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PS4 FranchisePartner is the first consultancy in Denmark to offer a full advisory service. We assist companies who use, or want to use, franchising in developing their business. At PS4 FranchisePartner we build partnerships with our clients that establish long term, high quality relationships that are committed to finding the best and most appropriate solutions. Our product specifications describe what we have to offer within consultancy and franchising. PS4 FranchisePartner is built upon experts who have extensive experience within the fields of management and franchising. In addition to this we are part of a worldwide network of franchise consultants that provides the ability to manage extensive, large scale and multi-dimensional projects.


BUSINESS PLAN The Business Plan is made in close and detailed cooperation with the franchisor and contains all aspects of franchising. FRANCHISE CHECK This involves performing a check on existing franchise concepts to ensure that it is running smoothly and can sustain the expansion of its national or international proďŹ le. RECRUITMENT PLAN Following a satisfactory Franchise Check, or after the franchisor has pledged implementation of proposed improvements, we can help draw up the best and most speciďŹ c recruitment plan for the client. RECRUITMENT Our skill and expertise allows us to recruit the best and most promising franchisee. INTERNATIONALIZING PLAN The basis for a strong and solid Franchise Internationalization Plan is a Franchise Check that focuses on the international dimension. After this has been satisfactorily completed an Internationalizing Plan will be developed in conjunction with a PS4 FranchisePartner and its international network of franchise consultants.

INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT PS4 FranchisePartner acts as coordinator for international recruitment using its network of international franchise consultants. This enables a fast and broad expansion of the franchise across national borders. CONSULTING Based on hourly rates, PS4 FranchisePartner Consulting operates on all levels and is designed to maximally suit the company and client. EVENTS Including new or already running programmes our events are aimed at both the individual and group and are suitable for competitions and conferences. SPARRING PS4 FranchisePartner offers a ongoing consultancy with the aim of continuous evaluation of the existing franchise concepts, or alternately can prepare that franchise for the establishment in business form. COURSES The courses provided by PS4 FranchisePartner include sales training for both the franchisor, franchisee as staff and includes employee development via coaching and motivational courses.


Development of concepts

PS4 Our extensive networking and global partnerships enable PS4 FranchisePartner to recruit franchisees world wide. PS4 FranchisePartner has enormous expertise in the Nordic countries as well as in Germany. This fact puts us in the unique position of being able to help and facilitate the creation of franchise concepts in Germany and the Nordic region in a secure and efficient manner.

In the past many years PS4 FranchisePartner has been a key player in the development of franchise concepts. We are able to assist from the initial stage where an idea or concept is born and then follow through to the point where the concept has been fully implemented.

PS4 FranchisePartner has built a strong reputation in the market so that candidates know that we only represents franchise concepts of quality and integrity. Our clients get a first class opportunity to make a good business by selecting concepts which are represented by PS4 FranchisePartner.

Due to this in depth knowledge we are able to jump-in at any stage in the development of a concept and we can secure that the concept so that it avoids expensive mistakes and failure. Our flexible service concept puts our customers in a comfortable and secure position where they are in full control of the wide range of possibilities offered by PS4 FranchisePartner.

All candidates who are presented by PS4 FranchisePartner to franchisor have all been through several types of interviews, have proven financial track records and are fully prepared for the role as either Master franchisee or franchisee. This process secures a very high success rate for franchisees since only fully qualified candidates navigate successfully through this process.

The four main business areas of PS4 have one recurring theme; Personal Leadership. For modern employees and managers, work is not just about making money, it is also about developing and understanding the purpose of the company they are engaged in. Employees and managers want to know about the difference their efforts are making and will only stay in the company if they can stand up for values. | E-mail: | Telefon: 70 27 85 85

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It is important for leaders to have the ability to find their personal values present and represented in any situation where delivering results really counts. This is in order to use our commitment, enthusiasm and accountability in all contexts. It is just as necessary to bring into play the resources of a world which is characterized by efficiency, innovation, adaptation as it is to be flexible and determined in a globalized market which constantly challenges our competitiveness.

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