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.NET usually pronounced as dot net is an open source software framework platform used to generate dynamic websites, mobile applications and desktop applications, and cross platform server applications.

Before going open-source .NET was primarily launched to work only on the Windows platform to create web and desktop applications for Windows users using the ASP.NET core and C# (pronounced as C-SHARP) Object Oriented Programming language. In the early stages, .NET was also pronounced as Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS) until its beta versions were launched somewhere from 2001 to 2003, and then it was called .NET.

Most of the individuals are trying to grasp everything they can on web design and development. Students are tending towards the technologies compatible with open-source to create various dynamic websites. is a web development framework specifically designed for creating dynamic web pages. It is embedded with a wide range of libraries with which the developer can include their coding into the framework and develop their desired software(s).

Microsoft designed the framework for the programmers to enable them to innovatively create various styles and develop different websites using C# codes for serverside programming and HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT to help with the interface development.

Now, as .NET has been converted to the opensource development software framework, it is easy for the programmers to work without the issues of compatibility and platform dependency because being an open-source platform it provides independency and vast area for development.

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