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THE LAUGH-OFF EVENT In the weeks leading up to JFL42 Toronto an event will be staged to generate buzz around the festival. This event will be held in a prominent Toronto public place, such as Yonge-Dundas Square or Nathan Philips Square. It will be free and anyone can attend.

HOW IT WORKS In something akin to comedy speed-dating, each JFL42 comedian will take the stage for exactly 42 seconds. They have under a minute to impress the crowd and make them laugh. The audience’s collective reaction will be measured by how loud and frequent their laughs are in decibels.

THE LIVE LAUGH METER This decibel laugh measurement will be visually represented in real-time on Toronto’s very own landmark – the CN tower. The CN Tower’s light-show will be utilised to gauge how each comedian is performing during his/her 42 second routine, with the lights rising and falling with the laughter.

THE LAUGH-OFF CHAMPION At the end of the night, one comedian will be crowned the 42 Second Laugh-Off Champion, based on how high their routine registered on the CN Tower Live Laugh Meter. Will it be an established favourite Just For Laughs act or an exciting, new up-and-comer?

LAUNCHING JFL42 With its innovative use of the iconic CN Tower, the 42 Second Laugh-Off will gain substantial media coverage leading up to the JFL42 festival. Additionally, as it is a free and open event, the 42 Second Laugh-Off gives the public a taste of the rest of the festival, encouraging them to buy tickets. To further drive numbers to JFL42, any one who uses their smartphone to check-in to the 42 Second Laugh-Off event on Foursquare or Facebook will be offered a discount on JFL42 tickets.

The Just for Laughs 42 Second Laugh-Off  

Strategy for a campaign/festival driving people to the JFL42 festival in Toronto.

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