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Summer Internship 2012 Jared Swiontek

Pheromone Trap •

•This is the same picture as the one before, but a closer view. In this picture you should be able to see what the banded sunflower moth actually looks like.

Pheromone Trap 2 •The picture above is a pheromone trap. If you look inside the trap you can see on the bottom that there is a sticky substance that bugs can stick to. The little rubber piece is the actual pheromone that the bugs our attracted too. In this particular trap we have a pheromone to attract banded sunflower moths. As you can see we did catch some. This field was later sprayed to kill the banded sunflower moths. •

Downy Mildew •This is a picture of a sunflower that I found in a field that I was scouting this spring. As you can see the plant is infected with downy mildew. There was not many plants that I found with downy mildew this summer. There is two main types of sunflowers, Confection (the ones you eat) and oil, this particular plant is an oil sunflower. •

Combine In the picture above you will see a combine as well as a fellow employee. This is a research combine that our company had purchased from a company in Minot ND this spring. They than decided to bring the combine too southern Kansas to be gone through and to change a few things so that it would be ready to combine sunflowers this fall. In this picture we were picking it up after they had finished working on it. We left on a Sunday morning from Breckenridge and drove all the way to Hutchinson Kansas to spend the night. The next morning we picked up the combine and drove to Aberdeen SD to spend the night. The next day we were able to make it back home to Breckenridge. •

Sunflower Field •The picture above is me putting out a pheromone trap in a close to fully bloomed sunflower field. We wanted to know if there was any banded sunflower moths in the field. The next day I went out and checked the trap to find about 75 moths in the trap.

Test Plot The picture above is me after we finished signing a corn test plot that we had north of Fargo ND. We had also dug the borders of the plot before we signed it. •

Summer Inturnship  
Summer Inturnship