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Flagship Event: Break Free The second year of Break Free did not just call for justice for the victims of the Ampatuan Massacre, instead it further strengthened and widened its call. It now called for the ending of impunity and giving justice to the Yolanda victims and survivors, the deaths in the Hacienda Luisita Massacre and the 5th year of the still unresolved Ampatuan Massacre.



Break Free is a week-long protest spearheaded by the Union of Journalists of the Philippines with events and mobilizations to strengthen the calls for justice, to increase awareness – inside and outside the university - regarding societal issues and to remember those whom the society and the government has forgotten. This event was also coordinated with the End Impunity Alliance and STAND UP CMC.

UP BROADCASTERS’ GUILD Getting whirled and going beyond the limits since 1998.


We are the UP Broadcasters’ Guild (UP BroadGuild), the first socio-civic, non-partisan organization in the College of Mass Communication, University of the Philippines Diliman. The organization is representative of students whose main goal is to promote media education in student activities with the purpose of community development and to advocate freedom of the press through responsible use of mass communication. UP Broadcasters’ Guild is a duly recognized, nonstock, non-profit organization which aims to produce able, effective and responsible communicators by working with each member’s strength and moulding him or her into a great individual everybody is made to be. Throughout the years, the UP Broadcasters’ Guild has also partnered with several organizations whose advocacies are aligned with socio civic ideals. One of these partnerships is with He Cares Foundation, an NGO that provides basic needs such as food, shelter, and basic education to Filipino street children. The flagship project of the UP BroadGuild, Project Guide, aims to strengthen the partnership by conducting bimonthly tutorials with the children of He Cares. Aside from partnering with different organizations, we also conduct socially relevant events like Media Revolution, a forum tackling the different issues that shape media, and Tagisan, a quiz bee on Philippine pop culture. This 2015, UP Broadcasters’ Guild launched Sipat, a documentary project that aims to give attention to societal issues that are not usually discussed in mainstream media. Our members, also known as Guilders, promote media awareness & critical thinking and hone their skills in production and communication through the creations (such as videos and write-ups) that they make.


WE ARE BROAD ASS. We urge the Filipino youth to be open to, but critical of different perspectives through high quality broadcast materials. To do this, we live by the tenets of passion, excellence and glory. Our PASSION is production. We are an organization of creative individuals who constantly challenge ourselves to become competent and responsible media practitioners.



The stories we tell, the images we capture and the conventions we defy are manifestations of our untiring pursuit of EXCELLENCE. We bring GLORY to the University by living up to its standards through productions that entertain, stimulate and involve the youth in society.


UP Cinema Arts Society is an organization that caters to aspiring filmmakers through training in their respective fields and promoting consciousness of our national cinema. The organization is known for Castellations, an event that showcases thesis and film productions from its members and esteemed alumni. Kape’t Pelikula, their latest project, gathers film practitioners and scholars of our country for a whole day conference about Philippine cinema.



The UP Cineastes’ Studio is the first-ever student film organization in the country, and was established on September 24, 1984 Ever since its conception, UP Cineastes’ Studio has been inclined in upholding the art of filmmaking, well known for its continuous film exhibition in the past years, and for its tie-ups with the UP Film Institute in holding previous events such as the UP Film & Video Festival for independent amateur/professional filmmakers, the Black Beret Film Festival for student filmmakers, the staging of Russian Film Festival, Fade to Black, the 16mm Film Festival and It’s A Wrap.



In the past decade, the UP Cineastes’ Studio has gained popularity among film enthusiasts for its ability to host large film events, due to its yearly staging of the university leg of the two of the largest independent film festivals in the country. Cinemalaya goes UP, the UP Diliman leg of the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, has been a tradition of its own in the northern part of Metro Manila, with viewers flocking the University of the Philippines Film Center in Diliman after the staging of the festival in the Cultural Center of the Philippines. UP Cineastes also successfully stages the Cinema One Originals Campus Tour, also held in the UP Film Center.


UP Cinema takes the film experience beyond the screen. Established on February 25, 2004 by Charliebebs Gohetia, Nicole Arguelles, Dohna Sarmiento, and Davene Venturanza, UP Cinema is a film organization based in the College of Mass Communication, University of the Philippines Diliman. The organization is born out of the desire to learn more about film and all its aspects outside just what is taught in the confines of the classroom, including the development of the skills needed in an actual film production and in the critiquing of films. Since its inception, this student organization has always been fueled by its goal to mold its members into well-rounded filmmakers and media practitioners.



Aside from its branding as a political organization that breed student leaders in the college, UP CMC ISA is also well-known for its advocacy campaigns and projects.

Its flagship event, Project Embrace, is an annual week-long experience that aims to promote different advocacies.


Celebrated in selected colleges inside the university, Project Embrace is traditionally composed of a series of events with relation to the chosen theme. A photobooth campaign is the staple event held to have the students’ pictures taken and posted online. These serve as reminder of their life goals and inspiration to be the best that they can be. One of Project Embrace’s ways of empowering the youth as well is through hosting inspirational talks by people who are committed to embracing their shared advocacies. A fundraiser booth is also organized in which the proceeds will go to planting activities of UP CMC ISA in partnership with the DENR. On the lighter side, members of the organization offer free hugs to passersby to spread love and warmth throughout the campaign. The theme for Project Embrace’s third year is to Embrace Wellness. Wellness is a “dynamic process of change and growth”. UP CMC ISA would like to forward this initiative to lead better, healthier, and more fulfilling lives as students and as a community.



UP Communication Research Society Flagship event: UP Communication Research Society’s 38th Anniversary Celebration: Wave of Colors


In celebration of the 38th anniversary of the organization, a one-of a kind exhibit with vibrant umbrellas, lamp posts, and benches was held in the FOI garden last February 24 to March 6, 2015. It was launched on February 24 at 4-5:30 pm, along with “Merienda sa Hacienda”: Grand Pakain, which was able to serve food to 175-200 students and staff of the university. The exhibit and pakain is part of a month-long celebration of the successes of the various activities for the year, such as the CommReSpondent Research Paper, rISKOmm: ACLE about Risk Communication, research writing seminars for college students (Thesis It) and high school students (Salikseek), participation in local and international communication conferences, research assistance for the USC’s Magna Carta draft, partnership with Tulong sa Kapwa Kapatid Foundation, Love Buzzar, the members’ UBE, Parangal: an event for academic achievements, and Mem Mondays featuring members’ extracurricular achievements. The anniversary month celebration was the chance for the organization to give back to the UP community and celebrate its members’ abilities, while continuing to live out the core values of academic excellence, integrity and social responsibility.


We are the UP Journalism Club, a pool of young writers and creatives who aspire to someday be journalists and movers of the media industry. We are an academic organization that sustains an established tradition of critical thought and action, since the earliest decades of the University of the Philippines. Founded in 1954, UPJC was formerly under the College of Arts and Sciences with then Dean Armando Malay as its adviser. The organization was born at a time when the potential of exploring communication as an industrial tool was still largely untapped. One of its founding members was writer-activist Jose Maria Sison.


UPJC’s militant beginnings heeded the call for action at the face of a country in turmoil. Today, we remain true to empowering students by tackling pressing issues that concern the university and the nation. Beyond the written word, we strive to make the relevant interesting by holding various fora with media practitioners, academicians, students and professionals. The organization’s flagship activity, the Campus Journalism Workshop, has provided trainings for budding journalists nationwide since 1995 in La Union, Bicol, Bacolod, Calabarzon, Cebu and Sulu, among others. Teaching journalism to elementary, high school and now—college students, is our way of contributing to the next generation of Filipino journalists. Towards its 60th year, UP Journalism Club shall continue to pay things forward—by harnessing the audacity of the brave and bold Filipino youth, and their enthusiasm towards pages bound to make another indelible history.



Flagship Event: Hot Off the Grill Hot Off the Grill is the official Miting de Advance of the College of Mass Communication organized by the UP Mass Communicators’ Organization together with the college student electoral board. Previously called Ang Tipo Kong Partido and then Ang Tipo Kong Kandidato, it is held every second semester of the year, usually two weeks before student elections.





Constituents have the chance to ask the University Student Council (USC) candidates during the open forum of the first part of the grilling. The second part is dedicated to CMCSC candidates. There they answer questions from students, in what is called Tanong ng Bayan and in an open forum. The candidates also have the chance to grill the opposing parties or candidates with their own questions. Undeniably one of the most awaited events in the college, Hot Off serves as the avenue for university and college-level candidates and students alike to inform themselves, in order for them to make educated choices about student elections. 


UP Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral sa Komunikasyon UP SAMASKOM (Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral sa Komunikasyon) is an organization of students of the University of the Philippines, Diliman that seeks to provide its members with an orientation in the different fields of media, namely: print, radio, TV, film, and stage. The orientation aims to instill the spirit and discipline of the specific medium, and to provide students with a suitable venue for the expression of the individual.



The organization is also best known for its variety show entitled Live A.I.D.S. Initially, A stood for Ads, I for Interviews, D for Dances, and S for Songs. Now, it is more widely known to stand for “Ang Istoryang Dinebelop ng Samaskom.�



CMC 2015 Yearbook P14  
CMC 2015 Yearbook P14