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We found out about Mrs. Armenta through a friend and it was the best referral we could have received. Our daughter was struggling with reading and math. After the first 3 weeks we noticed a huge improvement in her ability to read and comprehend. Our daughters self esteem and confidence grew as well. Mrs. Armenta has a very warm personality and she makes sure both the parent and child feel right at home. Mrs. Armenta took the time to learn about our daughter and spotlight her strengths and focus on her weaknesses in a fun and open environment. I would highly recommend Mrs. Armenta and her staff!!! - Jon Eide

“I had the privileged of being one of Mrs. Armenta's students when I was in Junior High. Nearly twenty years later and I can still honestly say that she was, by far, my favorite educator! She was extremely intentional and took the extra time needed to ensure that I not only understood the material but that I felt confident in my abilities. She is patient, kind, persistent and takes extreme pride in her work and in the students entrusted to her care. I highly recommend partnering with Mrs. Armenta and the Armenta Learning Academy to achieve your educational goals.” - Kirsten Nielsen

“Thank you Mrs. Armenta for always being so nice and helping me to learn. I love coming here and I love seeing you! We always have so much fun.” - Lily

“Mrs. Armenta is truly and amazing and talented teacher! My daughter and I both love her and know we are unique. Mrs. Armenta has the gift to reach students with all different needs and is able to connect with parents, as well ” - Sheri Geoffreys

"My freshman daughter had F's and D's and no interest in school when I met Mrs. Armenta and Mr. Smith. I had already lost hope and was at the end of my rope. Now, two months into the program, my daughter has completed 2 subjects with good grades and a great attitude! All my expectations were surpassed by the results we are getting. She is a different student now, more expressive, more confident and she smiles often, too. Mr. Smith not only teaches academics, but he also builds up his students and teaches moral and social values. I am one happy parent!" - Grace

“I also highly recommend the tutors “Most talented trainer I have ever at Armenta! I had my 3 kids there come across. Mrs. Armenta's for tutoring this summer. Two of them struggle with ADHD and have not enjoyed passion and love for animals is so apparent. I highly recommend school. They spent 3 hours, twice a week at Armenta Pet Academy! You will be Armenta and both asked if they could go more often. My son calls Mr. Smith "an amazing math so happy with the amazing progress in your dogs behavior. I teacher". He is passionate about math and really would give 10stars or more if I improved my son's Pre-Algebra skills. My son could. Thank you Mrs. Armenta for has a new confidence in his abilities and just this everything you have done for my week he tested into Honors 7th grade math at his family. “ new school. That would not have happened at - Malinda the start of the summer. My daughter does not enjoy reading but her reading comprehension skills greatly improved over the summer. She is also very anxious about taking tests so Mrs. Armenta worked with her on building her confidence and test taking skills. After hearing about the center from her brother and sister, my youngest also wanted to attend. Although she didn't "need" tutoring, Mrs. Armenta spent the summer working with her on advanced math. She loved the challenge and now says that she really loves math! I wish we had found the center years ago.” - Angela

“I highly recommend connecting with the Armenta Pet Academy for training your furry family member! After just a few sessions my dog was quickly walking well on leash, sitting, staying, and doing a few 'trick' commands on cue. I could not be more proud of what a great team my dog & I are becoming thanks to Mrs. Armenta’s guidance. Mrs. Armenta at Armenta Pet Academy is as much a people trainer as she is a dog trainer. She was great about gently pointing out how some of my (not always firm enough) behaviors would affect my dog’s development. Her training methods are positive reinforcement based, which is what I was looking for. I did not want to crush my dog’s spirit with harsh methods. A few more great things about Mrs. Armenta: she's friendly, “Thank you Mrs. punctual, flexible, and very communicative. She was firm but Armenta for believing always very loving with my dog.” in me. It's fun to have a - Kirsten

school that sees my poten al and not labeled in my reading groups anymore. You helped me believe in myself and do well and all my subjects. We always have so much fun and you understand me. Thank you for just ge ng me, this is the first me a teacher really understands me.” - Grace

“Mrs. Armenta, you are the best and most amazing teacher ever! You're my hero and you have helped me achieve so many things. Not just in school, but in my life with my jobs with my confidence in my community and with my volunteer work. I love taking college credits with you and graduating with ALA. You and Mr. Smith have taken me so far and I'm so thankful for you .” - Tanner

“I just wanted to take the me and say thank you. My daughter, Gia, instantly loved you she's so excited to start the school year with you. You made her feel so comfortable and so empowered. She's ready for success and she is so enthusias c about star ng the 5th grade. I’ve never seen her get excited about school my life! Thank you, again, Mrs. Armenta.” - Mercedes

“I love this school! I can't wait to come here, it's been such a fun summer Mrs. Armenta and Mr. Smith are the best, they teach me in creative and fun ways. I love all my classes here, especially Science. ” - Declan

It was very pleasant meeting Mr. Smith and Mrs. Armenta. They are both very sweet and welcoming. My daughter is very excited to be part of this amazing academy. As soon as we walked in we felt the family atmosphere. I am looking forward to my daughter's first day!!! - Mary “Thank you so much for everything you're doing for my son. This is the first time I've seen him be excited for school, he cannot wait to start school with you! You have done so much with him during the summer and he is so excited to “Thank you so much for what you've be with you the whole school year. Thank you done for my daughter. Not only for working with my gifted child.” have you helped her focus and have - Kelly more attention, she also loves school again! You have helped me in so many ways to make her more successful and happy here at home and in the community. Lily enjoys her time with you and comes back to me excited about learning. She loves you and your school. Thank you Mrs. Armenta!”

- Cassandra "Thank you Mr. Smith. I have never had a teacher like you. You’ve taught me so many things in 3 weeks! My grades are high in school now and I'm doing so much better. I’m so thankful to come to a place where you can teach me all my subjects and make school easier and actually fun for the first time.” - Wilabeth

“Mr. Smith and Mrs. Armenta, you both have been angels to our family and you have taken both of my children to a safe and happy place to learn, to grow, to blossom and to be themselves. You have done so much in just such a short time. Our children are excited to continue with you through the school year. We have seen such great results and strides and we're looking forward to more with you! Thank you again, you both are truly the best.” - Missy

“I write this to all the parents out there looking for a solution for their children's education and well-being. I have a son who is very active and lively. There are many people who have tried to tell me that my son is A.D.H.D., which has not been diagnosed. He is just all boy! He’s very smart and he has a huge vocabulary. Mrs. Armenta has been so wonderful with him! Her patience and insight to a young mind is nothing short of amazing. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have my son spend time with such a wonderful, kind and caring woman. Our children need more educators like Mrs. Armenta in this world. Thank you! Thank you for all that you're doing at Armenta Learning Academy! Sincerely, A very grateful mom!" - Malinda De Silva

“Mrs. Armenta, you're amazing! So wonderful with my son....we just love you!” - Cathy

“Thank you very much! You both have been LIFESAVERS! This is one of the few times Tanner has really enjoyed learning and Delaney loves her Sign Language class, too! You have done so much for both our kids. They love coming and learning thanks to you Mrs. Armenta and Mr. Smith.” - The Samuelian's

“Thank you for what you've done for my special

“Thank you for what needs son he has never tried like this before! You just get it! You just know what to do to make a you've done for my gifted child. He is so difference. I have seen big changes in him. Thank you! Because of you our lives have forever changed!” challenged and loves - Susan Armenta! He is so intrigued with learning and you have helped him reach such a high level of education. You not only help him academically but also socially, emotionally and personally. We are so grateful for that! Thank you!” - Karen “Thank you for what you've done for my 3 kids that is so great to have a safe place to bring them all here. They love coming to see Mrs. Armenta and Mr. Smith! You are fabulous teachers and make learning fun! They have such a great time with you, thank you for everything!” - The Boland's

“Dear Mrs. Armenta, I can’t thank you enough for bestowing to my son a much sought after, but elusive gift. Up until this past summer with you, my son approached his education with great trepidation. You have single-handedly instilled his passion for learning. And when I say passion, I mean it literally. He has been so excited to go to school that he can barely stand it. Weekends can’t go by fast enough. He is always busy anticipating the next science experiment, contest or new topic. I never thought I would see the day that he was so excited to go to school. You opened a door I always knew was there, but traditional education just couldn’t unlock. Due to my son’s challenge with verbal expression, he rarely volunteered detailed conversation. It was always a brief reply about his day in school—until now. I was sincerely in awe when he spontaneously struck up a conversation with me where he was expounding on his knowledge of sharks. He had just learned about them that day. This was a true testament to you methods and ultimately, to your connection with him as a teacher. I think this last part is the “holy grail.” It is evident that you care about your students and their families and that you are passionate in helping to push them toward their potential. I think the kids tune into this, and parents such as myself love and appreciate it. In my heart, I wish that every child could experience the immersive, joyful learning experience Armenta Academy provides. It’s a shame that all education cannot be so passionately experienced. I’m just grateful that I found you and your place of joyful learning. You have given me a new found confidence that if the one-size-fits-all public education system fails my son’s unique learning abilities, I have you. You are my ace in the pocket! Armenta Academy is a place where hope can be reborn—and learning can be what it should be—passionately lived in a caring place. Looking forward to teaming up with you for another session in the near future.” Kind regards, Nina Calentino

I highly recommend this school and their tutors! Mr. Smith is coming to our house 2x/week for Algebra tutoring and my daughter loves math again! She'd been going to the school's math clinic and still failing tests. She's regained her confidence and motivation in algebra after only one session, and can't wait for him to come back! I only wish we had the time and money for 3x/week! She's a teen and all about "cool" and proclaimed Mr. Smith "cool" - Kelly

“Our son is learning, enjoys school, and is thrilled by the positive feedback received from you and his online tests/quizzes.” - Bob

“Mr. Smith, thank you so much for everything. I got one of the best grades on my final out of everyone in the class!” - Hailey

“Mrs. Armenta, you are an answer to my prayers for sure My daughter is finally really happy right now at your school. We're a very creative family we need a creative environment to thrive like Armenta. You are an angel and answer to our prayers. Thank you for all you do and have done. “ - Sherie

“I just wanted to take a moment and give a HUGE thank you on behalf of my 8th grader, from the bo om of our hearts. Mr. Smith started tutoring my daughter in Algebra and in only 10 2-hour sessions (5 weeks), her grade went from a 56% to a 79.4% final grade in the class - almost a B! - more than I could have dreamed! She even scored 100% on her last chapter test! Mr. Smith is a wonderful tutor, pa ent, easygoing, gives gentle yet firm direc on and really helped my daughter find her a love of math and success again. He's worth every penny and then some!” - Anastasia Sco

"My freshman daughter had F's and D's and no interest in school when I met Mrs. Armenta and Mr. Smith. I had already lost hope and was at the end of my rope. Now, two months into the program, my daughter has completed 2 subjects with good grades and a great attitude! All my expectations were surpassed by the results we are getting. She is a different student now, more expressive, more confident and she smiles often, too. Mr. Smith not only teaches academics, but he also builds up his students and teaches moral and social values. I am one happy parent!" - Grace

“Dear Mrs. Armenta, you are a nice and the best teacher and I love you to pieces! Since the year I came to the school, I have been so happy! Thank you for being a great teacher!” - Jacob

“Mrs. Armenta is truly and amazing and talented teacher! My daughter and I both love her and know we are unique. Mrs. Armenta has the gift to reach students with all different needs and is able to connect with parents, as well ” - Sheri Geoffreys

“I have to tell everyone how excited I am about, Armenta Learning Academy! We were referred there by our charter school -Excel. Our son visits weekly, to enhance and expand his math lessons. Math is a strength for him but needs more stimulation than he was getting. Armenta is a wonderful place with a supportive, flexible, knowledgeable and friendly staff. We love the always happy and positive founder, Mrs. Armenta and Mr. Smith is a very interesting guy and a wealth of knowledge! Even though we chose the academy mainly for math, our son is exposed to all other subjects. He gets to learn at his own pace and the staff/teachers know just how far to push and challenge him. This is a great place for students of all ages, any length of tutoring, home school enrichment or focused instruction. our son always enjoys going there and he says, ‘its a great place for home schoolers to hang out with other kids.’" - Raz Allen

“I am so glad we found you! I have to admit that although I had confidence in you when we began I didn't really expect Nicholas to come as far as he has in only 8 weeks! I am so happy with you and your results are incredible. Nicholas was reading at a first grade level when he started with you and 8 weeks later he is reading 3rd grade level books! Not only has his reading improved, so has his self confidence and he is much happier as well. I can't say enough good things about you!” - Jennifer Apelian

“We have 2 children at Armenta Learning Academy and we couldn't be happier. Mr. Smith truly connects with both of them and has ins lled a high level of confidence in their school work. His knowledge across all subjects is excep onal. He works well with each student on all levels and ap tudes. Armenta Learning Academy has exceeded our already high expecta ons. It is the perfect learning environment for our children. We are so lucky to have them in our community and are grateful to have been referred to them. “ - Brian Parker

“Mrs. Armenta, you are a great teacher and we are glad to be your students!” - Jacob and Isabella “Mr. Smith, thank you for helping me with Algebra II and Trigonometry this year. You really helped me with all of my learning and tests. Thank for your history lessons and keeping me up to date with the news.” - Jack

“Mrs. Armenta, You will always hold a special place in my heart for everything you did for my daughter Shannon and myself over the years. You started working with her at the age of 11 and she is now in her 20's. She now has a successful career working with children which I attribute partially because of you and your love for children. I truly believe that Shannon would not be the person she is today without you being a part of her life.” - Debbie Gross

“I love your school. I love how you bring Hannah & Brody to see me every month. I will keep working hard so I can see them.” - Joey "Thank you Mrs. Armenta & Mr. Smith, I really love school now. I want to come to Armenta every day because you make learning fun and easy. You both are my favorite teachers. Thank you for bringing Hannah & Brody. I love them very much. I can't wait to see them again." - Sara Parker

"Thank you Mrs. Armenta & Mr. Smith for all you have done for Sara. She has been so happy and loves to read again. She loves coming to Armenta. Thank you for providing a safe & stimulating place where she can learn & grow. This place is the "home" that we have been looking for all these years. You just know what to do. You just "get it"!! - Mary Kay Parker "Thank you so much for helping me. You are a great teacher and you are a sweet and kind person." - Aislinn Torrance “Mrs. Armenta, You always have a smile on your face, Even when something’s not in place. Whenever I look at you, you make me smile. You’re very kind in the inside. I love you very much. Oh! Look at the clock, it’s me for lunch!” - Brianna

“I have never seen my son excited about school ever through all his school years. We are excited about his enthusiasm to learn and graduate this year. Thank to you!” Elaine

“Mrs. Armenta, I wanted to send you a note specifically to thank you for all the wonderful things you are doing with Maria. Even a casual bystander would be struck by the enthusiasm and glee that Maria shows for all the activities she does with you. For those of us close to her, it is so dramatic and heart-warming that it’s almost beyond words. I believe that everyone at the meeting this week was a bit of a loss because there weren’t any problems or conflicts to resolve - only positive reports and real options for even more positive results because of what you are doing with Maria.” - Bob Dzubian

“I like it here because I like to read and write! You make it fun and I love coming here!” - Alice “The school is the best place in the world because it is fun and happy and I love learning with Mrs. Armenta!” - Jacob “Thanks to the Armenta Learning Academy, I began taking Sign Language over a year ago. It is now one of my favorite classes and one day, I hope to get my degree in it. The Armenta Learning Academy has been very helpful in my education and I have been coming here for over five years. Mrs. Armenta and Mr. Smith are both wonderful teachers, and are so fun to be around.” - Brianna “Mrs. Armenta is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met! Her dogs are the same way. Mr. Smith makes my lessons fun and interesting. I love being here with both of them!” - Danielle

“Ms. Pegram, we both think you are a fantastic teacher and we love coming to Sign Language to learn with you. Thank you for all you’ve taught us in just a semester, we love you and Sign Language because of it.” - Danielle and Brianna

“You are a blessing and so dear. I am so happy you are in our lives and for the contribution you are making! I have all the confidence in the galaxy that you will greatly impact our child’s growth.” - Susan

“I love my friends, teachers and my school. Thank you Mrs. Armenta for starting this school.” - Stan “Mrs. Armenta, Thank you for reading with me. I love you. I like doing math with you. I like writing my name and dancing with you. Thank you for being my teacher.” Love, Zachary

"I like this school, it has helped me a lot and will continue to help me with my concentration and focus in high school. Most teachers through my life have never helped me, but Mr. Smith has helped me like no other. Thank you Mr. Smith" - James Sanchez “Mrs. Armenta, Thank you to you and Mr. Smith. Stan & Katya have been provided with rich experiences and relationships with you both & the staff. The place you have and the approach has been very much appreciated and beneficial to their futures & success. They are better individuals because of all of you!” - Harry Pulford

“Thank you for making me accelerate through my classes faster.” - Marianne “Thank you for your me and sharing your fishing stories with me. Thanks for star ng a fishing club at Armenta for me.” - Will “Armenta Academy has been a wonderful alterna ve to a tradi onal school. The academy provides a wellbalanced environment focusing on independent study as well as group ac vi es and par cipa on. Having flexible class schedules and a mo vated staff has made a huge impact on our lives.” - Jim, Lana & Brianna McCracken “Thank you Mrs. Armenta for teaching me Spanish and taking the time to talk with me during school.” - Julianne

Thank you for having Joey attend Armenta. He's learning so much & growing as a student beyond our expectations! - The Berry Family "Thank you so much for helping me with my homework. You are a great teacher, and you are always a sweet and kind person. You are always happy..." - Cassidy “ALA is a big help with my work. It would be hard to get through my work without Mr. Smith & Mrs. Armenta.” - Landon McCorkle "Thank you Mrs. Armenta for star ng this school. I love school now. You are the best teacher ever and you make me learn so fast. Thank you for all your help. I love you very much" - Maria Dzubian

"Mr. Smith has changed my life!"

“Thank you so much for being a kind - Andrew Rey heart and refuge when my son needed one. He loves you.” - Joyce Moran "...Thank you for this school; this “Dear Mrs. Armenta & Mr. Smith,

is the best school ever..." - Brianna McCracken

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity of working at Armenta Learning Academy. You both are very positive influences with the students and parents. They love you dearly. You model superb attitudes each day, which brings happiness to those around you.” With Appreciation and gratitude, - Nancy Morello “Mrs. Armenta has made the world of difference in Maria’s life. Maria has been reading for the first me and her life has been enriched beyond words. She is reaching her absolute poten al in math, reading and her other academics and her self-esteem and her behaviors have all greatly improved along with her amazingly improved academic achievements in less than three months’ me. Thank you Mrs. Armenta for truly making the difference! We are so pleased to have you as part of the team and Maria loves you!” -Jennifer Baron

“Wow! I can’t believe I actually love Armenta so much, I want to go to summer school!” - Katya “Hi Mrs. Armenta, I just wanted to thank you so much for helping Hayley out, she absolutely loves you and the academy...I can already see a difference in her going to school this week. Besides she got an A on her book report and A+ on her oral presentation….So thank you...I know by the end of the year she is going to be a different little girl.” - Lisa Donna Parvin “Dear Mrs. Armenta, Thank you for this wonderful school. I have learned so much here. Thank you so much for the lunch treat. I really enjoyed it. You are a great, funny, fun sweet person. I love you very much. You feel like you are my family. You are an understanding person!!” - Lauren “Mrs. Armenta, Thank you for everything you’ve done, but especially for being YOU! You mean everything to Shannon, Mike & myself.” Love you, Debbie

“Mrs. Armenta, you have no idea how much I love you! You are like a second mommy 2 me! (Now don’t cry, this is one of my sappy ones.) You have helped me though a lot of things in my life, and I could never pay back to you how much you have given me, not only in school but in life in general. Caring for someone has no boundaries for you! You have influenced me in so many ways! I love you dearly!” - Shannon “I would like to say thank you so much for helping Steven pass his CAHSEE exam & especially for all your encouragement that you have given him since you’ve been tutoring him. You made it possible for Steven to achieve his dream...his high school diploma! You have such a wonderful way of teaching. You’re the best!!! You’ve helped more than I can say!” Thank you again, Saundra & Steven “Mrs. Armenta, We have been so lucky to find your school! It’s exactly what Bryce needed. He has grown so much in his confidence, socially and academically. Thank you for all your hard work!” Thank you, Kimber, Randy & Bryce

Success Stories for Armenta Learning Academy  

Here are a few Success Stories for Armenta Learning Academy from our wonderful parents, students and friends! Thank you everyone! At Armenta...

Success Stories for Armenta Learning Academy  

Here are a few Success Stories for Armenta Learning Academy from our wonderful parents, students and friends! Thank you everyone! At Armenta...