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April 12, 2019

Several land, traffic, and zoning studies have been conducted over the past couple of months. There is disagreement among city committees as to the number of parking spots we would be required to have on the plot of land (32 versus 75) based on how they ultimately classify our building and property. If they decide we must have 75, this would greatly reduce the available square footage of our building. We’re hoping that this won’t be the case! In order to protect ourselves against this possibility, we have successfully negotiated extended payment and closing deadlines with John Madden, who currently owns the land. The original planned closing date of July 1 has been moved to December, which is when we are expected to gain city approval and also receive a determination on parking requirements. This also gives us time to fundraise and produce marketing collateral for our donor meetings. JA Board member Beth Boettcher Finke has connected us with her marketing team at Oracle, who all have major New York advertising agency backgrounds. They are going to help us produce strong case statement language and marketing materials, at no charge to JA!

In December, if our project is not approved for the parking spaces we wish to have, (54) then we will not move forward with the project and our escrow payment will be refunded. please feel free to talk with Robin or a member of senior staff.

Have you ever misspelled something in an Excel spreadsheet? Did you know that Excel does in fact have spell check??? Here is how to check for spelling errors in Excel…. 

Highlight the area you want to check- you can always select the top left corner to select the entire worksheet

Select the Review Tab – Select ABC Spelling

What happens when a college student drops off a kit full of stuffed Easter eggs? (See the answer on page 4)

The NoCO/WY Energy Challenge BAT (Anadarko vs. Noble) was a huge success! While we are still waiting on some matching gifts, when everything is said and done, this event will have raised over $60,000! Our biggest BAT event ever! Due to the success of the event, we have decided to raise our 18/19 BAT goal to $110,000. In other news, we received $10,000 from State Farm in support of our middle and high school programs in Larimer County and Weld County.

We are updating the volunteer resources page on the JA website with videos and other supplemental materials. Please reach out to Molly if you have feedback or suggestions. April is Financial Literacy Month, and we’re partnering with TIAA to promote and encourage student success. Take the pledge (and share) at

As the snow began to fall outside we finally had the BAT that almost wasn’t. Even though the Steamboat BAT was 6 months delayed it was well worth the wait. The newly renovated Snow Bowl was impressive and the staff was very accommodating.

Ball BAT

5 JA in a Day events

FirstBank BAT

4 JA in a Day events

Stephanie’s Anniversary

Cliff’s Anniversary

All 12 lanes were full, the atmosphere was festive and I met so many new people in this great community. The night included a costume contest, raffle prizes donated by local businesses and a great 50/50! We had teachers, board members and volunteers talk about JA and our impact on students in the community. We will work hard to keep this excitement for JA going in the community.

The Track 2 project for JA Business Week has been confirmed! Students will be working as consultants for Water World to help them establish a strategy for recruiting 15-21 year old seasonal employees. We’ve made some adjustments to the JA in a Day implementation of JA Global Marketplace Blended. It’s now only 4 sessions, and we’ve provided additional resources for volunteers. check in with a member of the programs team to find out more!

At our next JA Team Pow-Wow, the Operations Team will share about their departmental operations.

We need all hands on deck this spring to help out with our hectic schedule of JA in a Day events. Please sign up on the Backup Board if you have not done so already!

There is some great new software/technology being used in this office!! If you or your team is needing a tool to make a task or process more efficient or organized, please let us know. We can help talk through your needs, find a tool, and get it all set up. April is budget month. We will be working with managers to develop an initial draft budget. The draft budget will be updated based on new information until final approval is received from the Board in July. If you have items that need to be included in the budget please discuss them with your manager.

Anna Ewing, COO for IMA Financial, and Sean Daily, VP at Lockheed will be nominated to the board at the retreat!

5 JA in a Day events

Prologis BAT

Robin’s Birthday

Charlene’s Birthday

Katie’s Birthday

5 JA in a Day events

!8 staff members give up their sunny Saturdays to work the FirstBank Bowl-A-Thon events, and we are so appreciative of each and every one of them!

Chris and Emily – GREAT job on the new donor newsletter! It’s very visually appealing, draws your attention and it’s just the right length! –Liz

Kristi – THANK YOU, Kristi, for keeping the development team positive and motivated during a notoriously stressful time of year! –Liz

I would like to give a shout out to Leah!

She is so beautiful inside and out! She is always willing to drop what she is doing to help. Even if she hears me asking someone else for help she runs over to walk me through the process. I wish I had half her energy and enthusiasm!! –Michelle Shout out to Dee who is always willing to pitch in and help. She covered many teacher orientations for many PMs and we are thankful. She also has taught some classes when short, such as at Bear Creek K8 last Friday! -Marla

Shout out to Jen for her first bowl-a-thon experience that was a big one – FirstBank. What a way to get broken in quickly! -Marla Thank you to Kayla for spreading her excel wizardry and teaching me awesome new formulas and tricks! -Emily

Jen – Big high five to Jen for stepping into Bowl-A-Thon at a Welcome back really overwhelming time and jumping right in, juggling so many Jill! We missed tasks at once, and doing it all enthusiastically and with a smile! you!! -The VM A true JA Rockstar! We are so happy to have you. –Liz I’d like to say a big thank you to Megan (Silbert), Leah, Meg, Thank you to Chris, Charlene, Meg and Megan H. for Katie and Dee for all their help with revenue entry. This is a helping me find footage and put together a video for a grant busy time of year, but they were all willing to help out with a big application, in a crunch! -Emily project.—Melanie

Lori is one of our newest staff members, working on the Programs team and diving into her role as a JA Program Manager. Originally she is from New Jersey, then lived in Phoenix after college for three years with her twin sister. Colorado has been Lori’s home for the past two years. She took a long road trip with her dog Petey down the Pacific Coast Highway after leaving her job at Boy Scouts of America a couple months ago. You can also call Petey “Mr. P” if you get a chance to meet him. Her go-to fun fact is that she’s a twin, which is certainly cool, but there’s a lot more to Lori than the fact that she shares the same DNA with her sister. One of her goals is to visit all 50 states and she’s already traveled to 30 of them! (We counted to make sure). Lori’s weirdest job was in college helping her dad at his electrical contracting company, basically picking up scraps while wearing a hard hat. She is also a self-proclaimed “coffee snob,” outdoor enthusiast, focused worker, and world traveler. Forward: A Memoir by professional soccer player Abby Wambach was the last good book Lori read, telling the story of Wambach’s journey through recovery, coming out, and becoming a world-class athlete. In addition to reading, Lori also loves to watch her favorite TV shows: Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, Dexter, and Queer Eye. Jonathan is her favorite member of the Fab Five because he makes her laugh. However, if she could live in a TV show, it’d be Family Guy, that way she could laugh all the time. We’re thrilled to have a great new addition to the team!

Katie hides them around the office! Happy Hunting!!

Profile for Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain, Inc.

The Green Report - April  

The Green Report - April