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Wisdom Integrity Success Excellence Difficulties will always occur in the academic life of a child. We find solutions to these challenges. When a child experiences confusion and frustration over an extended period of time, his or her self-esteem begins to diminish, and an “I can’t” attitude develops. Consistent encouragement, discipline, motivation and guidance can change that “I can’t” to a positive “I can”! We can make tomorrow better and brighter by educating students today. The opportunity is now! We will make this school year a pleasant and stimulating experience. We all look forward to working with your child on the path to success at ALA. Welcome!

Academic Success Can Start Now!

I am the Founder of Armenta Learning Academy. Since the age of five, I have had the dream of having my own school and impacting the lives of children. I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology, a multiple subject teaching credential, a Master’s in Education, and I am completing my Doctorate in Education. I have owned and operated the Academy for almost 20 years, and have worked in both private and public schools with all ages for 25 years. I am also a certified counselor with credentials in education and ministry. I started a shelter for abused and abandoned teens in Chula Vista, which still exists today. I am a public speaker reaching out to parents and the community to instill values, techniques, and approaches for more success with their children and within their families to impact generations to come. Currently, I am finishing my book Success for Every Child, (the parent manual we have all been waiting for.) I serve on several Boards: Council for Exceptional Children, Council for Children with Behavioral Disorders, Council for Special Education Administrators, the Council of Division of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners, and Association for Dyslexia and Autism. I am involved in the community with volunteer work to help and support less fortunate children with organizations such as Families Forward, Olive Crest, Kids Connected, and The Joyful Child Foundation. At ALA, I am available for specialized assistance for students and parents, private counseling, consultations, educational and family workshops and support. My passion is to educate, motivate, inspire, and empower all families and children I come in contact with. Thank you for allowing me the honor and opportunity to work with you and your precious children. It is truly a privilege and honor!

28062 Forbes Road, Ste B Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 (949) 367-WISE (9473) (949) 433-0898

Armenta Learning Academy Achieving Excellence Through Education

Empower. Enrich. Educate.

We Build Brilliance in Our Students ALA provides daily interactive academic and enrichment and monthly guest speakers to reach your child’s full learning potential. We nurture each student’s interests, talents, and strengths as well as fill in any gaps to build a strong, academic foundation. We have the flexibility to be creative with your child and use hands on, kinesthetic approach for authentic learning. We determine the learning style of your child and teach to their needs, whether it is auditory, visual, etc. Most students at ALA can accelerate and advance quickly. Whether they are behind and need to catch up or are gifted and need to be challenged, we move at the child’s own learning pace. Students learn respect, values, morals, and manners, as well as personal hygiene, social skills and more. At ALA we also provide , self-esteem building workshops, social skills classes, parent & family counseling and support. Teachers at ALA all have degrees or are pursuing a degree. Most are credentialed in Special Education or Standard Education. We provide 6:1 ratio for school. For school and tutoring, we have 1:1 and small groups available. We are K-12 educational program, and we follow state standards and regulations. It is decided what is best for the child and the family by Mrs. Armenta, and the parents. ALA provides daily updates and communication with the parents, which creates a successful outcome with the student and their family. Students love ALA because it is small, nurturing, specialized, and individualized. Some of ALA’s favorite enrichment courses are Sign language, Computers, Foreign Languages, Pet Education, and more. We are consistently adding new courses to ALA to meet the needs of your child.

Available Services 

Non-traditional School Programs/6:1 Ratio

On and Off Site Tutoring, Semi-Private and 1:1

Accelerated Studies/Early Graduation

Special Needs and Gifted Programs

Homeschool and Independent Study Support

Grade Level Acceleration/Classes for Credit

All Ages & Subjects, Pre-K to Adult Education

After School and Enrichment Programs

Math/Computers/Science/Reading/Writing Workshops

Book Clubs and Read-a-thons

Foreign Languages and English as a Second Language


Workshops, Study Hall, Peer Chat Groups

Student Volunteer & Internship Programs

School Success & Career Readiness Workshops

Parenting Classes & Consultations

Counseling & Mentoring with Ms. Armenta

Armenta Angels Community Outreach Program

Summer School Programs

Outdoor Education & Community Responsibility

Armenta Olympics & Games

Peer Mentoring & Peer Chat Groups

Enrichment Classes: Social Skills, Skills for School Success

School Clubs: Pet Education, Oceanography, Fishing Club

Individualized Assessment, Instruction, and Academic Plans for all Ages and Subjects!

Our Students Speak Out about Armenta “...Thank you so much for helping me with my homework. You are a great teacher, and you are always a sweet and kind person. You are always happy…” “...You are super cool. Thank you for helping me…” “...Thank you to all of you who teach me…” “...Thank you for making me accelerate through my classes faster…” “...Thank you Mrs. Armenta for starting this school. I love school now…” “...Thank you for your time and sharing your fishing stories with me…” “...Thank you for this school; this is the best school ever…” “...I love my friends, teachers and my school.” “...Wow! I can’t believe I actually love Armenta so much, I want to go to summer school.”

Through our unique school program, tutoring services and educational programs, Armenta Learning Academy will make a difference in your child’s education and life.

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We are a unique alternative school with school, home school and tutoring options available for all learning needs, including Special Needs a...