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Classes at Armenta Learning Academy Classes can be modified and individualized for your child’s needs.

Social Skills Class Grade 9-12, Grade 7-8 and K-6 Basic Manners & E que e Workshops and Social Skills Classes. Classes can be individualized and specialized to your child’s needs.  Appropriate Dress for Various Se ngs  Personal Grooming  Handshaking - The Ul mate Gree ng  Introducing Yourself and Others - The Ul mate First Impression  Responding to Introduc ons  Name Tag E que e  Conversa on Skills  How to Remember Names  Body Language & Eye Signals  Thank You Notes  Ne que e - Cell Phone and Electronic E que e  Telephone Manners  Respec ng Cultural Differences  Being a Though ul Traveler - Travel E que e  General Manners and Common Courtesies  The Job Interview  Study, Time Management, and Test Taking Skills Social Skills For Success Class Ages 14-18, Ages 10-13 and Ages 5-9 In this class, we focus on eye contact, voice tone, communica on and peer skills, esteem building, coopera ve play, and more. We will modify classes to individual needs of the students in this course.

Skills For School Success Ages 14-18, Ages 10-13 and Ages 5-9 This course focuses on me management organiza onal skills, note taking, test taking, study skills, success in all subjects and in school. Homework Helper Class Grades 9-12th, Grade 7-8, Grades K-6th Support for all and any subjects. Take the stress off of you as a parent and be assured it's done efficiently while teaching your children easy steps to success in the classroom and in future homework endeavors. How to Get Into the College of Your Choice (High School Age)  GPA Requirements  Course Applica on Process  How to Stand Out on Your Applica on  Test Scores Needed  Scoring Well on the SAT  When to Apply & How  How to Take Advantage of Scholarships & Grants  How to Keep Track of and Meet College Applica ons Deadlines  The Common Applica on Pros and Cons

Summer Courses at Armenta Learning Academy  

Summer Courses Early Registration is now available! We are an accredited school with school and tutoring options available for all learning...

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