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2011 Team Captains Rally


Welcome DID YOU KNOW THIS MONTH IS “National Bath Safety Month” And “National Oatmeal Month”


Overview of the Rally

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Welcome and introductions Workshop 1- Recruitment Workshop 2- Fundraising Annual Meeting Luncheon Workshop 3- Team Experience



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Name Event, Team Name Years you have participated Weirdest gift you received/ given recently


Bike MS & Walk MS Teams at a Glance

• Walk and Bike MS events raise $132 million nationwide each year • 75% of total fundraising is raised by teams, nearly $100 million • Over 30,000 teams participate in Walk MS


Bike MS & Walk MS Teams at a Glance

• Over 85,000 Bike MS team members raise $60 million each year • Last year, Walk MS and Bike MS in Georgia raised more than $1.2 million • The teams in this room represent over 630 team members and raised over $280,000 last year


2011 Events for the Georgia Chapter


Celebrating 25 years of Bike MS in GA


Workshop 1- Recruitment 1. Getting Started- If not you, then who? 2. Identify the “why” you participate personally 3. Set your goal • Goals set the pace and direction of your team • Goals provide adhesion for your team 4. Make the ask 5. Delegate, delegate, delegate


Workshop 1- Recruitment Breakout

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What is the biggest hurdle in recruitment? What tools do you use to promote your team? Why do you personally participate in the event? What is your team’s “personality”?


Workshop 2- Fundraising 1. Getting Started- “why fundraise”? 2. Customize your fundraising to your personality 3. Set your goal and go public with it 4. Remember you don’t have to fundraise alone 5. Make the ask, let your potential donor decide


Workshop 2- Fundraising New Tools for 2011 • Fundraise with Facebook • Jittery Joes Coffee


Workshop 1- Fundraising Breakout • How do you currently raise money? • How can you collaborate with your team members in fundraising? • What are some of your favorite fundraising ideas? • What are your obstacles to fundraising? • What are ways to overcome these obstacles?


Annual Meeting


Workshop 3- Team Experience 1. Getting Started- Developing a Team Personality 2. Determine the image of your team- team “swag� 3. Create an elevator speech 4. Go beyond the event


Workshop 3- Team Experience Breakout • What image do you want your team to have? • How will your team stand out at the event? • What are your goals for the team (beyond raising money)? • How can you cultivate motivational tools into your team?


Team Captain Rally Presentation  
Team Captain Rally Presentation  

Team Captain Rally Presentation