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CONTENTS 3. Astral Projection 7. Lucid Dreaming 9. Sleep Paralysis 11. Removed: Is This The Way Out?

I woke up, my room sombre and grey. The morning light fading through my blinds blurred through the sleep in my eyes. I layed there, still, unturned, eyes moving from place to place, light trailing as they moved. Am I drunk? I get up, my movement happening in what feels like an analogue delay machine. Stepping out of bed my room the same as when i slept, except that my body still remained in my bed. Am I dead? I walked out my door, through through the cold stone hallway. Peering through to the window outside the night was deep. My sisters room was quiet, she was sleeping however she glowed in a iridescent light laced in green and vibrating eternally endless. This was the same for my parents and all those in the neighbourhood. I wandered far into my suburb, the earth still and quiet, morning and night, until i ended up in a place I did not know. The lights I was once so accustomed to seeing had turned into visible sine waveforms glowing at an uncomfortable hue. The forms attached to these resembled nothing human but dark. Looking down at myself I could see light emitting from the centre of my core, trailing back from the way I came. Fearing what stood before me I fell helplessly into it. I woke up, my room warm and bright.

Dreams have, throughout history, intrigued the minds of the human race as we have struggled to comprehend the purpose and reasoning behind this subconscious phenomenon. There are many who believe dreaming holds much more than just random images sewn together in an altered state but is rather a portal or projection of ourselves in many or unlimited dimensions. Some believe that dreaming is foreshadowing of our future selves in strange contexts, others believe that dreaming allows us to explore other dimensions whilst some believe that it is also a portal for others to enter our physical state whilst we wander. Astral Projection, as described above, is a discipline of removing or copying one’s soul and exploring what is known as the Astral Plane [4]. This act is said to allow people access to a new realm of life that allows one to feel heightened human sensors and interact with others. There are a many reasons as to why people astral project some of which include being able to get rid of phobias, to meet historical figures or even explore themselves creatively in ways they cannot in this world. To understand what the astral plane looks like one must first understand that it is not a physical world in the sense that it is a projection

of one’s subconscious, meaning

it can appear very differently depending on the person, however the difference between astral projection and lucid dreaming is that astral projection is consciously done as you’re awake, whereas lucid dream conjured mid dream. The astral plane can be described in somewhat parallel to the physical world we live in however far less “solid”, rather, it vibrates at a much higher frequency and one can be in their room or house in one moment, then on jupiter in the next, as time and regular physics do not apply to this state similar to when you lucid dream. Astral projection does have some standout features to lucid dreaming though, the main one being that projectors experience seeing their “silver cord”, a connection from their higher self to the physical body, present when they project.

“...the earth still and quiet, morning and night...”

“...inside a place without time... ...a loop through histoy...�

I am on a pier in the south of Italy, the moon bold in the midday sky, waves breaking over me as I study the fisherman casting their rods seamlessly into the still tyrrhenian sea. I’m inside a restaurant with the same waves breaking over me, my veal scallopini steaming hot, my waiter asks if i'd like another wine. I say no. I get up. The tirade of waves subside as i walk out the restaurant door into my high school theater, the room filled with people. I throw my guitar over my neck and the room erupts.

“...moon bold in the midday sky...”

Lucid dreaming is the act over taking control over your dreams and turning them into whatever fantasy you can imagine. The act of lucid dreaming, whilst similar to astral projection, is done through taking over the dream mid way through as opposed to entering it prior to falling asleep. To be able to Lucid dream one must be able to recognise they are dreaming mid dream and take over.

This requires training through recording dreams, becoming mentally “zoned in” prior to sleep by convincing yourself you will remember your dreams and in turn lucid dream. The process for some can be long and tiring however the reward allows one to be completely in control of their subconscious and live out whatever pleasures they wish to pursue.

“...the same waves breaking over me...”

Sleep paralysis is the psychological state of being mentally awake but physically asleep. It is another state of dreaming very different to the previous two discussed. This state of dreaming is almost never sought out, as the experience is considered terrifying by almost all who experience it. Sleep paralysis removes one's ability to move whilst being almost completely mentally awake and whilst in this state, people have had reports of seeing shadow figures around them.

I woke up, my room desaturated of all colour and sense. I know I am awake but the light trails as I my eyes trace my room. The art of leaving my bed is something generally I would consider myself a master however this particular morning it was permeated with difficulty. As this continued the panic began to creep in, my limbs refrained from leaving the side of my body and I could not speak. From the corner of my eye I could see a shadow, I begged it not to move. But it did. It drew towards me, my eyes widened with terror as my body refused the basic instincts of flight. This shadow lingered above my body for some time. White with fright, I was frightened of what it planned to do. Without warning it threw itself into my body. I woke up, body arched gasping for air.

“ limbs

refrained from leaving my





“...whilst wildly abstract, evokes emotions scarily relevant to our own lives...” THE Australian Ballet Company have once again created a modern masterpeice on the stage. Thrilling and captivating from the outset, the tale takes twists and turns leaving audiences in states of shock at times. The recreation of the different states of dreaming is poignant and terrifying and takes the audience on a journey of dreaming that, whilst wildly abstract, evokes emotions scarily relevant to our own lives.

tickets can be purchased from the Australian Ballet Company website; or also via

Removed - The State of Unconscious Reality ISS:01 May '18  
Removed - The State of Unconscious Reality ISS:01 May '18