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Harmonious sex lives are good for couples Sex life is an important part of married life. The harmonious sex life is a natural physiological need of men and women, it is also the common aspiration of both husband and wife, both sides closely with the obligation, also have the right to won the meet jointly. In the course of life, form the sexual excitement to the emotional exchanges, there is an important psychological factor from both physical and mental inputs to reach orgasm. As long as one side is lack of understanding of the sexual knowledge, or have the negative attitude, the two sides are will hard to reach emotional harmony. Especially for women, the role of sexual psychology plays a greater impact, so the man must be aware of this characteristic, in order to play an active role in married life easily. Many women fear that the partner will despise herself, so they suppress the real reactions and emotions to show self-respect. Some women are with strongly conservative ideas that sex is just their obligations which had to do, and with a negative, passive attitude. The women’s shy, reserved, timid and negative psychological is the resistance for stimulating and accelerating sexual arousal. So it is unrealistic to expect them consciously freed from these psychological shackles. Especially a small number of women in pre-marital sex drive are very weak, even more difficult to get out of this predicament. The old notion said that a woman in the sexual life should be completely passive, modern scientific research overthrows this outdated concept. The facts have proved that women should learn to take the initiative in the sexual life is necessary for their own sexual pleasure and both sides are satisfied with sex. The male sexual response characteristics determine their sexual desire and more and more male buy some male masturbators, so they can always inspire and quickly progressed to full excitement. Women only before and after ovulation or premenstrual libido strong climax, even so, they are thrilled and excited slower are than the male. Before and after puberty, the male libido genital around the center to generalization, women from the generalization gradually concentrated in the genital region. In the middle age, men are generalization, but the women are tired to reproductive concentrated. So many men focus on sex, the woman's sexual gratification can form the wide range. Man only can bring pleasure form ejaculation, childbirth and breastfeeding all can bring pleasure for women.

Every couple has their own characteristics in the sexual life. in order to achieve a happy and harmonious sex life, both sides should pay attention to with the other’s responding and special wishes, and have the mutual understanding of the structure and function of the male and female reproductive organs. The man often have the primary responsibility in the community and family, strong sense of professionalism and responsibility in their mental or physical consumption, s so they are maybe multi exhausted at night. Wife would be wise to choose the right time to take the initiative to lead the husband happy sex life completely relax the sustained tension of the nerves and muscles, to exclude numerous troubles Affairs, feel to live a happy and happiness of the family and marriage. Wife should be calm and open harbor for the man rather than create a new source of tension. There are many different between men and women on psychological characteristics. For men, it is their proud to use their power to meet mutual satisfaction, for women, they certainly attractive in sexual gratification. Therefore, the performance of the male and female’s sexual dysfunction is also not same. Men if will failure when complete the sex, it performance in the impotence, premature ejaculation. Women performance that if there are some problems to reach the happy in sex, such as libido, orgasm-based. If in the life the coup are lack of common requirements, mutual understanding and respect, it will hurt each other's feelings, and even make the other side lose interest, in severe cases can cause sexual dysfunction and lead to the breakdown of marriage. Some men regardless of whether the woman requirements, and even not spare each other's health, poor the wife physical discomfort or emotional still forced intercourse, if not from the furious, and even violence. This violent behavior is bound to make the woman creates tension, disgust and fear; they will think this is an insult to their own personality. Over time, women will develop as low sexual desire and even some woman from the reserved attitude of the development of psychological confrontation, intentional indifference and refused the man's request, and even play with each other's feelings. In turn, the man's self-esteem will be hurt, and then tired of their sex lives by disappointing, coupled are with anxiety and disease outrage, may develop impotence and sexual dysfunction. All these are planted the seeds will eventually lead to the collapse of the feelings of the couple, and family breakdown. In order to obtain the coordination sex life, we should pay attention to the followings: The two sides should have sexual desire and impulse, not forcibly. The two sides should be highly focused, do not get distracted payable. Both sexual arousal, euphoric mood should be cross-infection, and excitement with each other. The expression,

posture, language and tone are very important for each other. Love people like to understand each other and make each other happy, to give and to provide each other with all the necessary. Love needs time, you need to treat each other sincerely, love needs rapid exchange of feelings. Only by establishing on the basis of understanding and respect, coupled with a good understanding of knowledge, harmonious married life can be happier. It is noteworthy that the men and women on the sex life reactions according to the characteristics of the age. Understand these characteristics, mutual understanding, is also a harmonious sexual life factors. 1, 20-30: men in the peak of sex excitement, they are easy to re-excitement after orgasm. But women in the shy, cautious on the psychological, emotionally let go of. Male have stronger libido than women. 2, 31-40: male sexual function began to decline, but ability of controlling become better and can meet the requirements of the women. The women began to break through the psychological barrier, have a better understanding of their own bodies, to know how to achieve orgasm. 3,41-50: male decreased libido, energy, excitement become slower, need more stimulation to reach the peak. But the experience is richer, more thoughtful, gentle to meet the requirements of the woman. The women increased female sexuality, sexual peaked. Psychological sense of oppression and barriers swept away, not false modesty. After reaching menopause, vaginal dryness, you need to use a lubricant. The little husband old wife in the West up to 1/8-1/5. 4, 51-60: both requirements and tend coordination. The women are demanding has started to decrease. 5, 61-70 years: the sexual of both sides tend to decline, but the loving couple's sex life can still continue. Older women still have sexual desire; excessive suppression would be bad for your health. Go with the flow to keep sex life, can make them more comfortable to spend their twilight years. 6, 71 years old: the report shows that one-tenth of the couples still live a regular sex life.

In short, it is able to maintain a happy sex life, is very good for the health of a couple undoubtedly. Foreign survey showed that the separated or divorced women than happily married women more likely to spread disease is due to their lower immunity. Their ex-husbands health status is often poor. The survey also showed that some remain married but has poor relationship with the worse immune system than divorced. Visible, happy marriage, harmonious sexual life, health is very important. Get more sexual health information







Harmonious Sex Lives Are Good for Couples