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Smile with confidence with Cosmetic dentist Indianapolis Cosmetic dentistry provides restorative functions. When your teeth decay, fillings are done to restore them in condition. The fillings are done using porcelain or with materials that are similar in color like your other teeth. This helps maintain natural color of your teeth when you smile. People who were using gold and other materials in the past were left with dark spots on the tooth that was giving a wrong impact when they smiled. Many of those are getting the material replaced with the later and newer tooth coloration. The cosmetic dentist Indianapolis is always prepared with the latest technology like the porcelain fillings that allow use of laser in dentistry. Procedures used in cosmetic dentistry treatment 1. Porcelain made fillings is durable and long lasting. Inlays- outlays are used to restore tooth decay or structural damage. They are created in the lab itself. 2. Composite bonding method is used for restoring broken or chipped or decayed teeth. 3. Repair of chips/cracks, worn appearance, gaps or severe tooth discoloration is done by porcelain or composite laminates in the event that whitening is not successful 4. Artificial tooth replacements are used to compensate for tooth loss with prosthetic dentistry. Dental Implants not only enhance your smile, they will also give you a more youthful look. The face collapses in the absence of teeth and gives the patient an older look. 5. Treatment for a comprehensive assessment of your smile involves one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures like implants, veneers, and/or whitening that can be done to achieve the best results for each patient. For more information about cosmetic dentist Indianapolis – Visit here

Smile with confidence with Cosmetic dentist Indianapolis