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Dear Meadows Families, Another school year is upon us, and 2013-2014 starts with exciting news. We are pleased to announce that Meadows has earned an “A” designation due to our student growth and proficiency! This is a result of the efforts and dedication of many: students, teachers, support staff, and parents have all contributed to this accomplishment, and it is our goal to replicate and build upon this success throughout this year. We appreciate the efforts of our highly qualified professional staff, conscientious students, and supportive parents. Meadows utilization of assessment, data, guided study, and a rigorous learning environment will continue this year. Additionally, we have been selected as an International Baccalaureate school, and this year marks the beginning of our candidate phase. You will be hearing about MYP (middle years program), “international mindedness,” the IB learner profile, and much more this year. We are pleased to have Judy Stropky, IB Coordinator, spearheading our efforts as we move toward becoming an IB school. We are also fortunate to have Mrs. Laura Webb as our new assistant principal at Meadows. She joins our team after a distinguished teaching career at Madison #1. While we were sorry to see Mr. Stevens go, we know the teachers, students, and parents at Madison Park are happy to have him as their new principal. Congratulations to both Mrs. Webb and Mr. Stevens in their new roles! As a new school year begins, a few reminders may be in order.

August 5th Grade Pot Luck Dinner Aug 20 Fall Fundraiser/ Magazine Sale Kick Off Aug 21 PTM Meeting Aug 21 Student Directory Order Aug 31 Picture Day (All Grades) Aug 30

September Labor Day No School Sept 2 Magazine Sale/ Direct Donation Turn In Day Sept 4

• Please review the Student Information in your child’s planner with him or her.

NJHS Application Due Sept 6

• Pay attention to the bell schedule for regular, TCT, and half days. Office staff are unable to provide child care when students are not picked up in a timely fashion.

D-backs Baseball Game Sept 14

• Meadows does offer before and after school care through MAC. For more information call 602.664.7670 and speak with Alex.

Hearing and Vision Test Sept 23, 24 & 25

• Student pick-up/drop-off can occur in the church parking lot off Central or behind the school at Third Avenue and Maryland. It is not allowed in the front circle drive. Finally, I would like to thank staff, parents, and PTM for another successful Back to School night. When parents and teachers work together, great things can happen for children. I appreciate the partnership in education that we share. Have a great year! With Ram Pride,

Susan Doyle, Principal


in this issue: Fall Fundraiser / Direct Donation Welcome 5th Grade Pot Luck Picture Day Meadows D-back Day School Directory Snack Shack & Zoyo Fridays Appreciation PTM Membership & Opportunities NJHS Application Activity Fee State Medicaid Info and more...

225 W. OCOTILLO RD., PHOENIX, AZ 85013 (602) 664-7600

Join us!

5th Grade Families

what? 5th Grade Pot Luck where? Meadows Cafeteria when? Tuesday, Aug 20 time? 5:30 - 7:30 pm Great way to kick off the new school year. Meet other 5th grade families!

Please, bring a favorite dish (with serving utensils) to share!


Side Dish




Hot K C Dog U L T s Pr O P (Sponsored by PTM)



Fall School Pictures

Friday, August 30 Pictures are used in the School Yearbook ! Fall School Portraits Coming Soon! Mark your calendar! Picture Day is coming Friday, August 30. Look for more information on your child's Picture Day order form. * Re-takes are scheduled Friday, October 11th.


h"p:// diamondback-­‐8ckets/

$5 Proceeds Supports the 5th Grade Camp Friendly Pines Fund

Look ing

The Student Directory is under construction. To ensure that your family's listing is correct, visit the current online directory at: ptm_home/student_directory/

for a grea busin t too l to h ess? elp g H ow a arran row y bout ging our a littl a we e hel eken birth p in d get day p arty? toge Direc ther The M tory or is the eado w p erfec s PT ~ Pau M t sol la Gu u tion altier for y e Dir ou! ectory Comm ittee

• Click on your child's name to see your listing. From there you can edit your information which will printed in the hard copy version. If you have not accessed the directory before, you will need to register to request a password (under “New Registration”). • $5 PTM Membership provides access to Meadows Calendar, School Schedules, Student and Staff Directories. • August 31 is the deadline to verify your contact information is correct and place order. • Visit the PTM website at and get started today!

Directory Questions? or

DIRECTORY RELEASE DATE OCTOBER 2013 Email Electronic Ads to: Mail Form and Payment (Payable to Meadows PTM) to: PTM c/o Chris Goodfarb 225 W. Ocotillo Phoenix, AZ 85013 Ads can also be purchased online at PTM Store

Show your support ! Advertise in the 2013-2014 Meadows PTM Directory. We distribute over 700 copies to Meadows families and community. Money raised through these ads goes towards programs that directly affect the Meadows students and teachers through the PTM (Parents and Teachers at Meadows). This directory is a valuable tool that will be utilized hundreds of times in our community. If you are interested in placing an ad in the directory (business card size to full page), please contact Chris at Deadline Aug 28th!

APPLICATIONS accepted thru AUG 28th All Ads MUST BE In .PDF or .TIFF or .EPS Format


The Meadows Snack Shack is open after school and during RAMMS sporting events on campus (some nights & Saturdays).   Groups on campus can “sponsor” the snack shack for the month and proceeds for that month will help your group!  Parents (with student helpers) are needed to staff the snack shack.  Student helpers gain community service time. Fun and easy!

Check out the online schedule and submit your time on line. Contact Snack Shack Coordinator Theresa at to learn more! fundraising/snack-shack/

Your dollars make a difference in a big way!

Stay cool with a discounted ZOYO Frozen Treat - $3. Every Friday after school at the Snack Shack. Meadows receives sales!

The PTM hosted a wonderful luncheon for the teachers du ring their Summer I.B. Training Worksh op. The PTM gif ted $170 to each teacher to make their classrooms gre at! Teachers were very apprecia tive as you can imagine. Just one exam ple of YOUR fundraising dollars at work!

20% of all Lisa Jaramillo Newsletter Editor

Parents, Teachers, Staff and Students, Do you have a Meadows Community story to share? Contact us with suggestions for articles, announcements, photos, or community updates.

lisa@meadowsptm. org

PTM Committee Volunteers Committee Chair Opportunities • Athletic Booster • Spring Fundraiser • Restaurant Event Volunteers Needed CHARITABLE ACTS COMMENCEMENT MAGAZINE SALES (TURN IN DAY) PERFORMING ARTS BOOSTER REWARD PROGRAMS: BOX TOPS, FRY’S AND FRESH & EASY


Contact: Chris Goodfarb at

Vote for Meadows every week. Meadows earns $1 for every vote! Every 25 votes earns a $25 Gi#Card to use for school supplies, field trips and more!


Meet your 2013-14 PTM Executive Officers!


•AUGUST 21 •OCTOBER 2 •NOVEMBER 13 •DECEMBER 18 •JANUARY 29 •MARCH 26 •APRIL 23 From Left to Right: Lisa Jaramillo, Kerrie Wallace, Leah Dines, Chris Goodfarb, Maria Rowell, Britton Sanchez & Eric Cook.

Chris Goodfarb


Leah Dines Co-Vice President

Eric Cook Co-Vice President

Kerrie Wallace Treasurer, Receivables




COMMITTEES • Fall Fundraiser • Holiday Party • Spring Fundraiser • School Supply Boxes

COMMITTEES • Book Fair • Vision & Hearing • Performing Arts Booster • Athletics Booster • Curriculum Night • Restaurant/Retail Events

COMMITTEES • Camp Friendly Pines • Commencement • Website (PTM Store)

Maria Rowell Treasurer, Payables

Lisa Jaramillo Communication Secretary

Britton Sanchez Recording Secretary

COMMITTEES • Rewards/Rebate Programs (Safeway, Fry’s, Fresh & Easy, BoxTops) • Med-O-Gram • Website (calendar)

COMMITTEES • Charitable Acts (CAC) • Copy Cats


COMMITTEES • Directory • Membership • Volunteer Coordinator • Website (content) • Constant Contact • Picture Day • Art Masterpiece • FALL 5th Grade Welcome Dinner • RAM Round Up • Site Based Reps




COMMITTEES • Snack Shack • Teacher Appreciation • PTM Special Projects • T-Shirt Buying/Sales • Site Based Reps Sign up to receive important announcements. Stay connected!

Over $1,000 was donated last year. All of the funds will support Meadows Performing Arts! Now, that is music to our ears.


U p c o m i n g

S c h o o l

C o n c e r t s

Join us in the Meadows Cafeteria for our Annual Performance

Winter Concerts Mon. Dec 9 6-7:30 p.m. 5th Grade Band / 6th Grade Band and Choir Tues. Dec 10 6-8:00 p.m. 7th & 8th Grade Band/ 7th & 8th Grade Choir Spring Concerts Mon. May 5 6-7:30 p.m. 5th Grade Band / 6th Grade Band and Choir Tues. May 6 6-8:00 p.m. 7th & 8th Grade Band/ 7th & 8th Grade Choir SUPPORT MEADOWS


Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.

Teacher Appreciation Team, led by Kari Blakley treated the teachers with homemade Blondies & Lemonade as a WELCOME BACK TREAT!

Please consider being an Art Masterpiece Guide! Each 5th  &  6th  grade  class  will  have  six   presentations  from  late  January  to  early  May   for  the  Art  Masterpiece  program.  An  art   background  is  not  necessary  as  training  is   provided  for  all  volunteers.    The  Phoenix  Art   Museum  will  host  their  annual  District   Orientation/Training  on  Saturday,  September   28th.    This  opportunity  is  especially  helpful  for   newer  art  guides,  but  I’ve  been  to  the  training   a  number  of  times  and  learn  something  new   each  time.    More  details  to  follow!    

All materials  are  provided  to  the  volunteer.     At  a  later  date,  we  will  schedule  an  AM   orientation  to  answer  any  questions  you  may   have  after  we  find  guides  for  all  the  5th  &  6th   grades.  If  you  are  interested  in  being  an  AM   guide,  please  contact  Nancy  Stouffer.    I  hope   you'll  want  to  be  part  of  this  great  program!     Nancy  Stouffer  Art  Masterpiece  Committee  Chair  |    602-­‐770-­‐8724  cell

IB Corner of the World Welcome to a new section of the MED-OGRAM, the (Middle Years Program) MYP Update. We are in our first year of applying to become an IB MYP school. This year is known as the candidacy year. We are beginning to implement the MYP philosophy/curriculum into our already existing common core curriculum. Teachers have begun using the Learner Profile in their content areas and encouraging students to attain these traits within their lifestyles as well-rounded students. Here are some highlights of MYP in the classroom:

All staff at Meadows attended an IB MYP Workshop on our first day back to school on July 31, 2013. This workshop was conducted by Bill Shell, our consultant, appointed by the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization).

Teachers were introduced and are using the Online Curriculum Center (OCC) offered on-line by IB to IB candidate/authorized schools.

Content area specialist teachers are currently being registered to attend Category 1 workshops specializing in each teacher’s content area. Teachers that attend these workshops will be sharing information learned with fellow colleagues on subject area concepts that can be used to integrate into our current curriculum to adjust for more of an IB MYP learning focus.

The IB Coordinator is meeting regularly each month with each grade level team introducing and enforcing different components of the IB MYP Program. The focus for the August meetings was the Learner Profile and how to access the Online Curriculum Center. The September meetings will touch on international mindedness across the curriculum.

On August 28th, the TCT focus is on IB MYP. Teachers will be introduced to the IB MYP model and begin creating Stage 1 of the unit planner. This unit planner is similar to a longrange curriculum lesson plan model that maps out a unit in several stages over time.

The Meadows IB MYP Steering Committee was also formed this month. This committee is composed of one teacher per grade level including special education and exploratory teachers. The work of this committee will include adjusting the Meadows IB mission

statement to coincide with the IB MYP mission plus to write four policies: Academic Assessment; Academic Honesty, Inclusion (Special Education) and Language Acquisition. Another goal of this committee is to communicate to each grade level on a regular basis about our journey to become an IB MYP school. This committee is helping to support staff at Meadows in implementing the IB MYP model.

Finally, to assure understanding of the Learner Profile on campus, John Murphy, our technology teacher, will begin a new activity tied in with morning announcements every Monday. When announcements are over, classroom teachers will tune in on their television sets to watch a 2 – 3 minute movie about the trait of the month. Students from Mr. Murphy’s classes will present a movie focusing on a trait from the Learner Profile. So, for example, August is Inquirer Month; September will be Knowledgeable, October’s trait will be Thinkers …, etc. These movies are very well-planned out and tend to be quite entertaining for the students and staff. In the long run, we hope by showing these short movies on a weekly basis, students will have more of an understanding and appreciation of the Learner Profile.

Communicating IB MYP with parents and the public is always important and to guide this process, a website has been created which is more detailed about IB MYP. It will soon be linked to the Madison District home page. You will find it under the “Programs” tab – and select IB. Teachers will also have the option to link this page to their own teacher websites, too. Please continue to read up on IB MYP in the MED-O-GRAM and stay in touch with our progress into becoming an IB MYP school. Sincerely, Judy Stropky IB Coordinator

"I think, therefore IB".




Aug 20   Magazine  Sales  Kick  Off   5:30  -­‐7:30  p.m.  5th  Grade      Welcome  Potluck  Dinner

Sept      2  No  School  (Labor  Day) Sept        4  Magazine  Sales  Turn  In Sept        6    NJHS  ApplicaMon  Due Sept    11    TCT  2:10  p.m.  Release    NewsleOer  Deadline Sept    13    Zoyo  Friday Sept    14      5:10  pm  “DBacks  Night”   Sept    17      September  Med-­‐O-­‐Gram Sept    18    TCT  2:10  p.m.  Release Sept    20    Zoyo  Friday Sept    25    TCT  2:10  p.m.  Release Sept    27    Zoyo  Friday Sept    28      Art  Masterpiece  Training

Oct  1     5th/6th  Grade  DJ  Party

Aug 21   TCT  2:10  p.m.  Release 6:00  p.m.  PTM  General    Mee?ng Aug  23   Zoyo  Friday Aug  30     School  Pictures   Zoyo  Friday

Oct  3  

7th/8th Grade  Mega  Event  

Aug2013 Med-O-Gram  

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Aug2013 Med-O-Gram  

Meadows Newsletter