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That Wednesday was the second week of our God Speaks series. Service production was all set for the night. I found that the media team was running low on volunteers and we needed two positions that needed to be filled; a camera and graphics person. I’ve been finding that the media team has been struggling to keep our regular amount of volunteers since the beginning of the year. So I began trying to recruit other volunteers to fill more. I started to talk to people I knew that had a background in film or media. I talked to Eddie, a UCR graduate in media arts, Leonard, an aspiring photographer, and Celeste, a interior design major. I was able to get Celeste and Eddie to help me out for the night and I put Eddie on camera and Celeste on graphics. I trained and briefed them very quickly. It great to know that both of them were familiar with the gear that we used and since they have been around Water of Life for some time now, they had an idea of how everything worked. I was service producer for that night and was communicating with the media director, Kristine, for the majority of the night. I was leading them in transitions and they were giving me cues for their cameras throughout the night. It was a smooth night and everything went well.

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