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Journal 6 – Jarryd Apap 640102 Our task this week was to recreate the structure of the Theology Reception centre, concentrating only on the primary and secondary structure. Steph, Glen and I aren’t the most competent when it comes to knowing where drawings are located, but following the index made it much easier (even though most of the references there are confusing). We used three different balsa wood thicknesses during the replication and we found that this was sufficient for our building. All we were concentrating on reproducing was the additions made when the reception centre was constructed. So the existing wall was just made from the cardboard we brought along. The actual primary structure of the roof was one which confused us initially, the use of double beams was one we hadn’t come across before. Whilst building it though it started to make more sense, the slight incline of the roof let water flow down into a box gutter which is right up against the existing wall. Our approach to this model was of a building inside a building. The small glass box that was the central office is encased in another structure altogether. The balsa wood columns on the outside vary in thicknesses to reflect the actual differences between the supporting concrete columns, but we didn’t have thick enough balsa wood to reflect it properly. This model is a 1:50 scale of the actual building, we simply had to double the measurements that the architect has prescribed and it gave us an easy scale to work with. We constructed the roof as a single piece, which got attached later, doing it in this way saved us a lot of time and effort as it would have been much more difficult to do this in situ. An improvement we could have made would be to take into account how much of an angle the roof was on, all we did was use the horizontal measurements given and we didn’t allow for the angle. When it comes the actual building, this would be a vital error, as the beams would be spanning to the wrong sections for support and the whole roof would be a little shorter than necessary.

Primary Structure

Secondary Structure

Angled roof

Journal 6  
Journal 6