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Welcome Michael Corey, Welcome to Elotisra! We are honored to have you as one of our citizens. You are joining your fellow Elots in the city of progress. This book, accompanied by your welcome package, will show you some things you can do. We have great resources that are included in your residency plan and we’d like to show you how to take advantage of them. We hope for a speedy acclimation into our country. We’re excited to see what you contribute to our wonderful city.

Sincerily, Elton Stewart

Chief Advisor of Welcome Committee

A Brief History The country of Elotisra was started by an American

named Jared Lloyd in 2018. He were worried about the direction his country was heading. The country became more and more divided over pointless things like race and religion. People seemed to be becoming more obese and less intelligent. Although there is scientific evidence showing that the way humans are living is not sustainable. He decided the world needed a safe haven for those who excel in what they do and have the motivation to do only the best work in their field. Through using his own funds as well as funds from his company, Elotisra, and with the help of many friends and companions that he had met throughout his life, Jared built a small island in the Pacific. Over the years, with the help of the world’s best designers and engineers, the island has expanded providing those who live there with everything they could need.

What you’re a part of Welcome to The City of Progress, Elotisra. We live by our slogan, “Do what is best,

and do it the best.� This country is driven by art and technology with the hopes of being the most beautiful and productive place in the world. Located between Hawaii and the continental United States, Elotisra is split into seven districts based on function. Eden is the capital of the country. This is where everyone in Elotisra lives. It is placed in the center of the island in order for everyone to have a relatively equal commute to work. There are different types of housing to choose from for you to choose from based on your needs. The art district is the heart of the country, because design influences everything. Here, there are studios, offices, workshops and every sort of tool creators need to do what they do. Everything is here to create art, music, design, film, and all other media for the world. In the park space of the art districts there is a large stage for live performances. The travel district contains everything needed to keep pushing technology. All technology related jobs are based here. The travel district has resources for all travel needs. The airport and docks are here. Bike and skateboards stores are here as well as drone and public transit storage. The food district grows fresh food for

everyone to eat. Grocery stores are found here as well. The law district deals with any behavior problems, relations with outside people and countries, as well as regulating the immigration process. The health district provides a space for citizens to remain healthy. Doctors are found here as well as a variety of resources for sports. There are tracks for running, fields for different sports, as skatepark, and a stadium. Throughout all districts there are great resources available. Several drone delivery stations are found throughout each district. There is wifi everywhere on the island. Roads are kept in the best condition for everyone to get around by bike or skateboard. Any important matter can be voted on through your phone or computer. Enjoy all of this and more on the beautiful island of Elotisra.



The seven districts are open for all citizens. You made find yourself in the home area of Eden and in your district of work the most, but you’re welcome to explore the rest of the island. Each district has it’s own park area for people to relax on breaks from work.


7 4 Park area



Districts 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Housing Art Technology Travel Food Law Health

Money Units are the official currency of Elotisra.

They are a digital currency whose worth is determined by constant analysis of the other currencies used on the planet Earth. There is no need to carry around bills or a wallet here, since all Unit accounts can be accessed through your smart phone, watch, or glasses. You can organize your funds into seperate accounts in order to easily budget. You can also view and pay any monthly payments you have. Units are the only currency accepted in Elotisra. This is supposed to be the future of money and should be easier than ever.

Setting Up Unit

1.Download the Unit app on any smart phone, watch, or glasses 2.Open the app and go to register 3.Scan your ID code included in your welcome package 4.Set up touch or face ID as your log in


•Tap to pay in person •Tap your phone on a payment receiver in order to pay

Send by Code

•Send money directly to individuals through their code either in your contacts or off of an ID card

Subscribe Payments

•Manage and pay for recurring bills and payments


•Organize your money by creating new accounts to store money for specific budgets •See what your units are worth in other currencies


•See your history of units sent and received


All mail is delivered by drones. The Air Mail service is a

great way to send and receive mail. Use the app and provided boxes and labels for all of your mail needs. You can send mail to and from any delivery location on the island. There are different sized drones to be able to carry any sized package. The drones are constantly moving until they are nearly out of battery. At that point they can stop at any of the islands many charging stations. The drones read labels and match the code with the information from the submitted order to determine where mail will go to. Air Mail should be much more efficient that delivery methods of the past.

Setting Up Air mail

1.Download the Air Mail app on any smart phone, watch, or glasses 2.Open the app and go to register 3.Scan your ID code included in your welcome package 4.Set up touch or face ID as your log in

Send Mail

•Through the app, send mail to a person, business, or location •Choose whether you want to send a package to someone’s home or to their nearest delivery station •Use approved boxes and labels to package items

Receive Mail

•Mail Is delivered straight to your home or to the delivery station nearest to you •Get notified of incoming packages and their delivery progress •Show the delivery station nearest to you


•Order more boxes and labels through the app

Passport Go anywhere you would like. The country of Elotisra is at peace with all nations. This means you are able to travel to any country in the world. Elotisra encourages its citizens to travel in order for them to have a great understanding of the world.

There is no need to apply seperately for a passport, it is preapproved with citizenship and can be found in your welcome package.

COmmuting A healthier commute.

The island of Elotisra is designed to be easy to walk, bike, and skate around. Understanding however that this is not always possible, we provide a trolley that runs throughout the island. The trolley runs on electricity to be good for the environment. Many people on the island also get around via large personal drones. We encourage people to use bikes and skateboards as it is the best option for your health and for the environment.


•Good for your health •Fast •Fun •Affordable •Great layout for biking


•Good for your health •Fast •Affordable •Fun •Great layout for skating


•Easy •Free •Slower •Best option when injured •Great if you need to carry anything with you


•Easy •Expensive •Fastest •Fun