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How to Identify and Train Stubborn Dogs


dog has different personality, even dogs in the same breed with known temperament still varies in their personalities, intelligence and behavior. And training them to become a well-behaved dog sometimes needs different special approach, especially what we consider very stubborn and hard headed. Here are a few tips on identifying the difference and understanding their very personality and behavior. Stubborn versus Misunderstood Dogs. Many trainers usually use a quote by Winston Churchill to describe the characteristics of stubborn dogs: “The nose of the bulldog has been slanted backwards so that he can breathe without letting go." Stubborn dogs usually are very smart dogs who would like to do things on their own and usually ignore or don’t treat anyone as his leader or master. Many people sharing the personalities of their dogs online by telling stories of certain situation and sometimes, other people’s impression and thoughts are incorrect in understanding what really makes a dog behave in different ways, without knowing or seeing the entire picture. So the best way to identify the actual and nature of behavior of dog is through some test. Generally, stubborn dogs wouldn’t behave unless there is something in reward. Correcting dog’s hard-headed problem. There are ways to train and stop stubborn dogs from ruling their world on their own. The main goal is to reinforce and show you, as his companion is his master and leader. Here are few ways: 1. One best way to let dog act as what he should be is to let him meet “the pack”. Cesar Milan shown and done this so many times in his Dog Whisperer show how important the leader is on creating balance and right manner of dog’s behavior. Dog training starts at his birth as his mother control their food access, way and time of play and other boundaries. The pack of dogs also teaches each dog to follow boundaries, rules and limitations where stubborn dogs eventually learn. 2. Enforcing you as a leader by showing you are in control of the things that relates to him. Good way is to let them wait for you to let him eat. Cesar Milan also quoted “Waiting is a form of psychological work for the dog. Domestication means dogs don’t need to hunt for food, but they can still work for it.” Here you can establish your position as leader by giving firm commands yet standing still on your position, and letting your dog wait until you as a master instruct him.

3. Use of corrective devices. Dog training devices such as spray collars and dog shock collars usually help you get his attention and teach him to stop what ever bad behaviors he is doing. With right knowledge, correct usage and proper application, these dog training collar devices can directly interrupt dog’s unpleasant behavior and would learn to stop, and you can follow up with your firm command to help him understand the things he should not be doing. Dog receiving unpleasant scent or corrective stimulation also sends the command direct to their brain to stop, especially for stubborn dogs can be taught to follow, along with your consistent training and supervision. Good understanding in dog’s nature and right knowledge on best training is the key.

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How to Identify and Train Stubborn Dogs  
How to Identify and Train Stubborn Dogs  

Every dog has different personality, even dogs in the same breed with known temperament still varies in their personalities, intelligence an...