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Dear Meadows Families, The rain this week was a welcome respite for students and staff alike. I hope it was for you as well. Time has started to pick up speed, as we have been in school for more than a month! Hopefully, your children have settled into their classes and routines successfully. Mrs. Webb and I have been visiting classrooms daily, and overall are quite pleased with what we see and hear from students and teachers. One thing we do not like to see involves students being unkind to one another. Sometimes this unkindness is nothing more that momentary rudeness, exclusion, or inappropriate comments or behavior. Such isolated behaviors are still hurtful and not acceptable, but most often they can be resolved with teacher, administrator, and/or parent intervention. A more problematic issue is bullying behavior.

September Staff Volleyball at MTA Sept 20 4:30p Costco “Battle of the Schools” Sept 20-22 Hearing and Vision Test Sept 23 - 27 Spring Social Meeting Sept 25

Bullying is defined as: aggression, harassment, threats or intimidation when one person has greater status, control, or power than another. It is also not based on one instance, but rather an ongoing or systematic occurrence. Bullying can take different forms such as: verbal and/or physical aggression, gossiping, spreading rumors, and excluding. It can be face-to-face, via peers, or social media. The effects of any or all these types of bullying behaviors can be devastating to victims and bullies alike.

Art Masterpiece Training Sept 28

At Madison Meadows we are committed to identifying and preventing bullying behavior. In the past, we have worked with organizations such as Not MY Kid, the Attorney General’s office, and most recently KOI Education. We are training teachers and other school personnel to:

7th/8th Grade Mega Event Oct 3

• Identify the form and function of bullying behavior. • Embed bullying prevention in our Positive Behavior Intervention Systems. • Create, teach, and reinforce bullying prevention skills. Parents and families can help by talking with their children about bullying and its impact. Encourage your children to tell teachers or administrators when something happens at school. Model for them the appropriate way to behave toward others in any situation. Finally, monitor their social media usage to ensure that cyber bullying is not taking place. We appreciate the partnership we share with you in educating your children. We want school to be not only a place of learning, but also a place of safety, security, and acceptance. Thank you for your support as we provide extraordinary learning for ALL ! With Ram Pride,

October PTM Meeting Oct 2 5th/6th Grade DJ Party Oct 1

The VigGives Week Oct 6 - 12 Picture Day Make-ups (All Grades) Oct 11 Half Day (12:05) Oct 16 Box Tops due Oct 23

in this issue: Nurse’s Office Athletics and Staff Volleyball IB Program Costco & Safeway Art Masterpiece Box Tops In the Spotlight School Directory Ads Snack Shack & Zoyo Fridays Appreciation Homework Club and more...

Susan Doyle, Meadows Principal MADISON MEADOWS MIDDLE SCHOOL

225 W. OCOTILLO RD., PHOENIX, AZ 85013 (602) 664-7600

1.Tell us about your teaching career.

I started my first career in social work and later went back to school to complete my education degree. I student taught at a high school teaching government and human relations. I returned to my social work position and was able to apply my educational degree by teaching classes related to mental health for adults. I loved that part of my job, but eventually decided to leave to raise my daughters. As my youngest daughter started preschool, I followed along, teaching pre-K and Kindergarten part time. Once she started elementary school, I began teaching full time at Madison #1, teaching Social Studies to 7th and 8th graders. Each teaching experience has helped me develop new skills and appreciations for each level of education.

2. Tell us about your most

of listening and getting to know them as individuals, not just as a face in a class.

4. What, in your opinion, are the most compelling challenges in education?

One of the most compelling challenges in education is the issue of standardized testing. Educators hear complaints of “too much testing” and that schools are only “teaching to the test”. However, those tests are what measure the success of the schools as well as the teachers and poor results can have serious consequences for everyone. The conversation about the types of testing and the amount of testing is one that will continue as we move towards assessing student growth with common core standards. Stay tuned…

5. What kind of music do you like? I really like most kinds of music. I enjoy my XM radio in my car so much because there are so many channels to choose from depending on my mood. I have three teenage daughters, so pop music is always on at our house but I like to throw in some Motown and 80’s music for fun too.

memorable moment in education. One of my fondest memories in Intervi ew with education is one from a Laura W 6.What is your favorite food? th 7 grade class a few ebb, Assista Mexican food is my favorite. Pizza n t years back. I had a Princip a is a strong second. l M a student who was dison Meadow s Spanish speaking Middle 7.Do you have a favorite sport? Who School only and came to my is your favorite team? I LOVE college Social Studies class. sports, especially my alma mater, Part of the University of Arizona (Go CATS!). requirement for our class was College basketball is a passion for my making a quarterly Current Events presentation to husband and I. We have a tradition of the class. The student was petrified of standing in attending a March madness tournament front of the class and would hide under the table of site each year for our anniversary. We also follow her ELL class prior to my class so she didn’t have to college football, volleyball and softball. come and present. We took baby steps in first having 8. What are your favorite hobbies? her work on short articles, and I read them while she I love to hike when the weather cools off and spend stood with me. We set up strong expectations for the time outside in my yard. Lately, planning a kitchen class to be supportive of all students, but they were remodel is my hobby. I also spend a lot of time especially encouraging of her. Eventually, through watching my daughters in their choir and orchestra the course of the entire year, she was able to stand concerts, and volleyball tournaments. on her own giving a current events report in English to the class. At the end, the entire class erupted in 9. If you could speak to all students, right now, what applause and gave her a standing ovation. It was would be the most valuable lesson you could offer? one of the most rewarding and heartwarming Be kind to one another. A kind word or action can experiences I have had as a teacher. change a person’s world without us even knowing it. 3. What have your students taught you that you could We may never know the impact we have on others, not have learned anywhere outside the classroom? so being mindful of how we act is important. My students have taught me that positive thoughts 10. If you could pose any question for next month's and words are just as important as any teaching interviewee, what would it be? strategy I employed in the classroom. When students If you could meet any person in time, who would it be felt comfortable talking with me, they were able to and why? overcome learning obstacles and the results were amazing. They reminded me often of the importance


NEWS FROM SCHOOL:  All   given  at   THE HEALTH medica2ons   school  MUST  be  in   Health  Office  and   OFFICE the   a  parent    signature  is   Aliquam de Mantis Leo Praesen Mauris Vitaequam


Diam Nobis Senmaris Calla Ipsum


needed on  the   Eget Toque medica2on   sheet.     Aliquam de Manti Only  inhalers  with  a   special  form  filled   out  will  be  allowed   to  stay  on  a  student.     Cough  Drops  may  be   brought  in  to  the   Health  Office  with  a   short  note  from  a   ITEM OF THE MONTH: Please help us parent    and    they  will   offset the high cost of supplies by be  given  out  as   donating disinfecting wipes or hand needed. sanitizer. IMMUNIZATIONS:     Please  send  in  any   documenta2on  on   immuniza2ons  your   child  has  received.     No2ces  are  being   r e e t sent  home  for   un Vol ept S 7 students  needing   2 3 2

them and  we  need  to   Fermen students   with  low   Pede Vestibulum Bibendum and  suppressed   records  up  to  date. immune  systems    as   Urna Semper Uam Scelerisque well  aInterdum s  many  medical   Chauncey de Billuptus Maecenas HEARING  AND   condi2ons  that  can   Orci Aliquam Cras Maecenas VISION   TESTING  is   not  bLeo e  jeopardized.     Vivamus Nunc Curabitur scheduled    the  week   Students  need  to  be   Nobis Eget23rd.    Please   Tortor Rasellus of  Sept   fever   free,  vomi2ng   Sed accumsan Libero Quisque Porta be  sure  your  student   free  and  diarrhea   brings  their  glasses   free  for  24  hours   to  school  .    Any   before  returning  to   parents  who  wish  to   school. sign  up  to  volunteer   to  help,  please    sign   EMERGENCY   up  through  Sign  up   YELLOW  CARDS:     Genius.   Please  be  sure  to send  in  the  yellow   go/10C094CABAB2CA20-­‐ Emergency  card  if   vision your  child  brings  one   home.    We  need  one   SICK  CHILDREN:     for  each  student  with   Please  do  not  send   current  and  phone   your  children  to   informa2on  and   school  if  they  are   authorized  persons   sick.      We  need  to   (age  18+)  to  pick   keep  the  spread  of   your  sick  child  up. many  infec2ons  ,  flus   and  diseases  down.     Our  school  has  many   Fringilla Viverr Seargente desFermentum keep  our   chool  

Vision and Hearing Screening Volunteers! One of  the  biggest  volunteer   opportuni2es  at  Meadows  is   Vision  and  Hearing  week.        Save   the  date  for  September  23rd   through  27th.  (  No  tes2ng  on  TCT   Wednesday,  Sept.  25.  ) There  are  lots  of  fun  posi2ons   available.    Both  morning  and   aHernoon  shiHs  needed.  No   experience  is  necessary,  but   training  will  be  provided  on  Friday   September  20th  from  9:00  a.m.  to   10:30  am.  with  Nurse  Sharon.     Event  takes  place  in  the  Media   Center.      

This tremendous  undertaking   needs  your  support  to  make  it  a   success.    It  is  a  great  way  to   interact  with  the  kids  from  all   grade  levels.    Anyone  who   purchases  snacks  or  water  for  the   week  will  be  reimbursed  by  the   PTM,  so  please  be  sure  to  bring   your  receipts.   Sign  up  here:  hQp:// 10C094CABAB2CA20-­‐vision  Any  ques2ons,  contact  Lynda   Teague  (602)  885-­‐1594


Over $1,000 was donated last year. All of the funds will support Meadows Performing Arts!

10% Back Safeway Program ends October 1st! Picture Day Volunteers.

Special thank you to Melissa Caniglia, Lynda Teague, Veronica Vazquez, Dianne Krenn, Yvette Moran, Susie Cons, and Karla Motsenbocker for all their help to make Picture Day smooth and successful. ~Lisa Gurgle

Charitable Acts  Committee  News

Need community  service  hours?    Sign  up  for   these  upcoming  CAC  events: September  is  Childhood  Cancer  Awareness   Month  and  Phoenix  Children’s  Hospital  needs   our  help.    Please  join  us  on  Saturday,   September  21  from  9am-­‐Noon  at  Granada   Park.    We  need  volunteers  to  help  call  local   grocery  stores  to  donate  Ziploc  bags  and   cookies  that  we’ll  drop  off  to  Phoenix   Children’s  Hospital  on  Monday,  September   23.      Please  bring  your  cell  phone  and  click   here  to  sign  up  -­‐ 5080C49AEAD2AA46-­‐phoenix To  get  ready  for  the  holidays,  CAC  will   Charitable Acts Committee


volunteer Tuesday,  October  8  from  6p-­‐7:30p   at  Feed  My  Starving  Children  in  Tempe.    Feed   My  Starving  Children  is  a  non-­‐profit   organization  committed  to  feeding  the   hungry  in  body  and  spirit.  Volunteers  hand-­‐ pack  meals  specifically  formulated   for  malnourished  children,  and  FMSC  ships   the  meals  to  nearly  70  countries  around  the   world.    Please  join  CAC  to  help  pack  boxes  on   Tuesday,  October  8  from  6:00p-­‐7:30p.  Sign  up   here: 5080C49AEAD2AA46-­‐feed1  |    Britton  Sanchez

Thank you  Meadows  families  for  joining  Read  to  Me  at   UMOM!    What  a  great  way  to  give  back.    ~  Britton Sanchez CAC Chair

Attention Costco   Members!

ide v o r p   l l ool  wi OP  10’   h c s   h Eac th  a  ‘T .    These   i w   o c C o st  LIST the   S M E T I D    at   Join  your  local  school  as  the  run   NEEDE ll  be  posted  items   i e lists  w ance.    Thes OOL   for  ‘THE  PAPER’ r nt  ent  at  the  SCH  to   o r f  le> like September  20th,  21st  &  22nd can  be  you  would   n!  if TABLE e  a  donaFo mak Shop  at  the  Costco  located  at  19th  Ave  and  Bethany  Home   Rd  (602-­‐293-­‐4524)  on  these  dates  so  your  school  receives   credit  for  your  sale.    For  every  $50  you  spend,  your  school   will  receive  1  Ream  of  Paper.    The  school  with  the  highest   sales  total  after  the  3  days  will  win  a



Che er Mad Volleyb ison a Staf ll f! 925 E. Maryland Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85014

Meadows Athletics David Vibber Athletic Director

The fall season is under way. We opened the season against Madison #1 in Volleyball and Soccer. The Girls JV Volleyball team won a hard fought three game match over #1. However, the Girls Varsity Volleyball team lost a tough match to Madison #1 and the Boys and Girls Soccer teams also suffered their first loss.

Osborn and our "young" Boys team continues to improve but lost.

In the second game of the season, the Girls JV Volleyball team won another three game match over Madison Traditional. Our Varsity Volleyball girls were back on track in a two game match victory versus Estrella. The Soccer games were rained out.

Please be sure to have your Athletic Physical form completed and in the hands of the coach. Also, if you have not paid your "Athletic Fee" please do so as soon as possible. You can pay online. See instructions below.

Teams played Osborn for the third game of the season. Both the Varsity and JV Volleyball teams won in two games. The Girls Soccer team tied

Madison Meadows requires all students that participate on an athletic team pay an athletic fee of $100 to offset the cost of operating our athletic program. The fee pays for coaches, referees, conference dues, transportation, uniforms and equipment. The fee is “given back” in the way of a Tax Credit for the same amount. Please pay the $100 athletic fee online: • Click “Tax Credit” on the top right hand side. Scroll down and click “Donate Online”. • Forward the tax credit confirmation email to and include player’s name and sport. • Credit card payments also accepted in the office. Meadows has not turned away a student who meets the academic and

Parents of Student Athletes: Please help us out by reminding your sons and daughters that a grade sheet must be signed by all teachers and given to their coach on Monday (or the 1st practice) of every week. Academics come FIRST!

Thanks for all of your support! A record number of kids tried out this season! We are looking forward to this season and we hope that you consider trying out for the Winter and Spring seasons of sports as well.

behavioral criteria from playing a sport due to financial circumstances. If a student/family is in need of a financial consideration; volunteer assistance to our school and/or athletic program may be considered instead of the $100.00 payment. If the student meets all of the academic and behavioral requirements, then we will consider providing a waiver that will enable him/her to participate. Thank you for supporting your son and daughter by encouraging them to participate in our athletic program. We truly believe that the investment will enrich their lives from the experience they have in practice and games. Sincerely, David Vibber Meadows Athletic Director






Wed, Sept  25   @  La  Pradera  Park  /  6830  N.  39th  Ave.    85019    Madison  #1  


Wed ,Oct  9  

@ Santa  Maria  /    7250  W.  Lower  Buckeye  Rd.   Santa  Maria  


Tues, Oct  15  

@ Granada  Park  /  6505  N.  20th  St.  85016        


Wed, Oct  23      

@ Grand  Canal  Linear  Park  /  91st  Ave  &  Bethany  Home    Desert  Sands  4:30pm                                                       Park  off  Bethany  Home  &  79th  Ave.      (ONLY  10  Boys  /  10  Girls)    


VALLEY ATHLETIC  CONFERENCE  (VAC)  MEET     Tues,  Oct  30    @  Trevor  Browne  H.S.,  7402  W.  Catalina  Drive  85033    (ONLY  7  Boys  /  7  Girls)      4:30pm  

2013 RAMS    BOYS/GIRLS    SOCCER   Date    


Boys  Site    

/ Girls  Site  

Mon, 9/23  


@ Atkinson  

/ HOME-­‐Atkinson  

Mon, 9/30  


HOME-­‐Castro /  @Castro  

Tues, 10/8  



/ @Isaac  

Thur ,  10/10   4:30pm  

@ Madison  #1   /    HOME-­‐Madison#1    

Mon, 10/14  

HOME-­‐Osborn /    @  Osborn  (@Clarendon)  


VALLEY ATHLETIC  CONFERENCE  –  5A  PLAY-­‐OFFS Week  of  Oct  21st.    1st  Round  of  VAC  Playoffs:    East  Division  Champion  plays  the  Central  Division  Runner-­‐up;  East   Division  Runner-­‐up  plays  the  Central  Division  Champion.    Host  Site  -­‐  Division  Champion  School.         Week  of  Oct.  28th        SEMI  FINALS  @  Isaac  M.S.    and    FINALS  @  Isaac  M.S.      (TBA)


JV Site      Time    


Varsity Site              Time

Tues   9/17    

HOME-­‐ Isaac      5pm  


HOME-­‐ Isaac   5pm

Tues 9/24    

HOME-­‐ Madison  Park  4:30pm    

HOME-­‐ Atkinson    5pm


HOME-­‐Pueblo    5pm    

@Castro  5pm

@ Isaac    5pm    

@ Isaac    5pm

Thur   10/10   HOME-­‐Madison  #1  4:30pm  

                         HOME-­‐  Madison  #1  (follow  JV)5:15p



Tues   10/8    

10/14 @  Osborn  5pm    

@Osborn (follows  JV)  5:15p

Tues 10/15   @  Madison  Park  4:30pm VALLEY  ATHLETIC  CONFERENCE  -­‐  PLAY-­‐OFFS Week  of  Oct  21st.    1st  Round  of  VAC  Playoffs:    East  Division  Champion  plays  the  Central  Division  Runner-­‐up;  East   Division  Runner-­‐up  plays  the  Central  Division  Champion.    Host  Site  -­‐  Division  Champion  School.         SEMIS  &  FINALS  /  ALL  4A,  5A    &  JV          @  SIERRA  LINDA  H.S.,  3434  S.  67th  Ave.,  Phoenix,  AZ  

Fri 10/25  

                                      AWAY  GAME  ADDRESSES:                     • • • • •

Atkinson Middle  School,  4315  N.  Maryvale  Parkway,  Phoenix,  AZ    85031 Isaac  Middle  School,  3402  W.  McDowell,  Phoenix,  AZ  85009                       Clarendon  Elementary  School,  1225  West  Clarendon,  Phoenix,  AZ  85013                         Madison  #1  Middle  School,  5525  N.  16th  Street,  Phoenix,  AZ    85016           Raul  Castro  Middle  School,  2730  N.  79th  Ave.,  Phoenix,  AZ  85035

Please consider being an Art Masterpiece Guide! Each 5th  &  6th  grade  class  will  have  six   presentations  from  late  January  to  early  May   for  the  Art  Masterpiece  program.  An  art   background  is  not  necessary  as  training  is   provided  for  all  volunteers.    The  Phoenix  Art   Museum  will  host  their  annual  District   Orientation/Training  on  Saturday,  September   28th.    This  opportunity  is  especially  helpful  for   newer  art  guides,  but  I’ve  been  to  the  training   a  number  of  times  and  learn  something  new   each  time.    More  details  to  follow!    

All materials  are  provided  to  the  volunteer.     At  a  later  date,  we  will  schedule  an  AM   orientation  to  answer  any  questions  you  may   have  after  we  find  guides  for  all  the  5th  &  6th   grades.  If  you  are  interested  in  being  an  AM   guide,  please  contact  Nancy  Stouffer.    I  hope   you'll  want  to  be  part  of  this  great  program!     Nancy  Stouffer  Art  Masterpiece  Committee  Chair  |    602-­‐770-­‐8724  cell

ViGives Meadows

Oct 6 - 12 Voting ends Sept 21. Meadows earns $1 for every vote!

Every 25 votes earns a $25 Gi" Card !

Just mention Meadows to get 15% donated !

SPRING SOCIAL On September 25th, there will be a committee meeting for our Spring Social at the home of Kim Ludwig. All are welcome! The meeting will begin at 5 pm and snacks will be provided. We're excited about this year's theme and can't wait to share it with everyone!



Please RSVP to Kim:

CAMP FRIENDLY PINES Support Meadows 5th Graders Tradition

We sold 65 tickets to the Diamondbacks game to raise money to support Camp Friendly Pines. The next Fundraiser for Camp Friendly Pines is the Gold Canyon Candles which will start October 8 through October 22. We will be shooting for a delivery day of November 12th. ~Staci Csizmadia

p.s. Let it  Roll  Bowling  

Turn in  your   trimmed   (unexpired)  Box   Tops  to  your   homeroom  teachers   by  October  23!   Winning  teacher  gets  a  restaurant   gift  card  and  the  class  gets  snack   shack  tickets                                                    Thank  you           Angie  Gulick

fundraiser coming  soon! Sign up to receive important announcements. Stay connected!

Madison Meadows Homework Club has been established to provide a consistent opportunity to complete daily homework with staff available to encourage and assist. Mr. Lee Meyer, 7th Grade Social Studies teacher is the coordinator. SCHEDULE: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday ( No homework club on TCT or early release days.)

3:40 Dismissal 3:45-4:45 Homework Club in Media Center 4:50 Bus departs from the front of the school

GUIDELINES & EXPECTATIONS 1. Attendance will be taken each day. 2. Students are expected to be on time and prepared to work. 3. Students will read quietly once his/her work is completed. 4. Planners should have specific assignments listed for each subject area. 5. Student will not leave the media center during Homework Club. 6. Students may not leave homework club early unless parent/guardian provides written consent or picks them up from front office. PAYMENT $20 weekly payment is expected on the Monday of the week of attendance. If payment is not received by Tuesday of the week of attendance, the student may not attend Homework Club until payment is received. Please pay your Homework Club fee online by going to: Click “Tax Credit” on the top right hand side. Scroll down and click where it says “Donate Online” School: Madison Meadows: Activity: General – general. Forward the tax credit confirmation email to (Include student’s name and specify Homework Club.) Parents and  students  please  sign  and  return  form  to  the  school  office.

I would  like  my  student,  who  is  in  grade  ______  to  be  enrolled  in  the  Meadows’  Homework  Club.     My  child’s  homeroom  teacher  is  ____________________.    I  understand  that  Homework  Club  will   meet  Monday,  Tuesday,  Thursday  and  Friday  from  3:45  to  4:45.    The  charge  is  $20.00  per  week   and  if  my  student  is  a  bus  rider,  transportaHon  will  be  provided. _____My  student  will  need  bus  transportaHon.     His/her  regular  stop  is  ____________________________ _____My  student  will  not  need  transportaHon.     Please  indicate  mode  of  transportaHon._____________________ Between  3:45  and  4:45  I  can  be  reached  at:  _________________________ Student    Signature    _______________________________________   Parent/Guardian  Signature    _______________________________________

IB Corner of the World hQps://

Hello, Meadows’ families, Our Learner Profile trait for September is “Inquirers.” One of my favorite quotes about inquiry is:

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.” by William Arthur Ward. Please speak with your child about how they are inquirers not only in school, but at home, too. • Mr. Murphy’s Technology students will be creating video messages to be shown each Monday focusing on the IB trait of the month. We are all looking forward to viewing Meadows’ students’ creative presentations and the fun music accompanying their work. • Please be sure to view our Madison Meadows IB MYP website:

•Teachers are continuing to implement the Learner Profile into their classrooms as they assist students in making connections with their learning and the various traits of the Learner Profile. Mr. Berry has created a list of books that match each of the Learner Profile traits. This information is posted on the Meadows’ library website under Destiny. Teachers now have easy access to these books as they plan to integrate the Learner Profile into their classroom lessons. • This month, teachers have been focusing on international-mindedness and how to apply this concept into all content areas. Sincerely, Judy Stropky IB Coordinator

"I think, therefore IB".

Upcoming Events September


Sept 18 TCT 2:10 p.m. Release Sept 20 Zoyo Friday Sept 20 Staff Volleyball game at MTA Sept 20-22 Costco “Battle of the Schools” Sept 23-27 Hearing and Vision Sept 25 Spring Social Meeting 5:00p.m. Sept 25 TCT 2:10 p.m. Release Sept 27 Zoyo Friday Sept 28 Art Masterpiece Training

Oct 1 5th/6th Grade DJ Party Oct 2 PTM Meeting Oct 3 7th/8th Grade Mega Event Oct 9 TCT 2:10 p.m. Release Oct 6-12 The VigGives Week 15% Donation Oct 11 Picture Day Make-ups (All Grades) Oct 15 Med-O-Gram published Oct 16 Half Day 12:05 p.m. Oct 17-18 NO SCHOOL Oct 23 Box Tops due


The Meadows Snack Shack is open after school and during RAMMS sporting events on campus (some nights & Saturdays).   Groups on campus can “sponsor” the snack shack for the month and proceeds for that month will help your group!  Parents (with student helpers) are needed to staff the snack shack.  Student helpers gain community service time. Fun and easy!

Check out the online schedule and submit your time on line. Contact Snack Shack Coordinator Theresa at to learn more! fundraising/snack-shack/

Stay cool with a discounted ZOYO Frozen Treat - $3. Every Friday after school at the Snack Shack. Meadows receives sales!

20% of all

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Thank you to all the parents and students who volunteer. Ethan and Avery pictured here with mom. Making a difference in a big way!

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