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Get Rid of Acne – Homeopathic and Natural treatment for Acne You have tried everything to get rid of acne before - Homeopathy associated with some food hygiene rules will allow you to overcome If you are looking for a natural remedy and effective against acne, homeopathy may be a solution for you! However, one must take into account a point; treatments vary from person to person because they are based on the body's ability to heal it. This means that the treatment has worked for one of your loved ones may be not effective on you! What homeopathic treatment is suitable for my acne? To find out which homeopathic treatment for you, you must first make an appointment with a homeopath. It will take into account your general health and background, will ask about your lifestyle and your diet, then examine your skin. Treatment is often a topical product for external use (ointment, cream ...), because acne is generally considered a disorder that manifests itself internally externally with skin rashes. It can sometimes be accompanied by a processing "internal" as capsules, drops... Antimonium tartaricum: This treatment is composed of tartrate of antimony and potash. It is generally recommended for patients with acne "painful" or inflammatory. Calc: This remedy is also called "limestone oyster" because it is extracted from the shell of the oyster. It is used for acne outbreaks and rare for other skin conditions, including eczema and certain scalp conditions. Hepar sulph calcareum: It is composed of 50% of oyster shells and 50% of flowers of sulfur. He pushes the skin to self-regenerate. This treatment is often used for acne significant, inflammatory and purulent. Pulsatilla: Pulsatilla is the derivative of Pulsatilla and is used for dry cracked skin rash of rosacea, and acne breakouts associated with menstrual cycles or hormonal disorders. Silica: This treatment is made from silica powder. It treats inflammation of the skin, blemishes, scars and dandruff. Silicon acid is found naturally in plants such as horsetail. Sulfur: Sulfur is a drug used for a long time against skin problems. It is found in personal care products to treat acne, including facial cleansers, soaps, lotions and masks. Eat for having good skin! Acne is not just teenagers; adults can also have acne breakouts caused by stress, poor diet, hormones, environment... Diet plays an important role in the health of our skin. So when you have a rash of acne, your best not to consume too much fatty food such as butter, cheese, sausages, meat, but also ban chocolate, salt, soft drinks and sugar refined. Instead, opt for supplements such as brewer's yeast, foods rich in vitamin C and zinc, lecithin, and especially stay hydrated! Green tea, pomegranate juice or blueberry beverages are to promote, because they are rich in antioxidant.

Skin problems: advice against adult acne

Stress, inadequate birth control pills, tobacco, promotes the appearance of acne. Only an appropriate dermatological treatment allows overcoming. To protect itself from external aggression, the skin secretes, naturally, sebum. Produced in excess, it forms white micro cysts (buttons) and comedones (blackheads). Related to hormonal changes, this happens usually during adolescence. But, adult, this nightmare can be prolonged. Indeed, 25% of adults, mostly women, have acne problems. Originally: stress, smoking, fatigue, pollution, premenstrual period, contraceptive use inappropriate or excessive makeup can cause acne. Unsightly, it can be a real drag in social and professional relationships. Blackheads and pimples nest, usually on visible areas: chin, around the mouth and at the nostrils. So how to get rid once and for all, Only solutions: a healthy lifestyle and appropriate dermatological treatment. A healthy lifestyle A free skin imperfection requires impeccable lifestyle. Thus, to remove filling the pores and reduce the appearance of blackheads, are simple habits to adopt. First, wear light makeup, because a thick layer of foundation accentuates the shine of your skin and clogs pores. Every night without exception, you remove makeup. Then, clean your skin thoroughly with a gentle cleanser formulated with salicylic acid or a dermatological bar. In the morning, use a lotion to apply anti-blemish using cotton, without rinsing. Also, choose a moisturizer not too oily for your face. In addition, once a week or every two weeks, make a scrub and mask, if your skin tends to be greased. This gesture wellbeing helps soften your skin while scrub the pores. Opt for natural products for your skin soft, less harmful to the skin. Persistent acne: go to the dermatologist Breads dermatological anti-sebum, gels, creams, lotions, pharmacies and drug stores issuing, without prescription, many products from so-called "local treatment", that is to say to apply directly to skin. But, depending on the severity of your acne, they will prove ineffective. Indeed, when it settles in a sustainable manner, it is necessary to go directly to your dermatologist. This targets your care depending on the nature of your skin. Thus, in addition to topical therapy oral treatment antibiotics, retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, etc. May be prescribed, for meaningful results, it is essential to follow the prescriptions to the letter. Note, you can ask your products corrective version. These allow the fight against blemishes while concealing them. Irregularity in the menstrual cycle and / or unusual hair growth can occur in more acne. A hormonal assessment is, in this case, mandatory. Also, some birth control pills, especially those based on levonorgestrel, favor the appearance of pimples and blackheads. However, the other containing cyproterone acetate or norgestimate help to combat them.

Get Rid of Acne – Homeopathic and Natural treatment for Acne  

It will take into account your general health and background, will ask about your lifestyle and your diet, then examine your skin. Treatment...

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