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Reconnecting New Haven | Reinvigorating the Hill

Current Conditions

Barriers limit development and deplete quality of life

Route 34 seperates the Hill and Downtown

Underutilized surface lots abound

Superblock design limits connectivity Church Street Housing complex provides sub-standard and dangerous affordable housing

Union Station isolation limits TOD potential 0



1,000 Feet

Future Conditions

New connections and development integrate an improved Hill with NH Yale expansion area promotes integration

CBD infill provides area for biomedical expansion

Church Street Housing replaced with health focused affordable housing

Route 34 decked over

New healthcare focused community college provides employment opportunies

Street grid connects Union Station with New Haven New area for mixed used, mixed income TOD 0



1,000 Feet

Jared Katseff | Assignment 3 | Final Review | Board 1 of 3 | D’Oca Section | 04.30.12

Second Semester Final Project Board 1 of 3  
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