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Hafa Adai – Thank you Guam for all the kind words and support you have expressed to me for introducing a sports magazine to our island. I hope you have enjoyed all the pictures and articles that we showcased over the past 6 months. To our advertisers, we must continue to acknowledge your support for without it this magazine would not exist. In this issue we feature Pacific X-treme Combat 32, Guam and Asia’s premier MMA event. The main bouts would pit Guam’s top fighters against Korea’s for the Featherweight and Welterweight belts. As seen on the cover Guam’s own Baby Joe Taimanglo would prevail in the Featherweight division. The first annual Heineken Guam Rugby Sevens season wrapped up play with their championship games in August. Milestones Sports Magazine was there to capture all the action and bring it to you. Congratulations go out to the women’s Para Todu team and the men’s Young Gunz for taking their respective trophies. Our junior golfers took to the links against international competition in the 4th Annual BMW Guam USA Junior Open played at the Leo Palace Resort. Boy and girls of ages 7 to 18 would compete in this 3 day tournament. International competition in volleyball also made its way to Guam with the 14th Annual Shieh Invitational Girls High School Volleyball tournament. Our very own GW Geckos would reign in their home court. Last but not least check out the classic cars in the Sports Pics of the Month section. WOW!

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20 Rugby

8 Health & Fitness

24 Tips For Eating Right

PXC 32

Guam Rugby Sevens Tournament

Brant McCreadie Kontenda’s Fitness clubn

26 Volleyball

High School Volleyball Tournament

10 Golf

4th Annual BMW Guam USA Junior Open

28 Photo Review

14 The Game of Rugby 16 Soccer

ver on the co

Budlight Soccer League

31 Nutrition

Jesse E. Rosario, Fitness Instructor & Nutrition Consultant

Featured is Guam’s own 28 year old Joseph Baby Joe “The Juggernaut” Taimanglo, Featherweight Champion, Pacific X-treme Combat. Baby Joe retained his belt by defeating Korea’s #1 contender Jang Yong Kim within 35 seconds in PXC 32. Baby Joe now has 17 wins under his belt. Cover shot by Rock Anciano

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Baby Joe takes Kim to his knees


uam MMA fans were not disappointed with the excitement and action that took place at the University of Guam’s Field House during Pacific X-treme Combat 32. In the main events Guam and Korea split the two Championship matches with both ending in the first round. At a capacity full Field House, the first Championship bout saw Korea’s Lim Hyun Gyu defeats Guam’s Ryan “Biggs” Bigler by way of a guillotine choke to take the Welterweight title. Bigler seemed to be the aggressor of the two however he was caught in a choke and was unfortunately unable to escape. The main bout featured Guam’s PXC Featherweight Champion Baby Joe Taimanglo of Spike 22 defend his belt against Korea’s Jang Yong Kim. Although the taller Kim appeared to be an imposing opponent, Guam’s champ wasted little time mixing it up with fast and powerful jabs that would bring down Kim and eventually force referee Tony DeAngelo to step in and stop the fight within 35 seconds of the first round.

PXC 32 Champion Guam’s Baby Joe Taimanglo

Fight Results: Kyle Reyes defeated Ronny Borja via 2nd round submission Korea’s Jung Hoon Koh defeated Ricky Camp via 3rd round TKO Josh Alvarez defeated Saipan’s Mark Nique via 1st round submission Kyle Aguon defeated Derick Rangamar via 1st round submission Tyrone Jones defeated Brian Howard via 2nd round submission Jared Mellon defeated Joe Arriola via 2nd round TKO. MS


milestones sports magazine

Baby Joe’s expression says it all

Ryan “Biggs” Bigler VS Korea’s Lim Hyun Gyu

Both fighters postering

At the weigh-in

Lim HyunGyu trying to deliver a right hand

Kyle Reyes VS Ronny Borja

Kyle on the attack

Kyle ‘Boom’ Reyes earns the win


Ricky Camp VS Korea’s Jung Hoon Koh

Ricky Camp

Koh was cut under his right eye

Koh was cut under his right eye

Camp and Koh taking it to the mat

Tyrone Jones VS Brian Howard Koh

Tyrone Jones and Brian Howard


milestones sports magazine

Tyrone Jones mounts Brian Howard

Josh Alvarez

Chris Barnett Ring Announcer

Press Conference: Ryan “Biggs” Bigler, Baby Joe Taimanglo, Joey Calvo, EJ Calvo, Eli Monge, Korea’s Jang Yong Kim and Lim Hyun Gyu


Health & Fitness Brant McCreadie Kontenda’s Fitness Club





t is extremely important when using exercise equipment to properly maintain the correct posture and form. By doing this, you

will avoid any type of serious injury that comes with the lack of knowledge you should have about weight training equipment. This is especially true for young teenagers who aspire to be physically fit. Here are a list of things you should do to properly educate yourself with proper form and using exercise equipment the correct way:

1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 2. Find out which machine works the

specific body part that you are looking to build. 3. Make sure the machine is in operating condition. 4. Watch and see how other people use the machine to get a feel on proper technique. 5. There should be an instruction diaphragm on every machine. Read it and understand it. This will help you avoid injury.


milestones sports magazine

Following these tips could be the difference between injury and preventing an injury. Most high schools have weight equipment and cardio equipment in their fitness areas. So, if you are a high school student using the fitness area and are not sure how to use the equipment, my suggestion is to wait or call someone who can help you if you are alone. It’s better to be safe than sorry. And finally, you should always lift weights with a partner. This way, he or she can also act like a spotter for you. A spotter, in simple terms, in the weight room is someone who can take away some weight if it is too heavy. I hope these tips help you realize the importance of proper technique when lifting weights. And if you need any other assistance, feel free to call me anytime at the gym. MS


Jr. golf

4th Annual BMW

Guam USA

Junior Open


he Guam Junior Golf League held its 4th Annual BMW Guam USA Junior Open Golf Tournament at the Leo Palace Resort from August 3-5, 2012. The

tournament was a full filled event for the junior golfers as they weathered both rain and shine at this magnificent golf course. MS

Final Results after 3 days of play:


Winners Age: 7 - 8

Age: 9 - 10

Age: 11 - 12

Age: 13 - 14

Age: 15 - 18



Bryan Gogue

Kyohei Hayashi

Anicento Mandanas

Devin Hua

Reggie Camacho


Yuuki Kubo

Yu-Kai (Kent) Hsiao

Halen Carbonel

Teddy Gogue

Ryan Christensen

3rd Liang-Yu (Alston) Chen

Rickey Parsons

Ryoya Aihara Ken Imai

Nalapon Vangjalorn




Shioriko Yokoyama

Tzu-Yi (Tweety) Chang

Nalathai Vangjalorn

Kristin Oberiano



Kate Lee

Pin-Wen (Nicole) Lu

Rika Kodaira

Jordan Heath



Yu-Wen (Wendy) Hsiao

Mary Parsons

Juna Otani

milestones sports magazine



milestones sports magazine


ugby is not “like soccer,” as we often hear. For true rugby players such a statement is a blasphemy. Parts history and parts legend, the game of Rugby started with a man, William Web Ellis in 1823 while attending the Rugby School in England. Possibly bored with the game of soccer he was playing during P.E. Ellis picked up the ball and ran with it staring fine tradition of athletic disobedience. An engraved stone on the school grounds commemorates Ellis and the birth of rugby, noting his “fine disregard of the rules” of soccer. Simply put Rugby is not a game It is a life style. Its essence is not drawn simply from the physical competition on the pitch, but also from camaraderie and sportsmanship that develops from sharing such an uncommon--common bond. It starts on the field but is reinforced during the post game gatherings. The basic laws of rugby (they are not called rules in this sport): The game is played with 15 players to a side, on a “pitch” or field that is 100 meters long by 69 meters wide. The game is played in two halves of 40 minutes each with time out for penalties added to total playing time. Substitutes are allowed only if a player is injured too severely to continue the game. There are eight forwards, with names such as props and hookers, and six backs -- flyhalfs and scrumhalfs in some places, halfbacks and fullbacks in others. The object of the games is to score trys, like touchdowns, where the ball, which looks like a fat American football, is run or kicked across the goal line and is touched down. A try is 5 points and a conversion kick after a try is worth 2 points. Three points are awarded for a successful penalty or drop-kick goal. Passes are not allowed but one can lateral, or pass back, to a player. The ball can be kicked forward but if it is dropped forward -- a knock on -- it is banned the same as a forward pass. In those cases, a scrum is used to restart play, unless an opposing player quickly picks up the ball, like recovering a fumble, and keeps it in play. A scrum involves most of the two teams locking arms with members of their own team, while the side awarded the ball in the scrum sets a pre-arranged signal for the ball to be rolled into a tunnel formed by the locked-together front rows. Coded plays are called out while the hookers on each team try to push the ball out behind them. While this is happening, both sides are trying to push themselves over the ball and away from the opposing team. Blocking American style is not allowed. Players on the advancing team stay behind the ball. Straight-arm tackling also is banned. When a player is tackled, he must immediately release the ball and the tackler must immediately release the ball carrier to keep play in motion.


milestones sports magazine

Although rugby, like American football, has backs who are better at scoring than others and players who are better at running or passing the ball than tackling, everyone is eligible to catch, kick, run or tackle making rugby a very democratic game.

Rugby Terminology:

“I prefer rugby to soccer. I enjoy the violence in rugby, except when they start biting each other’s ears off.” - Elizabeth Taylor (1972) Advantage Rule - The ref allows play to continue after a foul if stopping would disadvantage the non-offending team. Ankle Tap - Spectacular when they work, but in reality a last-ditch effort by an out-paced player to tackle an opponent by diving and slapping his ankle. Banjoed - Play one badly and you’ll be in tears. In polite terms, it’s a kick where it really hurts. Blindside - Not your alter-ego after too many beers, but the playing area nearest the touchline and next to a scrum, maul or ruck. Domain of loose forwards and scrumhalf. Cauliflower Ear - Move over Elephant Man. A deformity of the ear caused by repeated blows and rubbing of the head in a scrum, particularly in the second row. Also used as an excuse for selective hearing towards your rugby mates. Clearance Kick - A defender faced with a marauding charge by rampaging forwards manages to stop his knees from shaking long enough to boot the ball as far as he can into touch. Dummy Pass - No, not a bad pass that’s wildly astray. Rather, it’s a feigned pass to deceive the opponent on defense. Hospital Pass - Good pass for settling scores with a team-mate you don’t like. Ball lands into the hands of your mate in imminent proximity of a direct hit. Liverpool Kiss - Not an act of affection (unless you are Irish). Commonly known as a Head Butt. Maul - Struggle among players for ball that has not touched the ground. Pill - Another word for the ball Ruck - Like a maul, but ball is on the ground and heeled back into possession by players. Scrum - Where the oxen of rugby love to be. A way of restarting play after an infringement. The eight forwards from each team pack down in tight formation and the ball is served into the tunnel and heeled back for possession. Tap Penalty - Blink and you won’t see it. That’s the idea from the player of the team awarded the penalty who takes it. The kick is barely nudged forward before it’s caught and either passed, kicked, or moved on the run. Up and Under - A punt kick by a player on the attacking side where the ball is sent high into the sky over their opponent’s head. This gives teammates time to, at least, scare the living daylights out of defenders as they charge down on the ball. Commonly called a Garryowen or a bomb. MS



milestones sports magazine



rugby SOCCER

1st Annual Heineken Guam Rugby Sevens Tournament


ugust 13, 2012. The 1st Annual Heineken Guam Rugby Sevens season wrapped up tournament play this past weekend at the University of Guam field in Mangilao. Elimination games were played on Saturday to determine the teams that would advanced to the championship games on Sunday. Congratulation to the men’s Young Gunz and the women’s Para Todu team for taking home the championship cups for their divisions. MS

MVP Isabel Flores

Cup Final (1st place) Men: Young Gunz defeated Para Todu Red 33-19 in Overtime Jesse “Pumpy” Manglona was named MVP for Young Gunz Women: Para Todu defeated Blue Commrades 25-0 Isabel Flores was name MVP for Para Todu

Bowl Final (2nd place) Men: Da Doks defeated Southern17-7 Women: Southern defeated Ziggys 15-7

Plate Final (3rd place) Men: Para Todu Black defeated GSPN 19-15 Women: No winner since only 4 teams played this year MVP Jesse ‘Pumpy’ Manglona


milestones sports magazine

1st Place Winner Men’s Division Young Gunz

1st Place Winner Women’s Division Para Todu



milestones sports magazine


tips for eating right


Buffet Binging


nyone who’s been to an all-you-can-eat buffet from the hotels to the fiesta tables knows: Limitless food supplies inspire us to put far more on our plates than we need to. They also make us crave and consume things we never wanted in the first place. Does this mean we’re all bound to binge? Not if we utilize these strategies to combat calorie overload. THE PLAN 1. Double Down. Use smaller plates and glasses to avoid taking in too much. Not only do big bowls, and plates hold more food to begin with, but oversized dinnnerware also makes normal portion sizes seem smaller than they actually are. The larger the plate, the more we’ll need to eat before that visual cue gets to our brains. 2. Hit it and quit it. As soon as you load up nab a seat as far away as you can. The more distance there is between you and a stockpile of edibles, the less likely you are to get up for seconds. The mere awareness of a food being within our midst makes us want to eat it, even if we’re already full.


milestones sports magazine

3. Pay attention! Keep an eye on your plate to track how much you’ve taken in. Visual cues make more of an impact on our hunger/fullness levels than, well, actual fullness. The more food we see we’ve eaten, the sooner we’ll realize we’ve had enough. 4. Socialize strategically. Surround yourself with people who eat healthy. We readily pick up on our family’s and friends’ eating behaviors. So nibble next to pals with more colorful plates for optimal eating inspiration. 5. Slow down. Taking your time during a meal makes you feel fuller, faster. Signals for feeding are sluggish in terms of influencing the brain so they’re easy to ignore. It can take upwards of 30 minutes for stop signals to register. Pace yourself by savoring each bite, chewing thoroughly. 6. Cash In. Use cash not a credit card to pay. Plastic payment methods weaken our impulse control. In the absence of immediate consequences (i.e. actually watching the cash leave your hand) we indulge more. 7. Hold On. Sneaky waiters who swiftly exchange finished plates for desert menus are onto something. Without lingering evidence of how much we’ve consumed, we tend to forget. Same goes for discarding plate one, two, or three as you grab a dessert bowl and head back for the finale. Keep all plates, bowls, and cups used throughout a meal right on the table as reminders of how much we’ve consumed. 8. Pre-Game work out. Eat a low-cal but filling fruit or veggie serving prior to hitting the edible Olympics. Pro tip: juice and smoother foods, like applesauce, don’t achieve the same effect since liquid leaves us less full so stick to less processed edibles. Also: Hunger depletes our willpower, so a pre-dining snack could help you control your impulse to hit the dessert table first. 9. Gotta Jet! Committing to some type of physical activity directly after a meal reduces how much food we stuff in our bellies. We’re less likely to ask for seconds when we anticipate a food coma getting in the way of post-dining plans. The Takeaway Buffets of all sorts set us up for nutritional walks of shame. But pay close enough attention to plate size, progress on a meal, and the people around you, and you just might find yourself stopping before going overboard on the plates. MS


2012 Champions GW High School

GW Geckos

Win High School

Volleyball Tournament

St. Johns School


he GW High School Girls Volleyball team took home the championship trophy at the 14th Annual Shieh Invitational Girls High School Volleyball Tournament played at the GW gymnasium on August 18 & 19. The Geckos defeated Shisa Volleyball Club from Okinawa Japan in straight sets 25-20 & 25-23. Shisa advanced to the championship game by defeating both the defending IIAAG High School Girls Champions Simon Sanchez Sharks and Academy of Our Lady of Guam. In the consolation game to determine 3rd and 4th place, Simon Sanchez defeated Academy in three sets. MS

#23 Kayana LG & 10 Dyonii Quitugua


milestones sports magazine

Japan’s SHISA Volleyball Club - 2nd Place

Simon Sanchez Sharks - 3rd Place GW’s #1 Aunika Chaco & #25 Zea Nauta


Team Matao celebrate their

win over Macau

Women’s Rugby Action


milestones sports magazine

n’s Futsal Champions

Quality Distributors - IT&E Me

PXC 32 Welterweight Champion Korea’s Lim HyunGyu

Docomo Pacific Copa De Marianas jiu-jitsu action

Futsal Action - Fancy Footwork


1932 Ford Larry Castro

38 Chevy Roadster Willie Brennan

1961 Corvette Joe Jackson


milestones sports magazine

NUTRITION Jesse E. Rosario UOG Grad GDOE Nutrition Coordinator Synergy Instructor & Nutrition Consultant


Should you take


upplements are everywhere. Every fitness magazine, every fitness store, many commercials on TV, and just about every gym has supplements that’s being advertised. It’s perceived that if you’re an athlete, you need to take supplements to stay in shape and perform better. It seems like there’s a pill for everything. There are supplements for weight loss, weight gain, muscle growth, energy, and the list goes on. Supplements have been associated with fitness, health, and weight loss for years and but do you really need them and are they even good for you? One of the first things to ask yourself when thinking about using a supplement is what really is it and why you’re using it. Supplements are meant to “supplement” or added to a good eating habit, not to replace it. If you are already eating a well balanced diet you are more then likely getting all the vital nutrients your body needs. Remember that foods we already eat are packed with tons of nutrients. Fruits and vegetables are loaded

with vitamins and minerals. Meats, eggs, and beans are packed with protein. Whole grains give us all the energy we need to stay focused throughout the day. Before thinking about using supplements, think first about your diet and how you can improve your eating habits without taking supplements. Natural foods we eat can provide athletes with all the nutrition they need to excel in their sport. There’s no magic pill that will make you perform better in your sport. Some supplements when used wrong, are of little benefit and can be damaging to athletes. It always important to know what your taking and what it will do for your body. If used properly and taken to “supplement” a healthy diet and exercise program, supplements can be beneficial. Just remember that before you use any supplement, always read the labels and research products before you use them. You should also talk to your doctor about supplements and ask if you really need to take them. The choice is yours but you want to be able to know why your using a supplement and what it does for your body. Knowledge is power and in this case supplements can either help your athletic performance or damage it.


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