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Patricia Isabel O. Gloria “The Brutally Honest”


quiet and mysterious lass, Patricia who is fondly called Patis by her friends has always preferred being alone. During her early years in Davao, the young Patis would rather sit quietly in her seat with her nose stuck between the pages of a book. Although she is more outspoken now, she still relishes the quiet moments when she can lean back and have a good read. Patis is also one of a kind friend, someone who is honest and genuinely cares about the ones she loves. Although her brutal honesty may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Patis will not think twice about standing up and arguing for a friend in need. Her genuine concern for others brings out the beast residing in her small frame.

Also a self-confessed night owl, she spends most of her nights wide-awake. Instead of finding her asleep in bed as all the other people in the house are, you’d spot her in the dining room, typing away on her laptop, finalizing or writing up a paper, sleep brushed aside. It was as if the importance of the task set was more vital than sleep. In times like these, sleep to her is basically an unfeasible, even impractical thing to do. The work, effort and dedication she applies to the things she does are a testimony to how much she can do in this world. The ideas and beliefs that her stay in the University instilled in her brought her to maturity changed the way she sees and responds to the world.


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.� -Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

Myrhen Kaye I. Jamo “The Faithful One”


heesy as it may sound, but it doesn’t take years of friendship to know that you would want Kaye in your life forever. Her infectious laugh, kind smile and cheerful self are what makes her in every way a bundle of good vibes. Although she claims she’s shy, she has a way of getting along with almost anyone she meets and would often be seen greeting people she would pass by. She would always have a collection of the corniest jokes to share to anyone who would listen, but most of the time would burst out in fits of laughter before even finishing them. Although to be fair, some of them can be really funny! She is an ultimate fan of PBA’s Ginebra and has a passion for sports. She would cheer wildly for her team at live games or even in front the television while wearing her lucky shirt. It

would not be a surprise if one day we would read her name on a byline of a sports article or on an ending credits of a sports program. Let’s do hope she puts the fangirling to a minimum for that beat. But behind all her craziness is a woman of a heart of gold. She is a diligent daughter, a caring grandchild, a thoughtful friend, a dedicated student and a faithful child of God. While some are cynical about life, Kaye sees things in the most positive light and believes that God will take control. She finds ways to fall in love with life even in the darkest of times and inspires people around her to do the same. Her loyal friendship, her unyielding selflessness and her faithful passion for God shows how her heart is overflowing with love for others, and that is why she is dearly loved.


“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time but it ain’t goin’ away.” -Elvis Presley

John Nelvin S. Lucero “The Lord of Crisis�


irst word that comes to mind when I’m asked to describe Vino: tough.

Up to now, Vino impresses me with his resilience and being thick-skinned. He can make do with abundance or scarcity. He always turns his weaknesses to potentials of strength. He always reminds us, when faced with difficult situations, to go above the fray. He can dance in the lines of despair and still manage to end victorious in what he needs to do. Even though the guy is really tough, he sees to it that he keeps a balance of reason and emotion. He cares for people as much as

he desires to do the right thing. His sense of justice and fairness is rarely seen by others, but those who choose to observe can easily point it out. I know this man will rule the world after graduation and I will definitely have a good time watching him make his way to the top. PS I hope he forgives me for this poorly written write up. I tried to be artistic in the use of words but I think the rawness of this one will show my sincerity better.

White hat on,


“It’s the questions we can’t answer that teach us the most.” -Patrick Rothfuss

Angela Ysabel C. Lustre “Unpredictable Wave”


ndescribable. Things that aim not to be seen in detail. Thoughts that seek not to be understood. People that humble themselves to be free of bounds. Picking out a word for you seems to defeat your life purpose, because words cannot describe you, Angela. You’re a woman of both fear and strength, a person with a vivid spectrum of youth to maturity, a friend with countless tears and endless smiles. Two decades have not found a good word to encapsulate the life in you, because we all know there’s more. Child-like. I recalled the day of your fragile heart broken, it withered me to see a youthful face drown in tears. Your infectious smile and bubbly state have always warmed me in coldest of days. But that day I saw the bravest

and persevering child in you. You’ve surely washed out all doubts in you. Those moments I felt victorious as you are. It was like that rainy morning when we held a view of Tokyo on the hotel rooftop. There was no sun but your face had a glimpse of light. That day we were happy as we will always be. Fearless. Remember that as we spent our college years counting words, the limit of every article we make will not give out the best measure of your strength, skill, talent and wit. The four-cornered frames of your photos cannot paint the warmest smile nor your coldest grin. These four years of your life can help much to discover who you are but shy enough to tell you who you want to be. Here’s to never letting our dreams die, see you again soon, Angela!


“Walk your best in the runway of your life.”

Beatrice Anne D. Malveda “The Fashion Commoner”


erhaps we’ve seen all her signature styles: from neutral tones, to modern graphic prints, to chic and classy choices. But she never fails to wow us every day—as an oversized closet is never enough to contain the wonder that is the wearer. Beatrice or “Bea” as most people call her has more talents than what she tells us. Beyond her flair in fashion is a faculty for writing, a knack for photography and the arts, and a mark of independence. Her hands may be tied down in schoolwork most of the time, but she makes time to pursue inventive ways of chasing after her dreams. She maintains a fashion blog, an online shop, a tutoring task and a journalism org all at once. Bea is good at managing differences of the people she leads, like how she transforms simple pieces into sophisticated spins, and

mixes clashing colors that have potential to work beautifully together. She is an excellent conversationalist as she is able to unearth untold stories from asking the tough questions in a way that’s easy on the ears. Although most see her as playful, Bea is a fountain of critical perspectives—firm enough in making decisions and fearless in speaking up when she wants things done right. How she bravely pulls off contrasting looks says a lot about the freethinker in her who is unconstrained by conventions. Truly, Bea has made major waves in a world of fashion with a purpose. She is yet to make her runway debut years from now, where she will be surrounded by those she has inspired in the process. And she will continue leaving trails.



“There is a fine line between not listening and not caring. I like to think I walk that line every day of my life.� -Burnie Burns, Red vs Blue

Mikael Mari R. Morales “An A-hole but not 100 Percent a Dick”


ow do I even begin to describe this guy? I’ve known him since high school, but I can’t recall exactly how we became friends. He isn’t one of those students that you would easily identify in a group. I would say he’s a loner. Thinking about it now, I’m surprised that we became close to each other. This guy may seem quiet or unapproachable, but during the time I’ve been with him, I can definitely say that isn’t the case. You may call him an introvert, since he doesn’t really warm up that easy to new people. It’s kinda ironic that he’s in a college where people are loud and tend to talk all the time about social issues. But hey, he’s finally graduating!

the kind of friends who always see each other or talk to each other, but with this guy, he is always ready to catch up and talk about stuff. He is always ready to help and keeps his friends really close. Some people may misunderstand him but for those who know him well, he is who he is and that is fully acceptable. I would definitely say he has a nerdy and geeky side. This guy is passionate about superheroes, mutants and extraterrestrial stuff. He is not really that much of an outgoing person but prefers to play with his game consoles at home. I believe this guy has everything figured out for his future.

One thing I would definitely say about this person is his loyalty and generosity. We are not


“I’m not lost for I know where I am. But however, where I am may be lost.” -A. A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

Thea Kharina I. Mostrales “I love cats”


rom the words of a very wise author that I’ve taken liberty to modify to suit this moment: Anything that is true and worthwhile takes pressure and incredible endurance. College is and has been a great trial and adventure and it’s taken a lot out of her. It has made her see and do things that she never thought she would possibly do or say. She’s done all of that and more in the name of that greater goal of hopes and dreams that the years could never wash out from her. The years have been full of suffering and endurance and out of all that struggles, hope that things

will be better. Hope for things yet unseen and things yet to come. And from hope there is faith. Faith that through everything that has happened, it all has a purpose. That out of all the lessons of loss, and failure, and power and victory experienced, it has created in her the great potential to be relentless and persevering until the goal is reached. That no matter how strong or how long the storm, she will stand strong and fast and see it till the end. So in the name of everything endured and survived and for everything yet to come, bring it on.


“Totoo ba?� Nawa’y lagi nating tanungin ito, kahit sa ating mga sarili dahil mahalaga ang katotohanan sa mga studyante ng Maskom.

Micah Angela M. Nazal “Mikee, The Funniest JCer”


ur university life is as much measured by the small, wasted, moments as they are by the defining, grand ones.

1. Late night cramming. 2. Unplanned Katipunan clingies. 3. Singing songs from musicals at the skywalk. 4. Lunches at Casaa. 5. Seeing your crush from 1st year. 6. High-fiving Zorro. 7. Choco-banana oatmeal shake sa Area 2. 8. Maskom ingay pagdating ng hapon... or any time of the day. 9. Wondering what it’s like to graduate.

Here’s to the small, wasted moments. Thank you for sharing them with me. :)


“The sun has risen. You are awake. This symmetry is not without meaning.” -Episode 24, The Mayor, Welcome to Night Vale

Roxanne D. Paredes “The Loud Ghost of a Girl with Once-colored Hair and Glasses”


he first conversation between Roxanne and I consisted of one word: “Yeah”. She had asked if the book I was reading at the time was the one for our English 1 class; I awkwardly replied, and immediately went back to reading. I felt I had just ruined another potential new friendship, and didn’t realize at the time that she would eventually become my best friend. As the weeks, then months, then semesters passed by, we talked more, and I began to learn her various quirks, patterns, and habits. For example, the more stressed she is, the more effort she puts in to looking good (I eventually started pointing out where her eyeliner or lipstick was uneven). She’s a naturally gregarious person, especially when any sort of debate is involved. She adores bows. She will reference Mean Girls,

Potter Puppet Pals, Welcome to Night Vale, and a ton of other things in conversations. She doesn’t regret finishing off your drink even if you just wanted her to have a sip. She makes her coffee with more sugar and creamer than actual coffee. She will always appreciate unlined notebooks. She will hug you out of nowhere if you look like you need one. The list is unending. We were always there for each other, especially when we needed to rant about class requirements that sounded completely unreasonable, or exams that didn’t go as well as we’d hoped. No matter the situation, no matter when or where, we’d never spend long feeling down, and somehow just pick ourselves up and go straight back to laughing. You can always count on her to make nearly any situation more fun.


“She smiled at that image of herself in her brain, which was much more acceptable than the untrustworthy image of herself in the mirror.� -Welcome To Night Vale

Eliana Razon “The Dog Person who owns a Cat”


llie Razon is a person-shaped being of many talents.

better, but is also not tactless enough to make you feel worse about yourself.

These talents include but are not limited to: keyboard playing (intermediate level), writing (with particular emphasis on journalism, journalistic satire, and speculative fiction), baking (lemon square level), cooking (Master Chef Contestant shortlist level), and handgun assembly and disassembly (expert level).

Throughout her duration of University life, what Ellie Razon possesses that is notable above all else is her single-minded (bordering on stubborn) passion for all things. Researchers have noted that everything she creates is embraced by her passion, and thus they all turn out usually in her favor. Whether it’s the jewelry she makes, the goods she bakes, the stories she writes or simply the hugs she gives away (the latter being a personal opinion of said researchers)—all these carry the very notable passion she emulates most of the time.

She has also accomplished many things requisite for participation and success in many human societies, notably: owning pets, having several friends and acquaintances, being part of a family unit (position: daughter), graduating with a bachelor’s degree, and possessing opposable thumbs. Notable authority figures have also greatly praised her creativity and sincerity. It being these very same authority figures that praise her expert advice-giving talents, stating that she will not provide nice words just to make you feel

It is for these reasons, and others which will not be mentioned in this ethnographic abstract, that the human, Ellie Razon, is deemed noteworthy of recognition and esteem by experts in this field of study. This Research has been compiled by: Her Best Friends (Lui, Meggy, Lobim, and Mary)


“She believed she could so she did.” -R.S. Grey

Alyssa Marie C. Rola “The Explorer�


nlimited source Of happiness and laughter Tingling as always.

Always a joker But serious to reach her dreams Be famous one day. Tears, blood, all given And soon, she will be having Dreams within her reach. She is a hard-working student. driven by her passion for her work. Lilay, as she is sometimes called by her friends, constantly perseveres through the challenges she faces with honor and excellence. Though she takes her craft very seriously, she never fails to make her friends and everyone around her smile.

With the help of Maskom and the university in general, she gained more confidence and selfesteem. Beneath that tough exterior is a happygo-lucky girl, who spends every second cracking a joke to her friends. An over thinker she may be, yet she tries to see the good in everything. She grew up in a household where sports and action prevail; thus Adventure is her middle name. Her form of amusement is filling her ears with melodies, feeding her eyes and mind with captivating stories, learning how to dougie, and watching her favorite athletes in action. The pot at the end of the rainbow would be doing what she loves the most: radio and basketball. And also searching for that travel partner(s) who would gladly accompany her to the North and South Pole.


“If you want to succeed in your life, remember this phrase: The past does not equal the future. Because you failed yesterday; or all day today; or a moment ago; or for the last six months; the last sixteen years; or the last fifty years of life, doesn’t mean anything. All that matters is: What are you going to do, right now?” - Anthony Robbins

Ylexis Kyle-Michael R. Rualo “Kid In Pursuit Of A Better Self And Society”


ski is, or was, the ultimate crush ng bayan, some might say. But for me, beyond these superficial things, I see a true friend, a listener, an open book ready to be read and to be shared. I am one of those fortunate enough to know Yski not just as an org mate, a batch mate, or a classmate, but as a best friend. Most of all, he is mature enough to be trustworthy, and I am proud to say that someone as trustworthy as him trusts me as well. He may have some problems with responsibility, but I believe he is mature enough to acknowledge his mistakes and learn from it. I know he can overcome all the problems and challenges that come in his way and make the right decisions.

Yski is probably my definition for a really great best friend. He’s always been there for me and he always cares. What I really love and hate about Yski is his attitude of easily trusting people and being naive. I love it because he trusted me so much that I feel like that’s how I learned to trust him as well. I hate it because it sometimes leads him to dangerous circumstances. However, more than a best friend, he’s like a brother to me. He still continues to do his best and be his best for his family and friends which clearly shows how genuinely he cares about the people that matter most to him. If I were to describe him in one word, it would be genuine. He always shares what he feels and shows it in his own ways. To the best friend I have in college and hopefully for life, I wish you and hope for you only all the best life has to offer.


“I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.” -Jack Kerouac

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