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Confessions of  a  Gambling  man   By  Shaun  Haney  

The brief   •  The  publishing  company  Penguin  are  celebra:ng  their  centenary.   As  part  of  the  celebra:on,  Penguin  would  like  a  selec:on  of   contemporary  and  classic  book  covers  redesigning.  You  have  been   commissioned  to  submit  3  photographs  that  illustrate  the  book  :tle   in  an  original  and  crea:ve  way.   •  Most  of  the  book  :tles  in  the  brief  are  real  and  so  to  help  you   generate  crea:ve  ideas  it  is  advisable  for  you  to  read  the  synopsis   of  the  story.  If  the  :tle  is  fic:onal  you  have  the  freedom  to  create/ imagine  your  own  story  but  you  will  need  to  write  a  short  text  that   will  put  your  final  photographs  in  context.     •  Select  only  one  of  the  following  /tles:   •  Confessions  of  a  gambling  man    (fic:onal  book)  

Irving Penn   on  first  look,  a  person  could  think  that  this  has  been   staged  put  together  in  front  of  the  camera  depic:ng   gambling,  However  when  you  think  about  how  it  was   done  they  would  have  to  look  into  the  camera  and  place   each  item  how  they  want.  though  to  understand  this   photograph  more,  you  would  need  to  know  why  Irving   Penn  did  this.   'AMer-­‐Dinner  games'  is  one  photograph  in  a  series  of   called  'S:ll  life'  that  Irving  started  in  1947.  in  this  series,   he  works  with  mainly  everyday  objects  to  create  different   pieces  of  composi:on  within  the  frame  including   balancing  different  objects  onto  or  on  each  other.  Irving   then  sets  about  crea:ng  different  layouts  of  objects  and   photographs  from  varying  angles  also.   Although  this  photograph  on  its  own  isn't  very  important   in  itself  I  believe  however  that  the  en:re  series  of  'S:ll   life'  is  very  important  because  it  provides  the  viewer  with   the  opportunity  to  think  about  how  they  layout  there   pieces  in  a  different  way.  normally  anyone  would  just   place  the  objects  then  take  the  picture  but  to  get  what   you  want  the  camera  to  see  in  focus  and  what  is  not  in   focus  you  have  to  look  into  the  view  finder  and  place  the   objects  whilst  looking  through  the  finder.  

First set  of  photographs  

Evalua:on of  first  set  of  photos   My  inten:ons  on  first  set  of  photographs  was  to   explore  different  ways  in  trying  to  take/create   different  outcomes  that  include  different  objects  that   you  would  expect  to  see  at  a  gambling  table.  Although   I  think  that  I  have  produced  the  outcomes  that  I   wanted  I  feel  that  some  of  them  I  could  have  added   more  to  them.   I  think  the  photos  that  I  think  personally  that  I  should   put  more  objects  into  them  are  the  first,  fiMh,  sixth   and  seventh.  The  reason  I  have  chosen  those  four  is   because  I  think  they  need  more  objects  within  the   frame  because  they  seem  too  plain,  so  with  the   addi:on  of  more  objects  I  think  they  will  be  beXer.   So  in  conclusion  I  think  I  have  got  my  star:ng  point   with  this  brief  and  now  need  to  take  it  further  with   more  objects  and  maybe  trying  different  filter  effects   or  over  laying  different  objects  on  top  of  print  outs  of   my  first  set  of  photographs.  

Harold Edgerton  

On first  glance  people  may  have  thought  that   this  is  done  with  a  really  fast  shuXer  speed  to   capture  the  moment  but  in  fact  this  is  done   with  a  Phantom  camera  which  is  basically  a   video  camera  which  shoots  thousands  of   frames  per  second.  To  understand  this  photo   you  would  need  to  know  why  Harold  Edgerton   did  this.   'CuZng  the  card  quickly'  is  a  photograph  in  a   series  called  'Bullets  and  Blasts'  that  Harold  has   created.  In  this  series  he  works  with  guns  and   bullets  and  objects  in  front  of  them  to  capture   the  speed  and  power  of  a  bullet  passing   through  a  object.  Harold  also  tries  different   :me  scales  in  which  the  bullet  hits  an  item.   Though  this  one  photograph  isn't  very   important  to  me,  the  whole  series  is  because  it   shows  what  can  be  captured  with  different   shuXer  speeds  an  what  the    outcomes  can  be.   Normally  a  person  would  try  to  take  an  image   with  just  single  capture  but  a  way  to  get   different  outcomes  is  to  use  the  con:nuous   shoo:ng  to  get  many  photos.  

My Experiment   This  is  my  aXempt  at  trying  to  recreate  Harold   Edgerton's  style  of  work  but  I  think  this  is  not   the  path  that  I  want  to  take  for  my  second  set   of  photographs  I  am  going  to  take.  The  reason  I   am  not  going  to  work  in  this  style  is  because  it   is  hard  to  get  the  correct  outcome  that  you  are   wishing  to  make.  

Stephen Gill  

On first  look  people  may  have  though  that  this   truck  had  spilt  its  cargo  but  on  closer  inspec:on   it  has  been  laid  on  top  of  the  photograph  print   to  give  the  illusion  that  this  truck  has  really  spilt   its  cargo  like  it  has.   'Un:tled'  is  a  photograph  which  is  part  of  a   series  called  'Hackney  Flowers'  that  Stephen  has   created.  In  this  series  he  works  with  his  own   photographs  which  he  has  taken  and  has  laid  on   top  of  the  photo  flowers,  petals  and  leaves.   Stephen  also  tries  placing  the  flowers  in  specific   places  within  the  photo  to  give  the  illusion  of   different  ideas  like  a  truck  unloading  its  cargo.   I  think  this  ar:st  is  important  to  me  because  I   would  like  to  work  toward  this  style  of  art,  by   laying  different  objects  on  top  of  my  previous   images  and  then  experimen:ng  with  different   posi:ons  and  ideas  on  where  to  place  them   within  the  frame.  

2nd Set  of  photographs  

Evalua/on of  2nd  set  of  photographs   With  my  second  set  of  photographs  I  was   trying  different  outcomes  with  my  original   set  of  photographs  as  prints  and  then  laying   different  objects  on  top  of  the  prints  to  try   and  create  different  outcomes  in  the  style  of   Stephen  Gill.  Although  I  am  happy  with  the   outcomes  I  have  produced  I  think  I  could   have  tried  more  different  object  placements   and  different  prints  too.   The  photos  that  I  think  personally  I  could   have  put  more  into  them  would  have  to  be   the  third,  fourth  and  sixth.  the  reason  I  have   picked  these  three  photographs  is  because  of   the  fact  they  are  too  simplis:c  with   placement  and  I  personally  think  I  have   picked  a  not  too  fiZng  print  to  place  it  on.   In  conclusion  I  think  these  photos  are  beXer   than  my  first  set  but  I  think  I  can  improve   them  further  if  i  had  used  more  prints  of  my   first  set  and  then  laid  more  objects  on  top  of   them  I  could  have  produced  maybe  some   beXer  outcomes.  

Final Three  

My inten:on  of  these  three  and  my  previous  set  was  to  experiment  with   placing  objects  in  front  of  a  print  of  one  of  the  first  photos.  Although  I'm   preXy  pleased  with  these  three  outcomes,  I  think  I  could  have  tried  more   different  objects  in  front  the  prints.   The  first  photograph  is  probably  the  best  overlay  I  have  made  because  the   cards  are  held  by  someone  which  gives  the  impression  that  this  person  is   gambling  plus  the  hand  and  cards  are  the  only  thing  in  focus  which  is  a  great   depth  of  field.  The  second  photograph  is  very  simplis:c  really  with  cards  and   dice  layed  overlaid  on  top  of  the  photograph,  also  the  cards  and  dice  on  top   of  the  print  is  in  focus  which  gives  a  small  depth  of  field.  The  third  picture  has   dice  at  the  front  of  the  frame  and  then  everything  else  in  the  background  is   out  of  focus  to  a  sense  of  depth  of  field  and  this  one  is  probably  my  best   outcome.   In  conclusion,  I  am  rather  pleased  with  how  it  came  out  but  I  think  I  could   improve  them  by  having  more  experiments  with  the  overlays  maybe  trying   different  filters  on  the  photos  which  I  have  clearly  not  tried  with  all  of  the   photos  I  have  taken.  

Confessions of a gambling man  

Gambling can be a strange story at times

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