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Top Hunting Dog Breeds While there are smooth and very friendly pet dogs, other people extremely enjoying canine companions for hunting. These dog breeds have edge on tracking and catching preys which become one of the best humane-canine partnership sports and competition. Their unique instincts on hunting, high levels of intelligence along with good temperament, body design, coat, eyes and nose that are specialized on locating prey are further enhanced with aid of hunting collars or dog training collars for even more effective and safer hunting. These are top and well-known hunting dog breeds. Labrador Retrievers. This wellrounded dog are best known as water dog for having a moisturerepellent coat making him perfect for water fetch in lakes or snowy field. Retrievers are super intelligent with good temperament making them very easy to train. They bite and carry prey just right and very gentle without damaging it. German Shorthaired Pointers. These dogs are very versatile and works well both in land and water. These Pointers are skillful in tracking not only birds but also ground mammals such as raccoons, opossums and deer. Their high intelligence and being so obedient are edge in fast and better training as hunting dog.

English Setters. These high energy and very smart dogs are considered elite hunting dogs in the U.K. What makes them a perfect hunting partner is that they can easily track prey in bushes with their excellent sense of smell and would crouch down on holes and wait for the human hunter rather than flushing it on its hiding place. Coonhounds. Aside from perfect tracking dog for small mammals such as raccoons (their name derived from) and opossum, they good on hunting bigger animals too like deer. They rely on their strong sense of smell rather than sight; these dogs can chase animals up the three and would bark to call human partner on their location. They are known as courageous hunting dogs for despite of chasing prey in high speed, they have good stamina too for hours of hunting. English Springer Spaniels. These dogs are obviously one of the best for having almost all desirable qualities of a hunting dog. From strong legs, high energy, good small size to run over or under any obstacle in woods up talents in flushing and springing birds out of their hiding place for easier shot by their master. Their dense short undercoat covered by long top coat helps them withstand any weather condition and in wet or dry terrain, they are definitely good gundogs or bird dogs.

Top Hunting Dog Breeds