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Berlin 2012


The short film talks about Alex, a guy that was born on Germany est side before the wall falls. Now he is 32 years old and one normal morning he awakes thinking about witch is the mining of society, becous he was born in a society that doesn’t exist anymore. film that just heave a moment to try to realise from were this guy comes and how his own wold has change. Tittle: I’ll tell you all my secrets but I’ll lie you about my past Year: 2012 Duration: 15:30 min Direction: Badreix Tarragó Production: Jasmina Ferrer Edition: Jasmina Ferrer Traduction: Queralt Castañares Actor: Alexander Hässner Land: Berlin Edition: Premier Pro Recorder: Sony Format: DVD PAL 16:9


DENDRO Short film

Experimental Short Film . Final project audiovisual communication. Short film lasted 20 minutes created by 5 students. black and white image with original soundtrack. Year: 2011 Duration: 20 min Direction: Clara Calvet Production: Jasmina Ferrer Photography: Aleix Sabaté Art Direction: Miquel Àngel Daviu Sound Edition: Miquel Àngel Pérez Edition: Jasmina Ferrer i Miquel Àngel Daviu Original Music: Carles Munts i Oriol Domingo Actor: Jasp Sampere Actress: Montse Clopés Land: Catalunya, Espanya Edition: Final Cut Recorder: Sony HD Format: DVD PAL 16:9

Bon Vent

BON VENT Videoclip

Videoclip ‘Bon Vent’ Year: 2010 Duration: 8 min. Band: Plouen Productor: Propaganda Pel Fet Direction and Edition: Jasmina Ferrer Creation and production: Badreix Tarragó Original Music: Plouen disc “Telescopi” Song: Bon Vent Actor: David Rigau i Roger P. Sobrebals Land: Catalunya, Espanya Edition: Final Cut Recorder: Sony Beta Cam Format: DVD PAL 16:9


((GARGALL)) 2009 Short Documentary

Documentary: ‘ Festival de Noves músiques, soroll i improvització ‘ Year: 2009 Duration: 7 min Direction and edition: Rosa Cererols Production: Rosa Cererols Camara: Jasmina Ferrer . Rosa Cererols Edition Assistant: Jasmina Ferrer Land: Catalunya, Espanya Edition: Final Cut Recorder: Sony Beta Cam Format: DVD PAL

La Blanca

LA BLANCA Videoclip (Making Off)

Short Film Making off Year: 2009 Duration: 4 min Band: ‘Plouen’ CD ‘Telescopi’ Song: ‘La Blanca’ Producer: Propaganda Pel Fet Direction: Marc Vilaseca Production: Badreix Tarragó Camara: Sergi Fargas Edition: Jasmina Ferrer . Marc Vilaseca Edition: Final Cut Recorder: Canon Format: DVD PAL 4:3


Web site: dendrosite Year: 2011 Creation: dreamweaver Programation: Html5 . Flash Programing: Aleix SabatĂŠ. Jasmina Ferrer Web site Contents: Clara Calvet Edition movies: Final Cut Camara: Canon D90


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