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Classes at Armenta Learning Academy Classes can be modified and individualized for your child’s needs.

Social Skills Class Grade 9-12, Grade 7-8 and K-6 Basic Manners & E que e Workshops and Social Skills Classes. Classes can be individualized and specialized to your child’s needs.  Appropriate Dress for Various Se ngs  Personal Grooming  Handshaking - The Ul mate Gree ng  Introducing Yourself and Others - The Ul mate First Impression  Responding to Introduc ons  Name Tag E que e  Conversa on Skills  How to Remember Names  Body Language & Eye Signals  Thank You Notes  Ne que e - Cell Phone and Electronic E que e  Telephone Manners  Respec ng Cultural Differences  Being a Though ul Traveler - Travel E que e  General Manners and Common Courtesies  The Job Interview  Study, Time Management, and Test Taking Skills Social Skills For Success Class Ages 14-18, Ages 10-13 and Ages 5-9 In this class, we focus on eye contact, voice tone, communica on and peer skills, esteem building, coopera ve play, and more. We will modify classes to individual needs of the students in this course.

Skills For School Success Ages 14-18, Ages 10-13 and Ages 5-9 This course focuses on me management organiza onal skills, note taking, test taking, study skills, success in all subjects and in school. Homework Helper Class Grades 9-12th, Grade 7-8, Grades K-6th Support for all and any subjects. Take the stress off of you as a parent and be assured it's done efficiently while teaching your children easy steps to success in the classroom and in future homework endeavors. How to Get Into the College of Your Choice (High School Age)  GPA Requirements  Course Applica on Process  How to Stand Out on Your Applica on  Test Scores Needed  Scoring Well on the SAT  When to Apply & How  How to Take Advantage of Scholarships & Grants  How to Keep Track of and Meet College Applica ons Deadlines  The Common Applica on Pros and Cons

Kinder Readiness (Pre-K) Classes can be modified and individualized for your child’s needs.

Armenta Learning Academy is a great school for parents who want a nontradi onal school system, there is a lesser known curriculum at this school that seems to be overlooked. Armenta Learning Academy also hosts a Kinder Readiness Program. Armenta Learning Academy helps children overcome the separa on anxiety that most parents face when the first days of school. Armenta Learning Academy is a safe and s mula ng environment, great for social and physical development necessary for children, as well as the cogni ve and emo onal development that is expected by kindergarten. Mrs. Armenta recommends this checklist which covers the very basics of what will be expected of a child star ng kindergarten: Listen to stories without interrup ng   Recognize rhyming sounds  Pay a en on for short periods of me to adult-directed tasks Understand ac ons have both causes and effects  Show understanding of general mes of day   Cut with scissors Trace basic shapes  Begin to share with others  Start to follow rules   Be able to recognize authority  Manage bathroom needs  Bu on shirts, pants, coats, and zip up zippers  Begin to control oneself Separate from parents without being upset  Speak understandably   Talk in complete sentences of five to six words  Look at pictures and then tell stories Iden fy rhyming words  Iden fy the beginning sound of some words  Iden fy some alphabet le ers   Recognize some common sight words like “stop”  Sort similar objects by color, size, and shape  Recognize groups of one, two, three, four, and five objects  Count to ten Bounce a ball  Armenta Learning Academy works with the children so that when the me comes, they are ready for seat work with skill set to be successful in the classroom.

Classes at Armenta Learning Academy Classes can be modified and individualized for your child’s needs.

Reading Program Ages 14-18, Ages 10-13 and Ages 5-9 Our reading course is Phonics based with a whole language approach that will bring your child up an en re grade level! We make reading fun and come alive. We cover fluency, phonemic awareness, decoding skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary building and more. Wri ng Classes Ages 14-18, Ages 10-13 and Ages 5-9 Our wri ng course covers paragraph building, crea ve wri ng, flow and format, The 5 Paragraph Essay for more advanced writers, confidence building, and developing a lifelong, enthusias c writer and reader.

Beginners Spanish Grades 9-12, Grades 7-8 and Grades K-6 Introduc on to Spanish grammar, basic sentences, nouns, adjec ves, verbs and pronouns. Intermediate Spanish Grades 9-12, Grades 7-8 and Grades K-6 Refresh your basic skills with an in depth course where you will prac ce intensive listening, speaking, reading and wri ng in Spanish. Beginner Sign Language Class Grades 9-12, Grades 7-8, Grades K-6 Learn alphabet and beginning words to formulate sentences and build vocabulary. Fun and hands on learning!

Math Class Ages 14-18, Ages 10-13 and Ages 5-9 Math comes alive with hands-on learning tangibles for all ages. Applying to real life applica ons, making math fun.

Intermediate Sign Language Class Grades 9-12, Grades 7-8 and Grades K-6 Vocabulary, formula ng sentences, handson learning, intermediate building up to conversa onal sign language.

Science Class Grades 9-12, Grades 7-8 and Grades K-6 Our Science Class is a fun experience, with cool facts, quizzes, projects, lessons, images, and videos.

SAT/ACT/GED Test Taking Strategies Class Test taking for college, helping with all subjects. Support to get high scores to get them into the college of your dreams.

Classes at Armenta Learning Academy Classes can be modified and individualized for your child’s needs.

Language Arts Class Grades K-8th Highlights of the class include a focus on:  Grammar  Wri ng  Speaking Skills  Reading Comprehension  Spelling Techniques This workshop is for students who can benefit from Julie M. Armenta, Educa onal Specialist and Founder of Armenta Learning Academy to concentrate on her most beloved subject, language arts. Guaranteed success of improving our students' performance levels and providing them with the skills they'll need in the real world. Mrs. Armenta has geared this class to meet the needs of your children with their learning style. We are excited to make the English language not just a learning tool, but an experience. Guaranteed to bring your student up one whole grade level! Journaling Workshop Grades K-8th This ongoing interac ve workshop uses wri ng prompts, thought development, discussion of the wri ng process and proven techniques to help you nurture your inner crea vity. Journaling helps you make decisions, set priori es, solve problems, heal, overcome difficul es, build your wri ng skills and self esteem, establish direc on in life, self-reflec on, goal-se ng, and get crea ve juices flowing. We can also assist in ge ng your work published.

Pet Training/Junior Trainer/Dog Obedience Grades K-8th At Armenta Pet Academy we believe in establishing a rapport with you and your pet to build trust and respect for a great experience with your pet. Training that should be s mula ng and fun as well as enriching for your pet. We use posi ve reinforcement methods to get quick results. We will train in your home or you can have your pet stay with us short term for day school or long term for a new, improved pet or boarding while you are away for great results. We establish be er manners and correct behavior problems like chewing, digging, jumping and more for all breeds over 4 months old. We introduce proper heel, automa c sit, sit-stay, downstay, stand for inspec on, come with finish, as well as hand signals, long-distance work and boundary training. We teach children to handle dogs and become a junior trainer!

Summer Courses at Armenta Learning Academy  

Summer Courses Early Registration is now available! We are an accredited school with school and tutoring options available for all learning...

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