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letter from the editor Greetings FIVE Readers, For all of you reading this, I would like to take a minute to thank you personally for taking the time out of your day to dive into FIVE. It has been a year since that first issue of FIVE and we plan to continue to bring you the latest and greatest Fashion, Issues, Vision, and Entertainment of Pensacola. Prepare yourself for a visual experience of Pensacola fall and campus fashion. We have some exciting changes and collaborations coming up for 2014, so be sure to follow closely. Thanks for everything. Jarrin Stokes Editor and Chief FIVE Magazine

Pensacola Fall Fashion


by: Brittany Barker

E​ ager to showcase who they are and what they’re about, the first day of fall classes doubles as a parade of the ‘best of the best’ from most students’ closets. Many times, students sacrifice style for sleep. Holding a strange assumption that sweatpants are linked to higher GPAs, students often blame their workload for their unfortunate daily ensembles. Having spent the last 4 years on a nonstop degree path, I can empathize. All-nighters can slow the most fashionable individual’s momentum. The balance between cool and comfortable can be tricky, but we at FIVE believe it is a skill worth mastering. Here are a few tips for a fashionably successful fall semester. Remember, Getting Dressed Is A MUST. Regardless of the clothing items you throw on, getting dressed is inevitable. The sooner you accept the process, the sooner you can perfect it. Please leave the pajamas and house shoes at home. Remember, Getting Dressed Is A MUST. Regardless of the clothing items you throw on, getting dressed is inevitable. The sooner you accept the process, the sooner you can perfect it. Please leave the pajamas and house shoes at home. Dress Appropriately. Your college years will be comprised of different obligations. Everyday classes should be met with an air of personality. This is your chance to express yourself in a casual manner. However, don’t forget you are interacting with potential colleagues. Remember, you are a engaging in academic study, not going to the beach. Test and presentations days are your time to shine. Attempt to impress your competitors. Show peers and professors that you are serious about your academics while knowing how to dress for the part. Social gatherings are an essential part of everyone’s college experience. This is a time for you to push the boundaries of your fashion taste and really enjoy yourself. The thing to remember while getting groovy with a science partner or singing karaoke with your fraternity brothers is grace. These are moments when people can and will evaluate your character. Be yourself, but the best self you can be. Finals are a bitch. We all know it and the attitude on campus during the last few weeks of any semester wouldn’t tell you differently. These days are crucial to your advancement. Try to remain focused and comfortable. However, comfort isn’t limited to yoga pants and a t-shirt from your favorite restaurant. Find a few pieces of clothing that you’re okay with wearing for the library’s extended hours. Maxi dresses and oversized sweaters are an easy way to go.

Keep Fabric In Mind. Without forgetting the familiar comfort of cotton, let us remember that fabrics like linen and chiffon breathe, while others like rayon and polyester remain wrinkle free for the duration of your study sessions. Last, But Definitely Not Least: Don’t be afraid to look good. Just because you’re serious about your education doesn’t mean you should take your appearance lightly. As a college student, you are exposed to fellow entrepreneurs and established professionals on a daily basis. Act as if your college years are one continuous first impression; you never know who you are going to meet or what opportunity will arise.

6 Fashion Tips PENSACOLA WINTER 1. No flip-flops. Move on. 2. Layers are our best friends. 3. Cute socks are powerful. 4. Varsity Jackets and Trench Coats. 5. Furs are fun (faux or not). 6. Don’t overkill the winter accessories. Smile and embrace the challenge. -BB


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FIVE: Volume 1. Issue 5  

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