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March 9, 2018 25 BAHT

Pharmacy Student Killed in Car Crash She was a grateful and loyal daughter that made her parents proud of her. She was a gifted and good student. It is not surprising at all why her family, relatives and friends were so sorrowful about her tragic death.

Rescuers help her to get in an ambulance car. SONGWUT SRAYAI, ทีมข่าว - ภาพกูภ้ ยั สว่างบูชาธรรมสถาน

By Warinthorn Khamsoon

Miss Saowanee Maneepakorn performs Phuthai Traditional Dance. SONGWUT SRAYAI, ทีมข่าว - ภาพกูภ้ ยั สว่างบูชาธรรมสถาน

Miss Saowanee Maneepakorn, a 21- year- old student from Faculty of Pharmacy, Ubon Ratchathani University was hit by a truck. Miss Saowanee Maneepakorn was accidentally hit by a six- wheeled truck while she was riding a motorcycle in the morning of 4 May 2017 on Warin- De Udom Road, Warin Chamrap, Ubon Ratchathani province. She was seriously injured and died later at the hospital.

Houses burnt, luckily no one injured By Warinthorn Khamsoon

Her motorcycle which is hit by a truck. SONGWUT SRAYAI, ทีมข่าว - ภาพกูภ้ ยั สว่างบูชาธรรมสถาน

She was a student of Renu Nakhon Wittayanukul School and she received a scholarship from Dr. Wittaya Inala for 50000 baht every year. Also, she was Miss Songkran 2013 and a presenter of Renu Nakhon District, Nakhon Phanom Province. Her family was not that rich and her father was paralyzed. Thus, she had to take care of her father and worked in order to earn money by performing Phuthai Traditional Dance. Her cremation was held on 7 May 2017 at Bhurapharam Temple. The atmosphere there was filled with sorrow. Everyone mourned over her passing and thought that why a good person like her died young. There was a donation for helping manage the funeral since her family was not rich. In addition, her mother had to take care and look after her father alone.

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The houses are burnt.

The houses were caught fire on 20 December 2017, at Phibun Mangsahan District, Ubon Ratchathani Province. The owner of the house was Mr. Ampol Duangjampa. The fire was caused by electrical fault. Ampol charged his mobile phone and flashlight and then a short circuit occurred. The fire spread quickly and terribly because of the wind. At that time, it was windy and cold, so a flame spread easily and quite fast. It even spread to Mr. Han Prada’s and Mrs. Sangwarn Nongkhaek’s house, which were next to Ampol’s house. Fortunately, no one was injured. The cost of this damage was about 1 million baht. Firefighters spent time putting out the fire for an hour by spraying with a fire extinguisher and spraying water with hose. Forensic Science staff of Ubon Ratchathani went to the area of the accident to investigate how the fire occur. The result was that a power outlet was too old and there was no cut-off system. Hence, it led to a short circuit and the fire started.



March 9, 2018

NEWS UBU has the first female student president candidate of the party. And the last party was Kankrao. The candidate was Sudarat Pitakpornpanlop from Faculty of Political Science. 7,961 eligible voters went to vote for a new student president. The election result was that Kankrao party won the election and got 4,121 votes. Therefore, Sudarat is the first female UBU student president. Sudarat said that she was so glad and proud to be the first female president of Ubon Ratchathani University. She thanked people who voted for her. She thought that becoming a student president was important opportunity that helped her get new experience about managing, planning, working and cooperating with new people. She had interesting ideas and policies that made UBU students chose her to be the new student president. The policies of her party are launching safe-ride campaign and bike and work Sudarat Pitakpornpanlop, a student from Faculty of Political Science .

center, improving libraries and speed bumps to be better and upgrading Wi- Fi. She said that she will try her best to develop UBU to be better.

By Warinthorn Khamsoon Sudarat Pitakpornpanlop, a candidate from Kankrao Party, was elected to be new student president of the Student Union of Ubon Ratchathani University for academic year 2018. The election was held on 17 January 2018. Three parties competed for this election. The first party was Ruamjai Mor Ubon, and the candidate was Kakanamphon Phawawijarn, a third- year student from Faculty of Agriculture. The next party was For Mor Ubon. Thanapat Waewsri, a third-year student from Faculty of Science, was the UBU students go to vote for the Student Association Election.

Atita Senayai Graduated with First Class Honors Degree and GPA of 4.00

Ms.Artita Senayai and her parents.

When she was a child, she was into Science. She wanted to enter Biology Major, Faculty of Science, but her parents said that they could not afford her. Luckily, she received a scholarship called Science achievement scholarship of Thailand to complete her bachelor’s degree to master’s degree. Artita Senayai, wearing UBU’s graduation gown, smiles and holds her degree certificate.

By Warinthorn Khamsoon Ms. Atita Senayai, a graduate from Bachelor of Science degree with first class honors degree and a GPA of 4. 00, attended a commencement ceremony of 2016 on December 13, 2017. Ms. Atita Senayai, First- Class Honorary Degree of Faculty of Science, Ubon Ratchathani University, is the daughter of Mr. Suwarn Senayai and Mrs. Khumpan Senayai. They live in Ban Nong Phue, Khemarat District, Ubon Ratchathani Province. When she was a child, she was into Science. She wanted to enter Biology Major, Faculty of Science, but her parents said that they could not afford her. Luckily, she received a

Artita said that she was so glad and proud to be granted this diploma. She never thought that she would reach this point because she was poor. For her, having a chance to study for what she loved was an important opportunity of her life. Her parents could not afford her to study at university, thus, she tried her best to study hard to accomplish her goal, which was receiving a scholarship. Since she received a scholarship, she could help lighten her family’ s burden. She thanked her parents for supporting, thanked her teachers for teaching and advising and thanked her friends for being by her side. She was overwhelmed that her parents were so proud with her success. She promised her parents that she would be more successful by completing Doctorate degree in the future and she would take care of them for the rest of their life. Currently, she is studying master’ s degree in Biology major, Botany field at Songkla Nakarin University. She wants to be researcher or a teacher, teaching at her hometown and be a good graduate of the country.


March 9, 2018

NEWS South Isaan Agricultural Fair, 2018 By Jaruwan Silachai Moreover, the fair was full of shops where we could enjoy shopping at places such as clothing stores, lovely gift shops, and plant and flower shops. Many people from other cities came here to find plants and flowers that they were looking for. And there were many different foods that we could take home or eat at the shop. In addition, people who come here could enjoy listening to music from the concerts and competitions, which were held every day. South Isaan Agricultural Fair is held on once a year by the students and teachers from the Faculty of Agriculture. If anyone misses visiting this year and would like to experience the atmosphere and enjoy the activities at the event, you have to wait for the next year.

UBU Students Join LA Big Cleaning Day South Isaan Agricultural Fair 2018. งานเกษตรอีสานใต้ Facebook page

South Isaan Agricultural Fair 2018 of Ubon Ratchathani University was held from February, 9 – 18, 2018 and there were colorful flowers garden, pets, and many activities. South Isaan Agricultural Fair is held at Ubon Ratchathani University every February. This year, it was held from 9 – 18 February. There were a lot of colorful fields of flowers such as sunflowers and cosmos. It was a beautiful place for people who love to take photos. There were also many other plants such as ivy and vegetables. The highlight of the vegetable zone was the zucchini arch which was a long tunnel covered in zucchini. People who came could pass through it. There were many lovely pets and other animals which people could enjoy petting and feeding. And the most exciting animals were horses. This year was the first year that we could see and ride horses. Many children were excited to ride them.

By Chatuphorn Boonkrong Liberal Arts Big Cleaning Day of Ubon Ratchathani University was held on 24 February 2018. The activity started at 08. 30 a. m. to 16. 30 p. m. Over 100 students joined this activity. The activities included cleaning the area around the Faculty of Arts building and parking lots and painting the sign to make campaign about discipline. There was a lunch for every student attended. Mr. Trithaset Phitkham, a student from tourism major, Faculty of Liberal Arts, said when joined this activity, he and his friends had a new experience. He got a lot of new friends and learned how to work with others. He helped clean up the area around the ILC and LA building to look better and clean and swept trash and leaves falling down to the ground. He was very impressed with this activity by being a volunteer. This activity helped students engaged with teamwork. Many of them enjoyed this activity although the weather was hot and they were tired. They knew about volunteering. They cleaned up the area around the faculty to look better, so people who come to the faculty, will face with cleanness and see the campaign about discipline and rules that volunteers made.

UBU students join the activity. CHATUPHORN BOONKRUNG



March 9, 2018


UBU Speed Bumps Rises Road Accidents

for the safety of drivers. The appropriate size of the speed bumps is very important in reducing accidents. Therefore, the speed bump must have a height of about 7.510.0 cm and should be installed at a distance of about 80-130 meters.


1421324 English in Media Subject, Ubon Ratchathani University Editor-in-Chief│ Ms.Warinthorn Khamsoon News Editors │ Ms.Wanvisa Faisatja │Mr. Chatuphorn Boonkrong Contributors│Writers Ms. Warinthorn Khamsoon │Ms.Jaruwan Silachai │ Ms.Wanvisa Faisatja │Mr. Chatuphorn Boonkrong Consultant │ Proofreader

Painting by Jaruwan Silachai

Mr. Kavin Stumm Layout Artist By Ms.Wanvisa Faisatja The speed bumps in Ubon Ratchathani University are too big and too high, so they may cause accident when students or others people ride a motorcycle or drive a car too fast. They may not prevent car accidents. There was case that a UBU student got injured because of the big speed bumps around Faculty of Management Science. She was riding a motorcycle and passing the new speed bumps that had just be constructed to be more big and high. Thus, she did not realize that the speed bumps were not be the same figure

Silachai like she used to be familiar with. Ms.Jaruwan Also, if people who are not familiar with too big speed bumps, ride a motorcycle andfor doeducational not slow down their while passing The Superior is published purpose onlyspeed non-commercial use them,

then accident can occur. For this reason, the speed bumps should be up to standard CONTACT INFORMATION FACKBOOK: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ THE SUPERIOR EMAIL: THE SUPERIOR SRI KI@GMAIL.COM

UBU students: What do you think about studying English as a compulsory subject? By Jaruwan Silachai

We asked some UBU student opinion by using the question “ What do you think about studying English as a compulsory subject?” “ For the first time, I did not understand why I have to learn English as compulsory subject because my major is Agriculture. I think it is not related. Later, I understand that why I have to learn it. It is important for my daily life, and it is necessary for my future. I think it is good to know English even though it is very difficult to understand for me,” Butsarin Anurak, a second- year student, Faculty of Agriculture said.

“ In my opinion, learning English is very necessary because I can use knowledge that I have learned to communicate and adapt for working in the future. I am studying Engineering, so English is important because I have to understand vocabulary related to Engineering. I never think that learning English is useless because it is good for me to learn though it is quite hard,” Metasit Bukoontod, an Engineering student said.

Kasamsart Thonglaed, a third-year student, Faculty of Engineering expressed his opinion. “I think it is good to know English because it helps me connect with other people around the world and it is important for my field. English is a universal language spoken by people around the world, so it is important to learn even though I am not studying English major directly. I used to worry about studying it as a compulsory subject but now I am comfortable and willing to learn because it is necessary and beneficial for my future.”


March 9, 2018


OPINION UBU Students: What do they think about wearing uniforms? By Chatuphorn Boonkrong We asked some Liberal Arts students about wearing uniforms. Most Liberal Arts Students’ opinion on wearing uniforms was determined by using the question “ What do you think about wearing uniforms?” Two students gave us their opinion. Miss. Orathai Ketkaew, an EC student, thought that uniforms make the society orderly. For example, children become obedient and adults have discipline. Uniforms are good for those who have a chance to wear, yet it reminds them that they are students. They should be good students and should focus on studying because their parents may look forward to seeing their success Miss Nattarika Singhan, a third- year student said that she prefers wearing casual dress because it is convenient when doing activities and easy to clean and do laundry. And wearing uniforms does not help her be more intelligent. It depends on how much she pays attention in class, yet if she wants to make it orderly, she will wear uniform.

EC students and teachers of English and communication, faculty of liberal art, Ubon Ratchathani University. EC Program Facebook page

Opinion on UBU student who watches Beauty and Beast the Musical By Wanvisa Faisatja We asked some UBU students who watched Beauty and Beast the Musical on 5- 6- 7 November, 2016 by using the question “What do you think about UBU's Beauty and the Beast the Musical?” Nutthanaree Polyeum said “I thought that the musical was very fun and exciting. All the actors were good at acting especially Gaston and Beauty. The scenes were very incredible. The audience could see that every performer concentrated and cooperated well. I was so impressed. It was worth the money”. “ While I was at the front of the event, I felt that it was very crowded because on that day there were adults from the outside came to watch the musical. This made me feel excited then I felt that I wanted to watch this musical. I really wanted to know who will star in the musical. While watching, I enjoyed listening to English, which is mainly spoken by all of the cast. It had the scenes that made me laugh so hard. Beauty was beautiful and her English accent was nice to hear and easy to understand. This show was so good for those who wanted to practice English. The performance, props, costumes were so amazing. I was so impressed,” Natthaporn Pawong, a UBU student said. Poster of UBU’s beauty and thee beast the musicle. ubu's beauty and the beast the musical Facebook page

EC 19 Visit Company Sites at Bangkok read more on page 6 25 Ladury café & bakery, Japanese style, Near UBU read more on page 7 Poster of UBU’s beauty and thee beast the musicle. Ubu's beauty and the beast the musical Facebook page



March 9, 2018

FEATURE EC 19 Visit Company Sites at Bangkok By Warinthorn Khamsoon

EC student gets scholarship with excellent GPA 3.90 By Wanvisa Faisatja

Miss Suchanan Tarapaan receives the scholarship. SUCHANAN TARAPAN We are at Humanica Company. AJ.WACHIRAPORN

Me and some third- year EC students visited several company sites and hotels in Bangkok such as Shangri la hotel, BFS Recruitment at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Devawongse Varopakarn Institute of Foreign Affairs and Bangkok Post Company. There were 2 instructors and 13 third year students who visited company sites in Bangkok during 13- 17 February 2018. We stayed at Suda Palace Hotel. On the first day, in the morning, we went to visit Shangri La Hotel, one of the best luxury 5- star hotel in Bangkok. We learned how hotel staff work, and we experienced various buildings and luxurious rooms such as Suriya and Chantra room. When we entered the rooms, we felt excited and surprised because the rooms were so deluxe. Then we had wonderful and delicious lunch such as Smoked salmon with witlof and rocket, pumpkin and leek soup and coconut tart with vanilla ice cream. When we were eating, we were taught how to use cutleries on a dinner table. After visited the hotel, we went to Siam Museum, which has a display of Thai historical artifacts. The museum is the best place for people who want to learn about Thai history, culture and custom. On the next day, we went to Devawongse Varopakarn Institute of Foreign Affairs. It is an institution which is a part of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. So, it is related to foreign languages. Two English teachers working there, gave us information about the origin of the institution, and how they work, how much English is important for people and how we can apply to work.

An EC student was so proud to get a scholarship of Ubon Ratchathani University last semester. Miss Suchanan Tarapan, a third-year student of English and communication revealed the information about the scholarship and how she received it. She knew about the scholarship from the advertisement which was announced at the faculty. The scholarship was for students who had an outstanding academic performance. She showed the strategies how she normally gets good grades. It is because she pays attention in class. When she does not understand the lesson, she does not worry or is not shy to ask teachers. She also sends her homework in time, so she does not lose points for that. Also, she usually reviews the lessons. After she received the scholarship, she spent her money from the scholarship wisely. She spent it on stationary and a new uniform then she saved all the money left to use for an emergency. She said that she was so proud of her accomplishment. It inspired her to continue studying hard for her good future. She is not only good at studying, but she is also good at doing activities related to English. For example, she was an English tutor and a teacher assistant. She participated in English camp. Also, she used to be an internship at Le Coral Hotel, Phuket. She said she was so proud that she had a chance to be a waitress there because she got new experience that she never faced before. It helped her to decide about her career in the future.

. Also, we saw several rooms that are used for working. Before we went to another company, we took group photos and gave them a souvenir. The next place was BFS ( Bangkok Flight Service) , a company providing handling services to many international airlines operating at Suvarnabhumi airport. We went sightseeing around the airport in order to see how airport staff work when planes land and take off. While we were watching, we were not allowed to take photos. Thus, we had to keep this experience in our memory. On 16 February, we visited Bangkok Post Company which publishes newspapers in English, to learn about the

origin of Bangkok Post, the process of publishing newspapers and how workers and journalists work and write news articles. The journalist giving us information, spoke English with us. When he asked us questions about the origin of the company, so we had a chance to speak English by answering his question. In the evening, we went to Humanica Company, a public company that provides human resource management solutions, financial and accounting services and company resource planning services to other companies. When we strolled around the office to see how office worker work, we realized that the vibe of the company was so good and comfortable. We enjoyed visiting the

company so much. On the last day, we went to the last place. That place was Wat Phra Kaew. We had a guide giving us information in English. We went sightseeing around the temple. It was fun for us although it was so crowded and the weather was extremely hot. Also, we appreciated the beauty of the temple while visiting. Companies we visited are associated with English, thus it is important for us, EC students to visit. Also, this visit program is successful because we learned new experiences, which will help us to decide about our career in the future.

March 9, 2018


FEATURE 25 Ladury café & bakery, Japanese style, Near UBU By Jaruwan Silachai 25 Ladury café is a milk and bakery shop, located in front of Ubon Ratchathani University. It is popular among teenagers who love milk and dessert. Manager: Miss.Neungreuthai Suksan. Nickname: Noon Working time: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. every day In front of 25 Ladury Café. JARUWAN SILACHAI

Suggestions menu: Drinks- Ice Coco Bakery- Fresh milk and strawberry cake and Pandan cake The best-selling Menu: Drinks – Ice coffee, Ice green tea and Ice tea Bakery- Pandan cake, Crepe and Sinsia The concept of this shop: Comfortable, because they want to make the place where customers can read or work and relax while enjoying dessert.

Menu of 25 Ladury Café. JARUWAN SILACHAI

Shop Style: There is a large amount of Japanese style decorations in the shop such as the dolls, chairs, plates, glasses, and wallpapers. Promotion: The promotion of this month is Love Month Promotion for couples. When couples come here, check in and post a photo to promote the café on Social media, they will get a 5% discount. People who are live on social media, will get a discount for 10% . This promotion will be available until February 28. The Atmosphere in 25 Ladury Café JARUWAN SILACHAI

Black Panther By Warinthorn Khamsoon Black Panther by Marvel Studios is a movie about T'Challa the Black Panther, a new king of Wakanda fighting with Erik Killmonger who wants to take his throne, thus, the conflict begins This movie hit theatres on 14 February 2018. Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’ o, Danai Gurira, Martin Freeman, and Daniel Kaluuya are the main cast. It is directed by Ryan Coogler and produced by Kevin Feige. The story is not complicated. It is easy to understand. Although this movie is about superheroes fighting with villains, it has jokes that make you laugh so hard while watching. It is not that serious. You can enjoy watching the beauty of Wacanda, high technology, fighting style, great performance, and beautiful scenes. I can say that Black Panther is one of the best movie I have ever seen. I love all of the characters. The movie stars, such as Chadwick, Michael, and Lupita, are outstanding performers. It is worth the money. So, do not miss out on the most amazing film of the year. Ps. If I have free time, I will go watch it again. The poster of Black Panther.



March 9, 2018

SPORT UBU students win 1 gold and 3 bronze medals, “Rajamangala Thanyaburi University Games 45th” By Chatuphorn Boonkrong

Ubon Ratchathani University athletes and staffs in the 45th Rajamangala Thanyabuiri University Games. PLEARN WICHAIWONG

Ubon Ratchathani University: A team of Ubon Ratchathani University athletes grabbed 3 bronzes at the 45th Rajamangala Thanyabuiri University Games from January 21 – 31, 2018. There were 206 athletes of 114 athletic institutions, 16 types of sports and 15,000 staff. The competition was heldfrom20-31 January 2018 at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. Ubon Ratchathani University athletes grabbed 3 bronze medals from boxing. Students who grabbed the medals were Miss Teerayachan Ngam, a student of the Faculty of Engineering, Mr. Chaimongkol charoip, a student of Faculty of Agriculture, and Miss Orinich Cheerachai, a student of finance and banking, Faculty of Science Management. And a student who grabbed a gold medal was Miss Sukanya Nuanchai, a student of the Faculty of Agriculture, a single player of checkers. Ubon Ratchathani University ranked No. 61 out of 114 institutions.

UBU students honored to be futsal player for Bua Ban Games By Chatuphorn Boonkrong A UBU students was honored to be a futsal play for Bua Ban Games 36th, hosted by Ubon Ratchathani University. Bua Ban Games 36th was held form 27- 28 January 2018 at Ubon Ratchathani University. Students in faculty of public health from other universities and health science of Thailand joined the tournament. Miss. Pornpen Polyasahatharathorn, a 4th year student of Collage of Medicine and Public Health Ubon Ratchathani University said that “ I am a futsal player for Bua Ban Games 36th. Futsal is an indoor sport, and it is a type of sport like football. Also, I think it is a harmonious sport that help people in a team get along with each other. I like to play futsal although there are obstacles like extremely hot weather making me feel uncomfortable while playing. I need to compete in this tournament because there are no athletes competing, so I will try my best to win the tournament. I think if I have a chance, I will play futsal again.” Pornpen Polyasahatharathorn, a futsal player. PERNPEN POLYASAHATHARATHORN

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1421324 English in Media Subject, Ubon Ratchathani University

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1421324 English in Media Subject, Ubon Ratchathani University