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Footpath vendor


Squids and Eggs

“Our dinner”

Coconut juice



“My income is higher than some people who buy my garlands I would say.�

A constructor

A pop musician

Mid-night collectors

Sweeping for a better life

Papaya delivery

Bronze seeker

A man and a bike

A boy and a bike

An employee

Night vendors


The proportion of poor in Thailand in the previous year Credit: National Statistical Office

Special Thanks Piyatat Hemmatat Eternize Tar Noel Sutabutr Jirawat Kuranakanok Jomthong Thintharnee Tatosh Cheunchoosil Jack Fan Chan and the production team National Statistical Office

Edit by Jaruwijit Jaruthiphayakhantha

Design by Jaruwijit Jaruthiphayakhantha ID: 5207640342


Final Project in Photojournalism, Thammasat U.

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