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Beata Regina U. Carolino “z. ll. B”


he sits at the helm of the student body, an esteemed leader speaking in front of thousands of would-be media practitioners. But rather than giving orders, she fixes them one-by-one, hands-on to give her constituents the best she can offer. What makes her regal, after all, is her reversal of the role of the “blessed queen” that she is. Beata Regina has spent her life at the forefront of serving the Filipino people, whether in class or on the streets. While past generations have stuck with feasible options, she puts one

foot in front of the other to play a worthy part in the fight for change. To her, it is not only about taking chances but making them. Beata has worked her way up to deserve such fair fame. But in the tedious process, she never missed out on making her life a work of art. She spares time for the little things that leave her loose and free—like music, photography, art and poetry. Despite her busy schedule, she makes it a point to engage in meaningful conversations and celebrate what she has done so far.


“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Grazielle Chua “The Chosen One”


cheerful girl, a fine lady and a responsible woman bound in one body—Grazielle may be one of the few people blessed with beauty and brains. She is one of those pretty faces you might bump into at Maskom, but do not be fooled by her ladylike characteristics and fashionable clothes. She might look like a meek and shy lady on the outside but she’s a smart and strong woman who is equipped with a lot of skills under her belt. She may seem intimidating for her amazing characteristics but she has always been easy to approach and get along with. Despite being softspoken, she has her special way of making her friends feel better whenever they feel down. Her friends could be certain that her ears are always open to listen to every story and rant they have no matter how long and boring they may be.

A beautiful lady inside and out, Grazielle is a reliable friend who is ready to extend a helping hand, an obedient daughter who always puts her family at the top of her priorities, and a faithful servant who puts God at the center of her life. Although she may carry a heavy load, she still manages to juggle her academic and personal life with excellence and ease. A loving daughter, a supportive sister and a caring aunt, Grazielle makes time to bond with her family regardless of the many articles she has to write, legwork and interviews to accomplish and extracurricular responsibilities to finish. She has the passion to succeed and the dedication to work for her dream but it is her love for God, her family and her country that pushes her to be the best she could be.


“News is history shot on the wing.” -Gene Fowler, Skyline

Jane Maren M. Dasal “Coffee Junkie”


tereotypes often come to play when meeting people. For Jane, with her glasses and wild unruly hair, the word to first pop in mind would have to be - true to the stereotype of her namesake - “plain”. Having spent my whole college life with her, though, I’ve learned that she is anything but. Although she does have a deep love for literature, giving rise to the term “librarian chic”, her love goes beyond the written world and transcends into a world of adventure. Her

wayward feet are a testament to how much she enjoys learning and the knowledge offered both in and out of the classroom, allowing her to perform well academically while sating her curious feet. Don’t let the simplicity of how she carries herself fool you. A deeper sense of awareness and refinement hide behind her squeals over her fandoms. Beyond anything else she is more than the words here could ever describe.


“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes they win.� -Stephen King

Robert James T. De Roque “Dark Bacija Lord”


n a country where wisdom is rare, thank heavens because there’s Robert. Street smart, responsible, logical, though at times emotional, Robert is one source of very good arguments in almost every situation. A romantic person, he has his own way of expressing affection and making his presence felt to people important to him. He’s the originator of fun memories, helping his peers grow more intimate with each other. Excellence is a must for Robert. He’s madiskarte, making the impossible possible and the difficult easy. A leader in his own right, he commands respect but still considers others’ welfare. More than anything else, Robert is a son, a big brother, and a father to his family. Aside from supporting his studies, he makes sure that his mother and brother is well provided for.

Being his friend, you’d realize how loyal and trustworthy he is. God-fearing, he knows that nothing lasts forever so he makes every moment count and does everything that will glorify the Almighty. Meeting Robert James will change you. He will come into your life, and open your eyes to possibilities you didn’t see for yourself; the best type of person you could ever hope to meet. He knows all the right words to say, and when to say them, not afraid to make you laugh or cry. He could be the slow smile forming on your lips, or the playful grin that you’re trying to hide. His brutal honesty will only make you want to be a better person. He is the one person you wouldn’t want to give up on, because he’d never do the same to you. An inevitable radio superstar in the making and a promising broadcast journalist, Robert is surely a thing to watch out for.


“Be grateful for luck. Pay the thunder no mind - listen to the birds. And don’t hate nobody.” -Eubie Blake

Constantine Tereso A. Doncila “Invisible�


o not falter, you are almost there. You have found someone willing to stand beside you through all things - good or bad. Together, you will walk in a joyous aisle, bathing yourselves with tears of glory. But, this is not the end. This is merely a checkpoint in your long and winding road to

your goal. You will still experience pain and hardships, frustrations and misunderstandings. But hold on tight, together, you just have to enjoy the ride. Believe in yourself, in her and in Him. You will achieve what you most desire.


“Do or do not. There is no try.” -Yoda

Erianne Lae O. Du “The Treehugger”


he’s convinced she can save the world, and I’d bet anything she’ll at least try. There’s no one I know who’s smarter or more talented, but really, I don’t know anyone who’s as humble and hardworking either. I had the privilege of watching her grow as she progressed through college. She braved freshman year, when everything was completely new and foreign compared to our tiny private school from the province. She joined orgs that fostered not just her interests, but introduced her to what would be one of her biggest causes – saving the environment. She made friends and survived callous roommates. She jokingly tells terror prof horror stories like a veteran

sharing war tales. More importantly, she told me about how UP culture demands you to have an informed opinion, and then you demand that opinion be heard. Erianne’s one of the toughest people I know, but she’s also one of the kindest. She may be a little too humble and a little too critical of herself, but that’s because she strives to fulfil at least her own standards. This is why I think, no matter what, she’s going to help change the world for the better. She’ll take whatever is thrown at her, unless it’s something like injustice or prejudice, then she’ll do whatever it takes to stand up for what’s right. I think UP was the right school for her. She’s always had the drive, now she also has the tools.


“Ennui envelopes the hearts of those who allow despair and self-doubt to incapacitate their adventurous minds.�

Patricia S. Echague “Winter Collection”


ne of the most troubling images I’ve had of myself in college is a picture of my face and Pat combined. Our features were both there but everything merged so perfectly, an acquaintance can mistake it as a solo photo of either the two of us. That picture encapsulates so much of our personalities when compared: there are hardly any differences. Seeing so much of myself in her made me comfortable that my most hidden secrets are safe between us. And that’s probably where Pat and I differ. She tries her best to understand people before judging them. She doesn’t immediately jump into conclusions; she investigates first with her best stalking skills before speaking up. It’s a mark of a mature person which Pat obviously is. Being the eldest in her family and almost the mom to her two younger siblings, she has learned early in life that different kinds of people warrant different kinds of treatment. This ability of

hers makes her friends unconsciously seek her company and advice for depressing times. And as I’ve noticed, she gives the best relationship advice in town. Pat might not see it but she is a gift to many of her friends. She is a friend anyone can rely on 24/7, putting her best foot forward in helping and supporting their countless endeavors. She would never forgive herself for letting a friend down because that’s how much she loves and treasures her friendships. Her friends’ problems instantly become her problems. If a friend is stressed, she also becomes stressed and would do her best until that friend calms down. This is why Pat has the most valued friendships. She is like a sister who is genuinely concerned of people dear to her. I have always felt that she is one to me.


“Impossible is nothing.”

David D. Elevazo “The Great One”


hat comes to mind when you hear the name David? David’s but a simple name, common and plain, but the name itself befits that of a great man. As simple as his name, David maintains a humble profile that may often be overlooked along with the other David the Greats. An achiever and a perfectionist, Dave is one of the many great Davids who have come before him, but what sets David Dy Elevazo apart from the rest is his pure heart. What struck me the most is his genuine outlook in life. Dave, as what his closest friends call him is surely a great man to be with. He can make you laugh at his intelligent humor, pull you into tears of joy with his warmest words of encouragement, and captivate you with his eye

smile who sees no ill of others. Bold, genuine, and caring that’s who David is for his loved ones and friends. Dave never fails to share a hand to a friend in need. He is the sweet pill that everyone needs in times of great joy and bland misery. A perfectionist who only has his eyes fixed on making the people around him great and feel great about themselves. Surely, there is no other path to take but greatness for David. Having met a man as sincere and caring, and as great as he, is the highlight of my stay in the university. Words by H


“I became a journalist to come as close as possible to the heart of the world.” -Henry Luce

Jhesset Thrina O. Enano “The Storyteller”


ng buhay ay tila isang mahabang pelikula na wari’y walang katapusan, at tayo’y mga tauhan lamang na mawawala rin sa buod ng kwento sa oras na magampanan na natin ang ating tungkulin. Ngunit mayroon at mayroon mga tao na mananatiling nakakintal sa kamalayan ng marami. Ika nga, nakataga na sa bato. Marahil ay naisip mo na rin na mahirap mag-iwan ng marka sa isang mundong napuno ng mga pang-aliw na naglilihis ng atensyon ng tao sa mga mas dapat pagtuunan ng pansin. Higit pang mahirap na manatili sa kamalayan ng isang lipunang makakalimutin. Bagamat ganito na ang mundong ating ginagalawan, may iilan pa rin na nagtatangka— at nagtatagumpay—na lumikha ng kanilang sariling lugar sa kasaysayan. Isang mapulang rosas sa dagat ng puting mga bulaklak, si Jhesset Thrina Enano ay tila liwanag sa gitna ng lipunang nababalot ng dilim.

Humihinga’t dumudugo ng mga titik, buong puso niyang iniaalay ang kaniyang husay at talino para sa bayan. Ang kaniyang imahinasyon ay walang hangganan, at gayun din naman ang kaniyang pagmamahal sa tinubuang lupa. Kaniyang mga mata’y mapagmatiyag sa mga realidad ng buhay. Mga tainga niya’y dinidinig ang hinaing ng mga walang boses, at sa kaniyang bibig lumalabas ang tinig na nagsusulong at nakikibaka para sa tama. Pagsamahin ang mga ito, ang mga kamay naman niya ang susulat sa papel ng kasaysayan at kamalayan ng tao, nagbibigay tinig sa mga walang boses, at nagpapaalala ng kung ano ang tunay at mahalaga sa lipunang makakalimutin. Ang buhay ay tila isang mahabang pelikula na wari’y walang katapusan, at tayo’y mga tauhan lamang na mawawala rin sa buod ng kwento sa oras na magampanan na natin ang ating tungkulin. Ngunit mayroon at mayroon mga tao na mananatiling nakakintal sa kamalayan ng marami. Itaga mo sa bato, si Jhesset Thrina Enano sa kasaysayan ay tiyak na bahagi. (L.H.)


“Above everything else guard your heart, because from it flow the springs of life.� -Proverbs 4:23

Czer Mari H. Esquejo “Cheeky-Chic”


zer, when pronounced awkwardly could sound like ‘sir’. She does things like a sir—with poise and elegance. You’ll never catch her very haggard like the rest of us because she handles the stress gracefully. The name Czer could also be used to mean share because she is a person full of love and does not hesitate to show it. She’ll make sure that you know you are loved and blessed. Whatever you share with Czer, she is able to comfort you and calm your raging thoughts.

Simple, meek and full of smiles—she’s an ideal girl for everyone. She makes a lot of friends and deeply treasures each one of them. College life brought her many unexpected things— laughter, pain, sadness, success, and love—she experienced them all. Every encounter changed her, made her more mature and brought the best out of her. Before, she was lost, in doubt of what she really wanted to do. But now here she is, now dedicated more than ever on the path she has found.


“You - you alone will have the stars as no one else has them... In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing, when you look at the sky at night...You - only you - will have stars that can laugh.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Ian Carlo L. Estares “Homeless Hobo”


ow do you sum up, in 300 words or less, the four years of your life where everything you believed about yourself came to a standstill? Where you’re no longer the best at what you do? Where the sound of doubt that gnawed at your insides drowned out the mantras scribbled on your notebook? Where life followed a cycle of destruction and rebirth as every fragment of your consciousness is broken down in order to be made anew – to be made free?

How do you, for all it’s worth, thank those who have given pieces of themselves to help you grow as a person and apologize to those whose time you’ve stolen? I don’t really know. I guess there’s really no point in asking anymore. All we can do now is move forward and make sure that everything that has happened to us doesn’t go to waste. Each lesson may have bathed us in new scars, but damn were they worth it. Congratulations on making it this far. We still have a long way to go.


“I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.” -Eric Roth

Jonalisa Nichole S. Flores “Anak ng Pubmat”


ome people knew her as that godforsaken nickname she tries to bury in the past. And people ask, how exactly do you say your name? She’d say she doesn’t really know. She does a lot of stuff. Does she even sleep? Yes, during the day, but never at night for that is when she works. She’s adorably childish, selflessly determined, and hardworking, but she doesn’t know how to say no most of the time. She’s creative, kind of, and pretty patient with a lot of things. She is usually likeable, except when she’s woken up from her naps in lobbies and corridors without peace offerings or when she is presented with god-awful designs as if she had skills herself. Jona is never mad or annoyed. What’s her secret? Nothing. She gets mad and annoyed, but she is passive aggressive and all her rage goes to Twitter, or Tumblr, maybe both. She swears a lot she could probably make sailors blush. She’s a martyr and is pretty stupid when

it comes to love, but then again, aren’t we all? She’s the friend who’ll knock at the bathroom door when you’ve drank too much. She picks food over people because she is awkward, and sometimes when she gets the chance to, she picks sleep over food. She’ll be remembered for her random “boo boops” and owl hoots; for stealing people’s lighters when they attempt to smoke in public, especially when they’re around children; for getting drunk and talking about feminism, existential things, and lactose fermentation; for giving away roses and ice cream; for wearing dresses every blue moon; and for every damned time she embarrasses her friends in public. Don’t forget to eat, Jona. And love, and laugh. Keep that head up high but that middle finger higher.


“When the glorious sun of freedom begins to rise then all the lives lost, all the struggle and sacrifices will not have been in vain.� -Kartilya ng Katipunan, Emilio Jacinto

CMC 2015 Yearbook P11  
CMC 2015 Yearbook P11