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hello. Welcome to my portfolio. This is a small selection of the works that i have been part of.

I have pursued Bachelors of Design from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati as part of a 4 year course.

After one year of experience in the industry my interest and explorations span across variety of domains in design, which include; New Media, Interaction Design, Animation and Product Design.

You can ďŹ nd more of my works here My blog which is updated regularly Mail me at

I am

asmeet Singh Sethi

Explorations in form of activities as means for experiential learning

Activity 2 : Salad Monsters Building on the theme of Holi, Salad was used as a medium for expression. Children discussed the fears they had, visualized them using salad and lastly ate the same

Activity 1 : Rocket Launch Utilized cardboard cut in 3 dierent sizes as the main material for expplorations. Kids were asked to convert 2D drawings to 3D visulizations


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Activity 3 : Wall E With this activity, the notion of public spaces and collaboration was instilled. The working area was randomized after stipulated periods so as the end product, i.e the wall would belong to everyone and not an individual


An interactive installation to create awareness about energy conservation IWILL The human silhouette was used as the “I” wile the projection contained incomplete pledge statements. One of the complete pledge read “ I Will Take the Cycle to work”

Kiosk While interacting with the kiosk, player would try fill in the blanks using wooden blocks with pictures. The web cam below the glass panel reads the block and fills in the projection

Prototype Consisted of Arduino board connected through a live flash instance which provided the feedback projection

Finally sytem would take a picture of completed message; with person himself as the “I”

Teaser Video Shows the viewer entering the realm of TV. Images of previous festival are shown in a 3D enviornment. The video ends while revealing the new identity for Chaos

Ideation Various ideas were brainstormed as an attempt to visualize “chaos�.

IIM Ahmedabad Annual Cultural Festival Identity, Teaser and Website with theme 70mm

Final Logo Chaos visualized as an energetic splash

As a part of workshop, many posters were made. The various backgrounds were created using colour splatters and spices and ďŹ nally photoshopped

Poster making with the theme as

India Spices

Misc. Stop Motions and Short Films - Youtube Channel : Processing Portfolio : Photography : http://www.

Thank You

Jas portfolio  
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