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A third year small project focused on the Carlton housing estate. The estate did not have a safe central meeting place for the residents. The shipping container folds out to provide adequate shelter, and resources for that safe place. This allows the residents of the Carlton housing estate to entertain, read, socialise or just relax in an appropriate environment.





A third year studio group project which focused on designing and creating a mobile vehicle which served a purpose to the community. The kitchen cart was derived from a sushi train idea of how food can rotate and be served to multiple people at once. The final design was constructed for the sorghum sisters catering business who operate out of the Carlton housing estate. My role was focused on budgeting, documenting, modelling and construction.


The user is intrigued as to what it is. Not only do they click to see the set-up page of the application but they comment on this to action to Jason to see what he says about the application.

A facebook user logs on to check out what has happened since they were on last. Checks out their notifications then takes a look at their live news feed. Sees that their friend Jason Wylie has just added the “my Locavore map� application.


A third year studio project which began by research into the 100 mile diet. The Locavore maps concept is to begin a process of knowledge through a social networking program. It shows users where they purchase their food and produce from, it shows the distance food travels and how what they eat and consume has an effect on the environment which they may not realise.

Hey whats this locavore map app all about?

Well its an application similar to the places ive been one, except here you put in where you purchase your food from. Its just a way of showing how far food travels to make people aware of it. You should add it!

Hey whats this locavore map app all about?

The facebook user now understands what the application stands for but is still not 100 percent sure how it appears on their page. They pay a visit to Jason’s profile page and then have a closer look at how his map looks and operates.

After getting the general idea of what the application does and stands for the facebook user decides to add the application. They go forward and begin to create their own Locavore map for all of facebook to see. During the process they add Jason as a Locavore friend through the map application. Now more Locavores will know each other.


A 9



Third year elective project. An AFL board game targeted at children aged between 4-10. Focuses on scoring, game play and match winning moments. Uses a 3-d board set up.


Adaptive.Feet: Development.Sketches


Toe Cover

Back Structure

Front Structure



The projects focus is to design a shoe which adapts to the human feets characteristics to overcome prominent and consistent problem such as pronation and achillis tendonitis.


A fourth year major project.

The shoe uses a heat responsive polymer which assesses the foot and adapts to the give greater support in the right areas.



Industrial Design Portfolio  

A collection of works throughout my RMIT industrail Design studies

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