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module 1 – ideation week 3

developmental models -spiral pattern -inspired by balance of pattern

developmental models -possible frond shape to create spatial interaction from light source -inspired by leaf shape of fern

developmental models -1:5 scale model of possible lantern -bulbous bottom to house LEDS - spiral nature towards top to be hand held - leaf like structures branching outwards

reference image -the use of multiple,random emerging “fronds� in this piece is what I would like to encapsulate in my lantern. -the effect of the many openings and layering creates a soft, dappled light projection -the blurring of the shadows cast is achieved through the layered strips of paper, and large holes disperse the light. - I will attempt to recreate this effect by attaching similar strips of paper to form leaf shapes over a spiraled base containing LEDs

week 3  

week 3 ideation

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