. She is smart, yet you can still talk to her and do stupid things with her without being judged or embarrassed. Her thoughts are deep but her happiness is shallow. Her creativity shows through the scripts she writes and the dramas she acts on. She’s the kind of friend you can

trust, because she will never ever let you down. She will do anything for anyone and anything she loves. She may not look like it, but she can show great leadership skills as well – thanks to her enthusiasm, dedication, and passion. She also tends to act like the baby in the family when she’s really the eldest child; but that doesn’t stop her from being a responsible sister and a loving daughter. She may cry an ocean of tears, but she can show great strength at times of trial. And above all, she is God’s precious daughter.


“If something burns your soul with purpose and desire, it is your duty to be reduced to ashes by it.� -Unknown

Arade Louise P. Villena “For all the dreamers, let us conquer the world one step at a time.�


will remember you like your hair, bold and full of life.

College will always be extra memorable because of you, of being able to experience you grow and transform throughout those few years. You endured many challenges yet you conquered even more opportunities. What is more remarkable was, along with yourself, you carried others too. I witnessed you gain strength and give strength, break down and break free. You have touched so many lives with your open-mindedness and selflessness, encouraging others to be the same, and your bright smile was always infectious. You knew how to make a relationship feel like home. With your relentless passion to keep moving forward and your undeniable talent for creating, you became an inspiration to all of us. Nothing suppressed

your light, and nothing will. It was always beautiful seeing the world through your eyes, Ara. Those days of sitting or walking by the acad oval, weeks of simultaneously immersing yourself in academics and adventures, months of walking/half-running from one classroom to another, and years of getting to know and letting go of people met, made for one exquisite journey. Thank you for sharing it with me. Thank you for sharing it with us. I will remember you as you are and always will be, silently strong and forever life-giving. Words by Aien Lemence, dearest, bestest friend


“Just waiting to see the butterfly emerge from its cocoon, not knowing, yet trusting, the purpose of its wings.� -Barbery, Muriel, The Elegance of the Hedgehog

Kyra Rebecca P. Yambao “Pollyana”


ew people match my tastes and interest and rarer still are those with whom I genuinely enjoy spending time with. Kyra is an exception. From the first time we met, I knew that she had a different light about her, a way of contemplating life through a wide-angle lens that zooms in on optimism, on hope. Perhaps that is the most marked impression she continues to leave everyone she meets. No matter how tough it gets (and tough is UP’s last name,) she continues to live on her own terms, believe that things will turn out for the best, and not let anyone else say otherwise.

faced. While some agonized about getting a 5 or brooded on their terror professor, Kyra had much graver problems to face — most of which changed her and her life completely — but she faced them with the determination and willpower of an iskolar who never backs down. As her college days finally came to a conclusion, a new and thrilling phase of her life kicks off. There would be countless hours of work, foreign grounds to trek and a fair share of letdowns and triumphs. But if anything’s certain, it’s that Kyra will take center stage, glisten in the spotlight and show that in this world, she had found her territory and identity.

Like all people beautiful and spirited, Kyra was molded from the hurdles she had


The Department of

Communication Research


ince its inception in 1975, the Department of Communication Research has offered courses designed to develop scholarship, skills-proficiency, and professionalism among its students. In addition, it undertakes research and extension activities benefitting stakeholders from sectors within and beyond the academe. By teaching and conducting communication research within the context of processes and effects, and grounding these with practical experience through fieldwork and internships, the Communication Research Department ensures that its graduates are equipped to contribute to the practice of social research in the academe, in the communication and media industries, and in governmental and nongovernmental sectors.

“You’ll find strength to accomplish anything in your faith, passion and love of mankind.”

Mari Angelyn M. Arambulo “That Little Apple That Could”


ari once told me that there is no secret to happiness. That happiness does not need to be a part of the journey or a reward at the end of it. One can just be happy. In many ways, this philosophy becomes her. Mari will always find reasons to smile and laugh. Even when she cries, she smiles. She doesn’t do the things she does for some kind of reward, she does it because it makes her happy, and that’s what matters. Despite all the great things she’s done and all the effort she put into everything, she never once demanded approval or praise. In fact, she has always remained humble. In a way, it’s what allows her to keep growing, because she always looks up to others instead of herself. Mari is constantly busy. Everyone and their ancestors know this by now. Yet, whenever I need a friend, she’s always there regardless of

how many difficult deadlines she has to deal with. We’ve been friends for years, and I’ve never had a friend more loyal or dependable than her. Every time I talk to her, I always get the feeling that she’s going to do something big with her life. And I don’t know if it’s her passion, or her hard work, or her amazing ability to go on for days without sleep, but she’s definitely meant to do something incredible. No matter what she does or what dream she chooses to follow, I know for a fact that she will succeed. Because for her, greatness isn’t a measure of what she does, but how much heart she puts into it. And at the end of the day, she will always find the time to laugh and be happy, which makes her a champion in my book.


Celeste B. Atas


ooking for a wild ride? Meet Ce.

She’s the type who you’d definitely be at odds with. She stands her ground about consequential and inconsequential matters alike, and she won’t back down until she gets her point across and you fold. Also, prepare for a hailstorm of fire and brimstone if ever you were unlucky enough to earn her scorn. She’s also the type who’d deliver her views pointblank. May it be about political or academic views or basic opinions on people, she never fails to deliver a piece that’s scathing at best, but still refreshing. Talk to her when you need a hard slap on the face, because she definitely won’t mince her words just to stroke your ego. Feistiness aside, she’s a nice friend to keep. Conversations with her isn’t a chore, since

she’s always game to spend hours of mental masturbation specially if (1) you don’t have a lot of common ground to talk about and (2) you don’t have anything to rant about. Her candidness also assures that you don’t have to worry about the classic female drama— you get what you see, nothing less. Free food and drinks every once in a while’s a bonus. She’s a very erratic person, much so that this snapshot won’t do justice to her personality. We can all agree on one thing, though: she’s a cunning, leather-clad seductress who will make you want her, one way or another. Words by JML


“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

Mary Kathleen D. Balmes


very time we hear UPCAT, the old UP saying comes to mind which goes “ang pinaka madaling pagdadaanan mo sa UP ay ang UPCAT”. Another goes “mahirap makapasok sa UP, pero mas mahirap lumabas”. These quotes are so real for almost everybody in UP, UPians materialized those words but not Kate. All through her college life, she held the bar high. She stayed an achiever. What’s more amazing about this kid is that while she was experiencing the so-called academic sweet torture in UP, she was also actively participating in her org (UP CommResSoc), managing one of their family businesses, and indulging into her OJT in GFK; so much that she still does business with them even when the hours needed were completed. She played with her band from time to time, too. She embraces busyness like no other. She cannot stand idle for days that it’s valid for people to think that she probably has ADHD. Admirable is the word.

As a UP alumna, I must say that Kate handled her UP life exceptionally well. She never failed a subject, yet she never flunked her social life. She maintained good grades without missing out on our coffee jams, all-nighter gossiping, card games, gimmicks, and (what everybody wants) a love life. She stayed relax and normal amidst the Hell Weeks. Indeed a Survivor. They say that in UP, you either sink or swim. Well, perhaps Kate floated swiftly through the waves until she reached the shore. Kate has always been a responsible student; she is a modern geek, and now an on-time UP Graduate--- somehow a rare case in the UP culture. She’s a daughter every mother could wish for; definitely someone to be proud of. Your fan, sister, and friend, Katkat


“We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be.” -11th Doctor, Doctor Who

CMC 2015 Yearbook P6  
CMC 2015 Yearbook P6