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integrated results New sub-brand highlights more conscious forms of consumption and proposes new production methods that are now being applied to other Natura product lines

“Why do you need what you don’t need?” For five years, this question was formulated and reformulated countless times by dozens of people in the different Natura areas involved in the development of a new sub-brand. The challenge was to launch a product line for daily use in which the company believed there was a great opportunity for products linked with Natura’s Essence and its commitment to sustainable development. This led to the launch of the sub-brand Sou in June 2013, which made a significant contribution to company sales and environmental results in the second half of the year. “It was very clear in company research that the consumer already understands the value of sustainable products, but still does not want to or can’t pay more for this. Conscious consumption is nothing more than focusing on what is truly necessary. So we started to ask: how can we make a product focused on what is essential from the consumer’s viewpoint?”, says Fabiana Pellicciari, business unit director.

This led to the development of a formula containing fewer ingredients and 80% vegetalized. The single pack for the 27 items in the line adopts a pouch format that uses 70% less plastic than conventional ones and permits consumers to use ever y last drop of the product. The new pack also generates gains during the distribution phase, permitting a greater number of products to be transpor ted per vehicle. Natura acquired exclusive manufacturing equipment for the line, enabling a reduction in energy consumption, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and waste generation at all stages of production. The development of the Sou line has already led to changes in other company sub-brands. In 2013, Natura launched new refills for the Natura Plant hair care line in pouch format.

Every last drop: the pack permits every last drop of the product to be used

No excess in formula: with vegetable ingredients and no coloring agents

The important things remain: moisturizing, involving texture and delicious fragrance

Efficient process: less waste, less time to manufacture and less energy

New pack: 70% less plastic and 60% fewer pollutant gas emissions

Natura Report 2013  
Natura Report 2013