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DIGITAL MEDIA  ARTS   Graphic  portfolio   December  2011       Student  id:  3011869   Jasmeer  Nandhra    

Part 1.  Include  the  best  drawing  you  made  in  the  week  8  drawing  workshop.    

Part 2.  Continuous  Line  Drawing,  original  drawing.    

Traced image  on  illustrator  using  the  pen  tool  

Part 3.  Graffiti  Tag  Name  Design    

Critical reflection  Graphics  Portfolio         For  my  first  brief  I  choose  to  use  my  drawing  of  apples  as  I  felt  this  was  my   strongest  drawing.  I  was  new  to  the  grid  layout  of  drawing,  however  I  felt  this   method  allowed  me  to  create  an  overall  stronger  final  image.  The  grid  system   helps  break  down  the  object  of  apples  in  to  several  pieces  allowing  you  to  focus   on  each  section  and  detail.  I  used  charcoal  and  a  6b  pencil,  the  6b  pencil  allowed   me  to  create  a  soft  outline,  which  helped  to  create  the  basis  of  my  apple  drawing.   I  felt  I  could  create  more  realistic  shadows  with  the  charcoal,  as  of  its  softness  it   allowed  me  to  smudge  the  charcoal  in  to  several  directions  creating  and  almost  3   dimensional  feeling  to  the  apples.  I  am  pleased  with  my  overall  outcome  and  I   feel  that  it  has  helped  me  gain  confidence  with  charcoal  and  drawing.     The  second  brief  proved  tricky  but  was  very  exciting  at  the  same  time,  I  had   never  experienced  Continuous  line  drawing  and  was  new  to  the  concept  of  it.  I   found  it  a  lot  harder  then  anticipated  to  keep  my  pencil  on  the  page  and  to  not   look  down  at  what  I  was  drawing.  I  decided  to  go  with  my  line  drawing  of  side   profile  to  frontal  view  and  then  side  profile  again  I  felt  that  this  looked  most   unusual  out  of  my  continuous  line  drawings.    We  then  had  to  scan  our  drawing   and  trace  the  outline  using  the  pen  tool  on  illustrator,  this  became  easier  as  I  got   the  hang  of  using  the  pen  tool  for  the  straight  lines  and  curves  of  the  faces.   However  when  it  came  to  tracing  over  the  hair  it  became  tricky  to  follow  the   curves  and  keep  to  the  same  shape  of  my  drawing.  Overall  I’m  pleased  with  the   outcome  but  for  next  time  I  would  maybe  zoom  in  closer  to  the  hair  section  as   this  would  help  me  follow  the  lines  clearly.       For  my  final  brief  I  decided  to  create  a  3d  effect  to  my  name  inspired  by  the   examples  of  other  work  that  showed  a  3d  approach  to  text.  I  thought  that  the   examples  showed  a  clean  slick  finish  which  I  tried  to  imitate  through  my  work   with  the  use  of  a  simplistic  background  and  complimentary  colour  tones  helping   the  main  text  stand  out.  I  had  never  used  illustrator  so  I  found  this  task  slightly   demanding  and  struggled  to  make  my  image  turn  out  the  way  I  wanted.  Although   once  I  began  to  play  around  with  the  different  tools  and  effects  I  learnt  that  I   could  achieve  3d  text  that  almost  looks  as  if  it  had  been  stretched  out.  This   represents  myself  as  like  my  design  I  have  several  layers  which  builds  up  to  the   person  who  you  see  on  the  outside  similarly  to  the  way  the  different  layers  build   together  to  create  the  overall  glow  of  the  texts  and  3d  design.    Overall  I’m   pleased  with  my  design,  if  I  was  to  improve  my  design  I  would  maybe  choose  a   different  font  and  tidy  up  the  lines  that  create  the  stretched  effect.       Overall  I’m  pleased  with  my  graphics  portfolio  and  have  learnt  how  to  use  the   basics  of  adobe  illustrator,  which  I  found  very  enjoyable  and  interesting.         Word  count  543    

Jas - Graphic Portfolio  

Graphic Portfolio

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