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Jarel Roxas Jrn 371 Chapter 3: Buzzpiece

10 ways to build and maintain an a effective team of volunteers for your church 1) You want to find passionate people. No matter what type of industry that you’re in, you want to find the type of people that love what they do. When people are passionate about their work, they will do it with excellence and pride. And let’s face it; the church is a non-profit organization, so you’ll need to find volunteers that are willing to put in the time for free, which is no easy task. 2) You need people with a learner’s heart. Know one likes the cocky guy that thinks he knows it all. And even if he does know it all, no one likes to work with prideful people. When someone is willing to learn, they are in a place to receive all that they can and con produce better quality work than those with a lot of pride. 3) I’ve seen it first hand, that the most pleasant people to work with are those that are humble. Never confuse humility for being a push over. Humble people are they type of people that are strong and stand up for what they think is right and are also willing to submit to authority. 4) Get people that dream big. People that have grand vision are the types of people that you want to have on your team. Every company wants to expand and grow, and that is done though the dreams of people.

5) Find those that are committed and are willing to execute the vision. We have dreamers and we have our executers. Visionaries are important, but the people that make that dream a reality are just as important. You need a team of people that consist of these different types of people to expand and grow your ministry so that it will be effective and touch lives. 6) Find people with big hearts. This is church ministry after all. The call of the church is to save the least and the lost. You need people that are willing to go beyond their comfort zone and love people even when it’s hard. Church ministry can be one of the hardest places for that to happen. It’s draining and inconvenient. But you need those that won’t give up on the first try. 7) At the end of the day, these are volunteers. So you need to build a foundation of why these volunteers will stay. You do that by giving them responsiblity and work that will honor them. I lead the media team at my church and we do service production. So there are positions like: camera and directing. These pieces of equipment are worth thousands upon thousands of dollars and to trust a volunteer with this equipment is a huge risk. But honoring a person is taking a risk on them. So by giving them gear that is very expensive and allowing them to use them, gives them worth. 8) Look for leaders. You will have many people that will come and go. Those are your seasonal types. God has asked them to serve, and they come and serve. But look for those volunteers that are look special. Just like any company, you look

for the exceptional ones that could move up in rank and show the capability to do something great. 9) Support and encourage your team. Go on retreats, travel to other places, watch movies and get inspired, build relationship and do life together. The best teams are those that know one another well. Chemistry is what most effective teams are made of. So the more you invest in knowing your team and team members, the better you will operate as a team because you will know each other. 10)As a leader, you need to lead from the front. Never be a dictator. As a leader within church ministry myself, I have come to conclusion that I will never ask my team to do something that I have never done or am not willing to do myself. I’m a huge believer that great leaders are those that are willing to fight with their team. So when it comes down to leading the team effectively, lead and serve with your team. You’ll never outgrow the need to serve people. In church ministry or life ministry, you are a servant.

My name is Jarel Roxas. I am media technician leader at PURE. I have been a ministry team leader for over 2 years. I worked my way up from just a camera man to a director to the media production lead for a team of 10-15 people and a church congregation of 200300. I am also apart of the communications team at PURE where we deal with different

types of media; graphic design, interior design, social media, photography, and film production. I am also independently contracted by Water of Life Community Church as a Media technician, where I have been working for about 6 months.

Jrn 371 chapter 3 buzzpiece  
Jrn 371 chapter 3 buzzpiece