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Dental implants San Antonio keep the tooth problems at bay One may ask what exactly dental implants are. Dental implants are not a new method of treating tooth problems, it has been there a while, but their popularity has grown of late. Dental implants San Antonio have the best machinery, tools and staff to go about this process. Earlier dental implants were painful, but in spite of that people underwent them because it helped in perfecting their smiles. With improvement in technology, dental implants have come a long way. There are three things that make up a dental implant, the post, the crown and the abutments. The post is a screw-like structure which serves as the root for the teeth. The crown is made of porcelain and is designed like a tooth. The size of the crown is customizable so that it looks natural and fits properly. The abutment acts like a link between the post and the crown. It reinforces the crown and the post to make it stronger as well as permanent. There are many kinds of dental implants, including single implants, multiple dental implants; allon-four dental implants etc. Different people require different kinds of dental implants. It is the dentist who decides which procedure should be employed. These dental implants can be very expensive but dental implants San Antonio really know how to do their job while charging a very reasonable fee for it. They have a team of doctors who know what is best for the patient and work accordingly. They also provide free consultancy so that the dental problems are highlighted.

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Dental implants San Antonio keep the tooth problems at bay