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Constructing Environments

Jarryd Apap

640102 Warwick Mihaly


Studio One We started off with a whole lot of information in which Warwick outlined the various things we would be doing in this course and the assessments that we would have to fulfil. Then he got us to split off into pairs and introduce ourselves, finding out details about the other person and then relaying it to the rest of the group. This was quite entertaining and we all got to know a bit about each other. After this mingling, Warwick split us into groups of 3-4 people and set us a task. The task was to construct a building out of nothing but MDF blocks which were about 30 by 20 by 10mm in size. Using many of these we slowly started to build our structure. To allow for a door of some sort we built up three sides of a square in a brickwork type of pattern. Then we tried to start branching from each side to build the arch that would be the top of this entrance, however we came across the difficulty that it was unbalanced and kept falling down. After a few minutes of puzzling over how to fix this we simply decided to keep building up the other three sides to allow for more weight on the bases. Keeping at this for a few minutes we decided to try to build across again. We managed to branch it off further but it still didn’t hold, so, taking this as a sign of progress we continued to keep building it higher. Finally, once we were about half a metre high with this building we tried the door again with success. We had managed to do it. It took very little time then to build that side up to the others, and once we were there we started to very slightly change the form of the top from a square to a cone, enclosing the top and making a roof. This was working really well and we ended up having our cone roof about up to stomach height. If we hadn’t run out of time we would have stopped enclosing the cone and started to instead build it up in a cylindrical pattern to achieve greater height, and this would have happened very rapidly to climb towards the roof in a matter of minutes. But instead we closed it off and started knocking holes in the bottom to see how strong the structure was. After knocking out one wall opposite the entrance we decided to see if the other sides could be removed as well. They could, and what we were left with was a structure that was resting very stable on only four small corners. Our brickwork design allowed each block to be resting its weight on two others and as long as we had a triangular pattern still rising from the base, it would remain stable.

Studio1 jarryd  
Studio1 jarryd