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Back to School Newsletter Fall 2017 Volume 4, Issue 2

Welcome Back To Armenta School! ARMENTA AT ITS BEST Every child has an opportunity to succeed with a curriculum customized and tailored to each students’ needs, interests, talents and learning styles. We tailor hours, instructional tools, and curriculum to meet each student and their abilities and tap into each student ‘s maximum potential through individualized attention. Students of various backgrounds, strengths and challenges, from Pre K to Adult, benefit from our small class sizes and approach. 98% of families show our curriculum and teaching has improved their child’s learning experience to a successful outcome and are completely satisfied with our programs and the results! Our graduates have been accepted in top ranking universities all over the country and achieve the highest test scores on SATs, ACTs and standardized and content based tests. We build a solid foundation for students to be happy and confident for the real world, not only with academics, but also life! We ENRICH ~EMPOWER ~EDUCATE and ENGAGE in excellence! Armenta offers wonderful instructional programs for all levels, including Special Needs to Gifted students!


We Offer Wonderful Educational Programs for All Ages and All Needs! ·4:1 Ratio Schooling/1:1 Opportunities ·Early High School Graduation/ Accelerated Studies ·Grades Raised 2-3 Levels in One School Year ·Individualized Programs to Meet Child’s Needs ·Multisensory Approaches to Learning Including Linda Mood-Bell ·Highly Qualified Staff-Credentialed or 15+ Years Experience Working with Children: Pre-K-Adult Education ·Student Evaluation/Assessments ·Small Group or 1:1 Tutoring ·At Home/Offsite Tutoring ·Correspondence with Student’s Teachers & Parents ·Weekly Updates ·Quarterly Progress Reports ·Comfortable Environment Where Kids Can Learn & Take Risks ·Daily Communication with Parents ·Classes for Credit to Get Ahead or Catch Up ·Fall Prep for Students for a Better Upcoming Year ·Workshops: SAT, SAT II Subject Tests, CHSPE, ACT, GED. ·ESL/Foreign Language/Sign Language ·Counseling/Mentoring for All Ages ·Volunteer/Internship Programs ·Armenta Angels Outreach Program

Enrich * Empower * Educate

INSIDE THIS ISSUE Calendar of Events .............2 Summer Success.................3 Staff Biographies ………...3-4 Social Skills Classes…………5 School Success Article…..6-7 Success Stories……………….8 New Courses…………………..9 Armenta Pet Academy…...10 ARMENTA HIGHLIGHTS  Armenta Events  Armenta Fishing Club  Summer Fun Photos  ALA Upcoming Birthdays  Armenta Recommendations

ARMENTA EVENTS Costume/ Pumpkin Carving Contest On October 31st, join us with your carved pumpkins and costumes. The best pumpkin and costume will be given a prize!

Creative Turkey Contest On November 17th, students will have a chance to win a prize for the most creatively created turkey!

Canned Food Drive During the month of November students and staff will work at putting as many cans of food together as possible to be donated to local food banks to help the less fortunate.

Clothes/Toys Drive During the month of December students and staff will work at putting as many Toys and clothes together to donate to Operation Christmas Child! Please bring un wrapped toys and clothes to ALA and make a difference.!

Book Drive During the month of January we will help The “I Am Foundation” with their goal to provide 1,000,000 books in 2018. Please bring any books you have that are new or slightly used, to ALA!


CALENDAR 2017-2018 OPENING DAY OF SCHOOL Monday, September 11, 2017 End of First Reporting Period Friday, October 27, 2017 VETERANS DAY (Legal Holiday) Friday, November 10, 2017 THANKSGIVING RECESS Monday-Wednesday, November 2022, 2017 THANKSGIVING HOLIDAYS (Legal Holiday) ThursdayFriday, November 23-24, 2017 SCHOOL RESUMES Monday, November 27, 2017 Final Exam Days, High School Tuesday-Thursday, December 19-21, 2017 End of First Semester Thursday, December 21, 2017 WINTER RECESS Monday-Friday, December 25, 2017-January 5, 2018 CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS (Legal Holiday) Monday, December 25, 2017 NEW YEAR’S DAY (Legal Holiday) Monday, January 1, 2018 SCHOOL RESUMES Monday, January 8, 2018 Second Semester Begins Monday, January 8, 2018 DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. DAY (Legal Holiday) Monday, January 15, 2018 LINCOLN DAY (Legal Holiday) Friday, February 16, 2018 WASHINGTON DAY (Legal Holiday) Monday, February 19, 2018 End of First Progress Reporting Period Friday, March 30, 2018 SPRING RECESS Monday-Friday, April 2-6, 2018 SCHOOL RESUMES Monday, April 9, 2018 MEMORIAL DAY (Legal Holiday) Monday, May 28, 2018 Final Exam Days, High School Tuesday-Thursday, June 5-7, 2018 End of Second Semester Thursday, June. 7, 2018 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL Thursday, June 14, 2018 FIRST DAY OF SUMMER SCHOOL Monday, June 18, 2018


Science Experiments & Art Projects Tristan, the winner of our August Clay Contest!

Amazing New Students!

Armenta Olympics

MEET OUR STAFF BIANCA THAENS Mrs. Thaens is a very creative and innovative teacher and works well with Pre-Kinder through sixth grade. She has fabulous techniques and experience working with special needs to gifted students. She has her teaching credentials and post baccalaureate degree and 15 years of Special Education experience. She is licensed in our Play Attention program, that helps with cognitive, memory, and a beautiful biofeedback approach to help our students. She also teaches French, German, Swedish and has traveled the country and loves the Multicultural approach even in the classroom. 3

She is a true asset to ALA with her calming, nurturing, and loving teaching approach with our students. She makes learning fun through all of her ideas and her teaching method has been received very well. She takes the time with the students to give them what they need, as well as letting the parents know what is going on in the classroom and how the parent can help at home. We are excited with another successful school year having her here at ALA and bringing so much to our beautiful Academy. She works perfectly with the kids and the parents absolutely adore her and appreciate all of her skills and experience with our students.


Julie M. Armenta, M.A. Educational & Family Specialist I am the Founder, Educational and Family Specialist at Armenta Learning Academy. Since the age of 5, I have had the dream of having my own school and impacting the lives of children. After 10 years in public and private schools I saw a need to make a place for students who don’t fit into the “normal” school system. I realized my dream in 1989 when I opened Armenta Learning Academy and we’ve been in business for 28 years. I have my Bachelor’s in Psychology, my multiple subject teaching credential, a Master’s in Education, and I’m also completing my Doctorate in Education. I am also a certified counselor for both students and families. I started a shelter for abused and abandoned teens in Chula Vista which still exists today. I am a public speaker and reach out to parents and the community to instill values, techniques, and approaches for more success with their children and within their families to impact generations to come. I am also finishing my book “Success for Every Child,” (the parent manual we have all been waiting for)

which helps parents with the social, academic, behavioral and general life issues within the family unit. I am involved with several organizations: Council for Exceptional Children, Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, Council for Special Education Administrators, the Council of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners, and Association for Dyslexia and Autism. I am involved in the community with volunteer work to help and support less fortunate children with organizations such as Families Forward, Olive Crest, Kids Connected, and The Joyful Child Foundation. I am available at ALA for specialized assistance for students and parents, private counseling, consultations, educational and family workshops and support. My passion is to educate, motivate, inspire, and empower all families and children I come in contact with. Thank you for allowing me the honor and opportunity to work with you and your precious children. It is truly a privilege and honor! Contact me at: (949) 433-0898

“My passion is to educate, motivate, inspire, and empower all families and children I come in contact with.” Bruce Smith, Lead Teacher


Mr. Smith is our Lead Teacher at Armenta Learning Academy. He has been with ALA for 15 years and he has over 25 years of experience in education, with a credential in Education. Mr. Smith is fantastic with all subjects, but his specialties are Math and History. Mr. Smith engages his students’ interest in every subject with his personable and humorous approach to teaching. His mother is a professional story teller and teacher and he is a 4th generation teacher. Mr. Smith’s main focus and passion, is to work with the students at ALA with life-impacting issues that need the skills and strategies to become responsible men & women. in society. He is an excellent Life Skills coach both on and off campus. He impacts the lives of all the students by always presenting a good role model of a responsible, caring, and aware adult. He is a proud father of two boys, and has over 25 years

experience working with youth. He looks forward to the opportunity of working with your children. We at ALA, feel that it is important for our ALA students to have a positive role model as well as a safe place to turn in the process of their maturing and development at ALA. Mr. Smith provides that positive role model with his unending encouragement and support of all our students at ALA. While Mr. Smith is our Lead Teacher by day, he is also our best after school tutor. As well as teaching and tutoring the students, Mr. Smith is available for counseling for both the students and their parents. He is a fabulous Social Skills, Life Skills, Job Skills and Parenting Skills coach. Mr. Smith is also an enthusiastic leader for many of our school clubs such as the Fishing Club and Pet Education Club. He is also an encouraging physical trainer for the Armenta Olympics & Games.


Basic Manners & Etiquette Workshops / Social Skills Classes

Armenta Fishing Club Summer 2017 Trip

Classes can be individualized to meet your child’s needs!  Appropriate Dress for various settings  Personal grooming  Handshaking - The Ultimate Greeting  Introducing yourself and others - The Ultimate First Impression  Responding to introductions  Name tag etiquette  Conversation skills  How to remember names  Body Language & Eye signals

 Thank you notes  Netiquette - Cell phone and electronic etiquette  Telephone manners  Respecting cultural differences  Being a thoughtful traveler Travel etiquette  Dating etiquette  General manners and common courtesies  The Job interview

ALA Birthdays Mrs. Bianca Thaens September 21st Declan Henry September 25th Maria Dzuiban October 8th Jack Bogdanovich November 5th Julianna Valdovinos November 23rd Nico Del Nero Pires November 27th Cassidy Walsh January 18th Ms. Judy Pegram February 22nd Nick Clute April 2nd Mrs. Julie Armenta April 3rd Mr. Bruce Smith April 4th Catelyn McCleester April 21st Delaney Samuelian April 27th Tristan Van Dam May 7th Gianna Vanessen May 18th Ms. Dawn Hopkin June 13th Tanner Samuelian July 6th Ethan Anapoell July 9th Lily Turkzadeh July 12th Kendall Bogdanovich July 17th Marina Wild July 24th Ms. JoRene Axford July 25th Grace Geoffreys July 28th Sophia Eide July 28th Isabela Del Nero Pires August 8th Wilabeth Hood August 19th


School Success!

We Love What We Do!


How to Avoid Anxiety in the Classroom This School Year Written by Julie M. Armenta M.A., Education & Family Specialist & Founder of Armenta Learning Academy Sometimes anxiety is seen in our children and unfortunately, it is on the rise in the classroom. More anxiety has been seen due to pressures at school and in society. Symptoms are easily identifiable, including upset and nervous stomach, nail biting, disruptive or angry attitude, ADHD and severe learning or behavior disorders. Here are some tips for a successful school year and how to identify and avoid anxiety in the classroom.

Anxiety Disorders and How to Help General Anxiety: This happens when children worry about everyday things and situations. The pressures of how to perform in school and struggles with being perfect or living up to parents’ standards are often reasons for anxiety. It’s helpful to support your children in a routine schedule. Discuss goals for the day and prepare the child to relax and perform for what feels comfortable to them. Remind them to always try their best and that is enough. Separation Anxiety: We tend to see this in our children’s earlier years, such as preschool or Kindergarten. Children have a difficulty of being separated from their parents. It’s beneficial to start kids off early and getting them used to being left alone with other trusted family members or friends for a smooth transition into school programs. Social Anxiety: Children feel self-conscious about how they look, act and perform, which can make it difficult to participate in class and with peers in social situations. It’s important to put them on sports teams and in activities at a young age to build confidence and esteem to avoid social anxiety in later years. When children are overly-emotional and have a fear of failure or to take risks in the classroom, it can sabotage their performance and efforts in school. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Other Phobias: Children can get stressed over the little things that they usually can’t control, these can result in anxiety. Kids with OCD try to alternate their anxiety by compulsive rituals, like switching on and off lights, washing hands or other OCD rituals to provide comfort and calmness. Phobias can result to anxiety being consumed and stressed about things around them, such as fear of heights, too many people in one place and so on. It is best to listen to your children on concerns and fears. Providing counseling or family time is highly beneficial to calm your child’s phobias or OCD. It is best to pull them from groups and respect their space and time needed to adjust. 6

What Should We Do? ѼModel Healthy Behavior: For our children, we must teach them to build

confidence and decision making skills. We need to watch how we handle situations, stress and solutions, so our children can learn healthy living and decision making through us. ѼPraise Positive Behaviors and Skills: Always listen to your child first,

never interrupt or interject while your child is sharing concerns and fears. Validate their feelings, provide solutions and move on. Do not divert from the issues at hand and over comfort. Refrain from negative talk or judgment, which will provide a safe place for your children to share and grow. Learn to put your child’s feelings and experiences into context, which will help your child gain comfort, perspective, resilience, coping skills and more. ѼCreating Structure and Goals: Good rest, nutrition and communication

is an integral part of preventing stressful situations that lead to anxiety. Talking about their day and focusing on new goals daily can provide a safe and effective way to start the day more relaxed. For example, waking up early to prevent the feeling of being rushed and also taking 10 deep breaths between classes. These goals can change daily or weekly to meet your child’s individual needs. It is important as a parent and educator, such as myself, to see the signs and provide comfort continually and constantly for these children to grow, blossom and be successful; not only at home and in school, but also comfortable in their “own skin” and any situation or setting. Mrs. Armenta and her staff teach strategies for socializing, social thinking, problem-solving skills, coping skills and teaching children how to identify with their feelings of anxiety. We are available for one on one or small group sessions and through counseling, coaching and esteem building classes. At ALA, we can alleviate anxiety and learning and behavior disorders through our individualized and personalized programs for your child. We offer pre-K through adult school and tutoring programs for all learners that move at each child's learning pace and we offer accelerated studies and remediation programs, as well! Your child finally gets the attention and expertise they need and deserve to be successful in school and in life. Call for support in all subjects in your home or at the Academy. We guarantee success! 7

“Mrs. ArmentaIt and hervery staff pleasant take a personal approach teaching the was meeting Mr.toSmith and children. Combined with a group effort from teacher to teacher, I've seen

Mrs. Armenta. They are both very sweet and My daughter is very excited to be in public schoolwelcoming. in a shorter amount of time. Their teachers are very educated and teach respect academy. and they giveAs thesoon children part the of children this amazing as respect. we They are building leaders! They give the children the tools they need to get walked in we felt the family atmosphere. I am through life. They teach integrity, compassion, and respect, not just by basic looking to my daughter's firstatday!!! words, but through their forward actions to the children. They teach the my friends children's progress far above what they ever did when they were

children's learning level and they make a good assessment at the beginning

- Mary to find out where the child is learning and they make the curriculum at the level that's comfortable for the child. Then, they start to raise the

“THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING FOR MY SON. THIS IS THE curriculum level slowly so the child starts learning at a higher level. They FIRST TIME I'VE SEEN HIMsimply BE EXCITED FOR SCHOOL, HEtell CANNOT WAIT TO START don't tolerate bullying and they the children and parents that at SCHOOL WITH YOU! YOU HAVE DONE SO MUCH WITH HIM DURING THE SUMMER the beginning. If it happens, they deal with it immediately. “Thank you Mrs. Armenta Mrs. Armenta, Mr. Smith and staff are absolutely wonderful and can AND HE IS SOinEXCITED for believing me. It's TO BE WITH YOU THE WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR. THANK YOU change your children's lives.” FOR WITH fun WORKING to have a school thatMY GIFTED CHILD.” “I love this school! I can't - Dawn - KELLY sees my poten al and not

wait to come here, it's been labeled in my reading groups anymore. You helped me believe such a fun summer Mrs. Arin myself and do well and all my subjects. We always have so menta and Mr. Smith are “Thank you soyou much for what done for ge my ng daughter. Not they onlyteach haveme you the best, in much fun and understand've Thank you for just and funYou ways. I love helped her more attention, sheme.” also lovescreative school again! have me, this is focus the firstand mehave a teacher really understands all my classes here, espehelped me in so many ways to make her more successful and happy here at home - Grace cially Science. ” and in the community. Lily enjoys her time with you and comes back to me - Declan excited about learning. She loves you and your school. Thank you Mrs. “Mrs. Armenta, you are the best and most amazing teacher ever!

Armenta!” You're my hero and you have helped me achieve so many things. just in school, but in my life with my jobs with my confidence -Not Cassandra in my community and with my volunteer work. I love taking

college credits with you and graduating with ALA. You and Mr. Smith have taken me so far and I'm so thankful for you .” - Tanner

“Mr. Smith and Mrs. Armenta, you both have been angels to our family and you “I just wanted to take the me and say thank you. My daughter, Gia, have taken both of my children to a safe and happy place to learn, to grow, to instantly loved you she's so excited to start the school year with you. blossom You done so much in just such a short time. Our You madeand her to feelbe sothemselves. comfortable and so have empowered. She's ready for success she is sotoenthusias the 5th grade. children areandexcited continuec about withstar you ng through the school year. We have seen such I’ve never seen her get excited about school my life! Thank you, great results and strides and we're looking forward to more with you! Thank you again, Mrs. Armenta.” again, you both are truly the best.” - Mercedes - Missy 8 8

Classes at Armenta Learning Academy Classes can be modified and individualized for your child’s needs.

Au sm Reading Comprehension Classes Ages 5-9 These classes are geared toward children from grade K to 3rd. The program will give your child the founda on and support they need to successfully begin or improve on their journey with reading. They will also be taught reading comprehension tools. This will build words, sentences, vocabulary and comprehension. We have programs for Au s c and Special Needs children, specifically language-delayed and nonverbal learners. Cer fied Play A en on Courses Ages 14-18, Ages 10-13 and Ages 5-9 We are licensed for the Play A en on Program, which is a Neuro feedback tool. Play A en on gets quick results in focus and concentra on with ADHD, au sm, cogni ve, behavior, thinking skills for kids and adults. This is the leading learning program with 91% success rate in a very short me. Play A en on is the global leader in educa onal, cogni ve, and behavioral interven ons for ADHD. Lindamood-Bell Classes Grades 9-12, Grades 7-8 and Grades K-6 This cu ng-edge teaching techniques offers tools to help your child who struggle with learning issues, especially readers. We use a mul -sensory approach that uses different senses to help make connec ons between sounds, le ers, and words. We use sight, sound, and touch to enhance and


empower the learner. This approach is highly beneficial for students with dyslexia, auditory processing disorders, and dyscalculia. Sessions range from 1 to 4 hours daily for best results . Mul -sensory Handwri ng Program Grades 9-12, Grades 7-8 and Grades K-6 This technique incorporates music with handwri ng classes to help your child get skills for focusing more effec vely during school. We challenge memory, logic, a en on, and verbal skills through a variety of brain and wri ng exercises. French, German and Swedish Classes Ages 14-18, Ages 10-13 and Ages 5-9 Beginning, intermediate and advanced classes for all the language lovers to explore not only the beau ful language, but also the tradi ons of the cultures. We teach the history, cultures, and tradi ons of the language. There are so many benefits to learn a second language. These classes can help with advancing memory, mul tasking, boos ng brain power, helping the mind become keener, improving leadership and self-esteem, and sharpening decision-making skills. Learning languages help performance in other academics. Learning a second language helps to make a person more flexible and open to other cultures and creates possibili es for a brighter future with life and career opportuni es.


ARMENTA PET ACADEMY At Armenta Pet Academy we believe in establishing a rapport with you and your pet to build trust and respect for a great experience with your pet. Training that should be stimulating and fun as well as enriching for your pet. We use positive reinforcement methods to get quick results. We will train in your home or you can have your pet stay with us short term for day school or long term for a new, improved pet for day school or boarding while you are away for great results. Contact us at (949)433-0898 we accept emergency calls!

Custom Care & Training for Your Canine Family Member Get quick results with house breaking, chewing, barking, jumping, digging, mouthing & more!!  Private or group/In home or At Site  Problem Solving  Behavior Mediation  Obedience Training

Sophia, Julianna and APA’s mascot, Brody.  On & Off Leash Training  Personal & Family Protection  Trauma Support/ Esteem Building  Separation Anxiety, Pet Therapy  Tricks & Performance Training  Puppy Basic Skills Training  Socialization/Field Trips

Armenta Learning Academy 28062 Forbes Road, Suite B Laguna Niguel, CA 92677


Phone: (949)367-WISE (9473) Cell: (949)433-0898


ALA Fall 2017 Newsletter  

It's back to school time! Our Fall 2017 newsletter is now available with great summer highlights, success stories, articles, teacher biograp...

ALA Fall 2017 Newsletter  

It's back to school time! Our Fall 2017 newsletter is now available with great summer highlights, success stories, articles, teacher biograp...