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LPM Charitable Foundation “Because it Matters”



CORE VALUES PROGRAM With more than 750 employees in 15 states, we have a very diverse and talented staff. We value the efforts and contributions of all our employees and that fact is reinforced through our Core Value Program designed by our Diversity & Communications Committee. These values support our philosophy and belief that all employees and customers are critical to our success and that no one individual is any more important than another. Our strong values are critical to our success.


› Honesty in that how you act and what you say match. › Others can trust you to make decisions and act in ways that benefit the organization as a whole rather than for personal gain. › Places a priority on honor. › Accepts responsibility and accountability for decisions and actions.


› Takes pride in the company and its history. › Shows a commitment to upholding the company reputation. › Demonstrates commitment to doing the job to the best of one’s ability.


› Sees problems as opportunities and takes ownership for implementing new solutions. › Actively seeks new, better ways to do the job. › Works for continuous improvement of processes and systems. › Identifies those practices which should be preserved and protects them from change.


› Values the contributions of others. › Inclusive and fair to all. › Appreciates differences. › Non-judgmental of others. › Courteous and uses manners with others.


› Acknowledges the contributions of others. › Demonstrates respect for the work of others. › Provides others with positive feedback.

Core Values Banner


› Takes and gives responsibility. › Dedication to the success of the team and the organization. › No single individual is larger than the team. › Listens to others, respects others opinions. › Community service and generosity to others. › Shows appreciation and care for those in need. › Volunteers for, and respects the value of, community service. › Helps others.


› Strives to create and maintain an environment of lightheartedness and humor. › Demonstrates optimism. › Acts as a mentor and role model.


› Open to change and variety. › Adapts as necessary to change. › Uses a versatile approach. › Supports decisions made by others. › Willing to learn new things. Diversity is part of our culture and everyday lives. We value our diversity and what makes each one of our clients, customers, and associates special. As a company, we currently have a ratio of 54% female to 46% male associates on staff including more that 50% female managers. More than 30% of our associates are minorities. We work to promote minorities and place them in leadership areas both in our corporate structure as well as at the unit level.

In addition, the company believes that one of its responsibilities as a corporate citizen is to develop and implement results oriented programs directed at increasing the utilization of minorities and women at all levels of the work force where deficiencies exist.

Corporate Executive Chef Todd Boule and his staff at an annual holiday event.

OUR PEOPLE Employee Appreciation Is Key To Retention We understand that we would not be the company we are without the terrific effort and commitment that our employees demonstrate every day in the workplace. Our Diversity & Communications committee is instrumental in creating, implementing and managing programs which continually support our Core Value appreciation. A few of our appreciation programs are described below.

Company Events

Being in the hospitality industry, nobody understands corporate events like we do. Instead of an annual holiday party, we provide a large event for our employees and their significant others each year. Sometimes it’s a large gala with dinner, dancing and music, other times we invite employees entire families to join us for a day of outdoor activities. Company Family Outing

Performance Awards

Every two years we hold an Awards Banquet for all employees recognizing their efforts in customer service, lifetime achievement, years of service, sales and more.


Each year LPM Charitable Foundation awards several scholarships to employees or their children. Awards are granted based on need and potential. Company Employee Award Banquet


A program that Laurie Watson developed to send a hand written card to every employee on their birthday.


A program in which Diversity & Communication Committee members as well as executive staff call employees at home and thank them for their efforts.

A CULTURE OF GIVING We believe that great companies share one common philosophy; benevolence. Through our relationship with The LPM Charitable Foundation, we have taken this to a new level of commitment. We have consistently made considerable investments in a number of organizations, representing a variety of causes. This kind of giving shows our caring for the communities that we serve. Food donations, equipment donations and most importantly, time, are all part of our corporate culture to give to those who are less fortunate. Our most significant contribution is hosting the now 19th annual Don & Connie Watson Charitable Golf Tournament. The tournament benefits The Children’s Hospital Blood Donor Center, The SIDS Outreach Center, Crossroads for Kids, and other worthy community and charity causes. The LPM Charitable Foundation does not keep one cent for tournament meals or administrative expenses. our company, its divisions, and many generous vendors donate these items. No money raised is used to defray these expenses. Annual Charity Golf Tournament


It is the intention of the LPM Charitable Foundation to be involved in and aware of the concerns and needs facing the communities of which the company is a part. The Foundation will marshal available resources of funds, manpower, goods and services to address positively local, high-priority concerns and needs that meet with Foundation priorities and guidelines.


The Foundation’s primary focus will be on the prudent investment of our available resources in programs in the areas of education, environment, health and human services, community and civic development, and the arts. In addition, consideration will be given in certain instances to grants to organizations outside these categories.

Bob Watson, with some of the children at Crossroads for Kids at Camp Wing. Bob attended the program as a youth.


50 years

Epicurean Feast Cafes & Restaurants has been one of the leading food service management companies in the US. Founded with a passion for delicious, fresh food, our experience, strong core values, and commitment to great customer service has made us the number one corporate dining provider in New England. Epicurean Feast currently operates over eighty (85) cafes in nine (9) states. Epicurean Feast is owned by Bob and Laurie Watson. July, 2010 marks twenty two years of ownership for Bob and Laurie. Pat and Mike Watson, Bob and Laurie’s two sons, are involved in the every day operations of the company.

Best in the Business As ranked by the largest industry trade publication, Epicurean Feast is 35th largest food service contractor in the nation. In New England, Epicurean Feast is the largest privately held food service firm. We have the #1 Business and Market Share in New England. Our corporate offices and catering operations are located in Maynard, Massachusetts, just 30 minutes Northwest of Boston.

Our chefs prepare fresh soups, sauces and create unique “action stations” displays and exciting promotional recipes. Our chefs are continuingly poised to compete with any food trend that hits the market.

Bob and Laurie Watson

Experience Founded with a passion for truly great food, for over 50 years we have been the choice of top companies to provide distinctive corporate dining, catering and event services. We have pursued the most creative people and the most innovative ideas, all in an effort to make each workplace café we service an enriching part of our client’s culture.

Our Creative Culinary Council meets bi-monthly to discuss current trends, promotions and menu items. The council is made up of our top culinary experts.

Signature Culinary Programs Our Signature Culinary Programs represent the highlight of your service and what separates us from the competition. These are signature concepts, developed by Epicurean Feast.

Health and Wellness Our Epicurean Eat Well Health & Wellness Program offers an array of resources, helpful tools, information, facts, and menu items, both online, and in your café. It has been designed to provide resources for individuals to help manage their personal health goals and is constantly being upgraded to meet customer requests and needs.

Our Environmental Commitment Epicurean Feast has continued to improve on our commitment to environmental responsibility by increasing our initiatives to help our company and our clients become more earth friendly, or green. This includes maximizing energy efficiency, water conservation, recycling, promoting sustainable agriculture, and environmental training.

An Eat Well, Live Better Main Course Selection will be available daily. Each menu item includes the components of a well balanced meal in the right portions prepared with seasonal super foods. Selections are moderate in calories, fat and sodium.

Epicurean Feast now offers our clients a range of choices in determining the level of “green” products that will be utilized in our café programs and day to day operations.

Coffee Cups

Epicurean Feast helps our customers to set up alternatives to using paper and foam cups. We offer discounts when using a travel mug.

We Recycle Frying Oil

Baker Commodities play an essential role in protecting the environment. Their manufacturing facilities help to alleviate the national problem of overburdend landfills by recycling used cooking oil that would be typically disposed of as waste.

Napkins Are Recycled

Napkins are made 100% recycled and a bleach-fee process.

SEASONAL SPECIALTIES In its third year, Seasonal Specialties Food Services is a food service company specializing in corporate dining and catering. SSFD is wholly owned by Laurie J. Watson and is a SOMWBA Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE). The State Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance (SOMWBA) certification is a marketing tool used to enhance a firm’s ability to do business in public markets. Although certification does not guarantee that a business will be successful every time it bids, it may add a competitive edge to a bid. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts spends more than $4 billion each year doing business with firms. More than $240 million of this amount is targeted to SOMWBA certified minority and women businesses.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Corporate Headquarters


25 years

Currier & Chives Catering, founded in 1983, is a division of LPM Franchises, LLC. We specialize in providing exceptional services to the Boston and Metro West Regions of Massachusetts. Currier & Chives, located in Maynard, MA, has earned a distinctive reputation throughout the Commonwealth by offering superb food, exquisite presentation and impeccable service for events for ten or galas for five thousand.

Boston Scientific Employee BBQ


18 years

Sebastians started out as a small Boston-based catering business in 1994, when the founders recognized the need for high quality offpremise catering to businesses throughout New England. Sebastians has since grown into one of the leading retail cafe and catering companies in Boston offering a full complement of drop-off catering services. Creative menus and innovative packages allow guests to create events that reflect their own personal style and taste. From breakfast meetings and luncheons to office parties, Sebastians will exceed your expectations, whatever the occasion. We take great pride in the quality of our cuisine, legendary service and attention to every mouth-watering detail. 100 Summer Street is where Sebastians retail café concept started and began its success with its signature made-to-order salad program. At Sebastians, you can have a different salad every day of the year and never repeat. Each salad is made in a large 48 oz. bowl, customers decide which of the 35 ingredients, dressings and greens our expert salad chefs put into the Our guests’ have loved the variety of fresh ingredients and the level of personalization in the Sebastians Signature Made-to-Order Salad program so much that this customization concept inspired equally enticing offerings including the made-to-order rice, noodle and pasta bowls, and sweet and savory crepes. At the heart of Sebastians and its success is undoubtedly its Chefs, who not only head the kitchens but also manage the day-to-day operations in their cafes. Because of this unique management approach, the café chefs are able to implement Sebastians’ principles of customization while also offering their own culinary twist to items like hot entrees, rotisserie meats and soups. Additionally, Sebastians incorporates local flavors into its worldly menus whenever possible, working in partnership with local vendors to provide the freshest breads, produce, beverages and snacks. Trust Sebastians for the freshest, finest foods, always in good taste.

Sebastians Cafe in Cambridge, MA

Sebastians Mascot “Salad Guy”


157 Seaport Boulevard Boston MA 02110

1 Devonshire Street Boston, MA 02109

100 Summer Street Boston, MA 02110

126 High Street Boston, MA 02110

251 Massachusetts Ave. Boston, MA 02115

251 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, MA 02115


15 years

Encore Party Rentals located in Hudson, MA is a full service event rentals company. We provide tables, tents, chairs, linens, lighting, AV, AC and more. At Encore, the core of our business is making sure your event or function goes smoothly. Whether you are planning an outdoor barbecue, graduation party, anniversary, wedding or reception, grand opening, holiday party, or corporate function, our professional and experienced team is here to provide the rental items you need to make your event unforgettable.

EMD Serono Holiday Party

ENCORE INTERACTIVE Encore Interactive, a division of Encore, is located in Hudson, MA. We offer our customers interactive games, inflatable games, moon walks, team building, recreations and everything you need for your home, school, college or corporate event.

Inspected and certified by Massachusetts Department Of Safety. Our staff is trained to provide excellent planning and support for all types of events and functions.


20 years

The Story In 1989, 5 & Diner was created as a place where people would be transported in time to a place where life was simpler. In the process, Ken Higginbotham created the legendary 5 & Diner Restaurants. The no-holds-barred 50’s flashback theme with affordable, top-quality food including awardwinning burgers and shakes.

Ken’s concept continues to evolve and expand. The 5 & Diner has become a landmark in Phoenix and a tradition for many, including movie stars, sports celebrities and our faithful guests. Today there are company-owned and franchised 5 & Diner restaurants streching from coast to coast, and we are building new diners all the time. Our first two diners were modular buildings, however we now build all our Diners on site. In August 2006, Laurie opened up the first 5 & Diner in New England which is located in Worcester, MA. Bob and Laurie Watson purchased the Franchise Rights and Trade Name “5 & Diner”, on August 1, 2008. Both Bob and Laurie are extremely confident in the brand and are poised to continue the expansion of 5 & Diner.

Physically, the diner is a freestanding building of unitary construction, longer than it is wide. Inside it features booths around the walls and a classic counter bordering the kitchen area with a real soda fountain. Shiny, stainless steel surfaces, tile and tough acrylic plastic trim accent the decor. The diner is truly a blast from the past. We even have juke boxes at every booth!



Bob Watson

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We Encourage Community Volunteer Work With Hopes That Together We Can Help Build Better, Stronger And Friendlier Communities

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