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KIRYU KIRYU Jump back inin time toto aa Jump back time storied old silk town inin storied old silk town the scenic countryside the scenic countryside

2 Days inin 2 Days Kiryu Kiryu

Kiryu is aisstoried oldold silksilk Kiryu a storied town surrounded by by town surrounded beautiful nature withwith lotslots beautiful nature of hands-on activities. of hands-on activities. Let Let us show youyou thethe bestbest us show experiences andand tours experiences tours available. available.

Indigo Dyeing at at Yukari Indigo Dyeing Yukari Create youryour ownown one-of-a-kind Create one-of-a-kind handkerchief withwith traditional handkerchief traditional Japanese indigo dye.dye. Japanese indigo

Book Book your activity your activity

Himokawa Udon Himokawa Udon atat Momotaro Momotaro

FlatFlat himokawa udon noodles are are himokawa udon noodles overover 10 cm andand 10 wide—delicious cm wide—delicious fun fun to eat! YouYou cancan onlyonly findfind them to eat! them herehere in Kiryu. in Kiryu.

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Cafe break Cafe break There are are lots lots of of There nicenice cafes along cafes along youryour walk. walk.

Try onon a kimono && Try a kimono have a photo shoot have a photo shoot Kiryu is famous for its Kiryu is famous forsilk-making its silk-making history. Try Try on one of these history. on one of these gorgeous traditional kimonos andand gorgeous traditional kimonos go for back in time go a forwalk a walk back in time through the the historic silk silk district. through historic district. Book Book your activity your activity

Kannon-in Temple Stay Kannon-in Temple Stay

Right outside Right outside your room! your room!

StayStay overnight at aattemple! The The overnight a temple! converted guest rooms have full full converted guest rooms have amenities plusplus access to the inner amenities access to the inner garden. garden. Book Book a room a room

A monk's A monk's morning activities morning activities Try Try zazen Buddhist zazen Buddhist meditation andand copying meditation copying sutras the the nextnext sutras morning. morning.

Scenic railway Scenic railway

RideRide the the old-fashioned Watarase Keikoku old-fashioned Watarase Keikoku Tetsudo Railway for scenic views of the Tetsudo Railway for scenic views of the beautiful Watarase Valley. beautiful Watarase Valley.

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Local lunch Local lunch

StopStop at aatlittle shop hidden in the forest a little shop hidden in the forest for some delicious ramen, baked curry, for some delicious ramen, baked curry, porkpork katsudon. katsudon.

Hidden Hidden Temples Temples

SeeSee beautiful beautiful wood carvings, wood carvings, andand try striking the the try striking temple bell!bell! temple

Kurohone Village Kurohone Village e-bike adventure e-bike adventure

HopHop on an bicycle andand taketake on electric-assist an electric-assist bicycle in the richrich nature of aofrural village. YourYour in the nature a rural village. knowledgeable guide will will offeroffer insights knowledgeable guide insights Book your adventure Book your adventure intointo Japanese country Japanese country

Access Accessinformation information By highway busbus ( from( from TokyoTokyo ) By highway )

By train ( from( from TokyoTokyo ) By train ) AsakusaAsakusa Sta. Sta.

Tokyo Sta. Tokyo Sta.

Busta Shinjuku Busta Shinjuku

JR Hokuriku/ JR Hokuriku/ Joetsu Shinkansen Joetsu Shinkansen

JR Ryomo JRLine Ryomo Line TakasakiTakasaki Kiryu Kiryu Sta. Sta. Sta. Sta. 45 min 45 min

50 min 50 min Ueno Sta.Ueno Sta.

Ueno Sta.Ueno Sta.

Tobu Limited Tobu Express Limited Ryomo Express Ryomo Shin- ShinKiryu Kiryu Sta. Sta. 100 min100 min

2h 10min2h 10min

Isesaki Sta. Isesaki Sta.

JR Ryomo JRLine Ryomo Line Kiryu Kiryu 16 min 16 min Haneda Haneda Airport Airport

Kiryu Kiryu



JR Tohoku JR Shinkansen Tohoku Shinkansen

JR Ryomo JRLine Ryomo Line Oyama Oyama Kiryu Kiryu Sta. Sta. Sta. Sta. 60 min 60 min

40 min 40 min Tokyo Sta. Tokyo Sta.

Sapporo Sapporo

JR Utsunomiya Line Line JR Utsunomiya Watarase Keikoku Watarase Keikoku Tetsudo Line Line Tetsudo

Tohoku Shinkansen Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet(bullet train) train)

Nasu Shiobara Sta. Sta. Nasu Shiobara

JR Joban Line Line JR Joban

Karasuyama Sta. Sta. Karasuyama

Nikko Sta. Jomo Jomo Electric Nikko Sta. Electric Railway Mato Mato Railway Sta.

Tobu Tobu Moka Moka Railway Railway Tobu- TobuUtsunomiya Utsunomiya JoetsuJoetsu Shinkansen Shinkansen Nikko Sta. Sta. Sta. Nikko Sta. (bullet(bullet train) train) Motegi Sta. Sta. Sta. Motegi Sta. Utsunomiya Utsunomiya IC Utsunomiya IC Utsunomiya Mizunuma Mizunuma Sta. Sta. MashikoMashiko Sta. Sta. Omochanomachi Sta. Sta. Omochanomachi Mt. Akagi Mt. Akagi Hokuriku Shinkansen Hokuriku ShinkansenChuo- Ogo ChuoAkagi Ogo Akagi Tochigi Tochigi Mibu IC Mibu IC Moka IC (bullet(bullet train) train) Maebashi Moka IC Maebashi Sta. Sta. NishiSta. Sta. NishiTsuga jct. Tsuga jct. JR Mito JRLine Mito Line Tochigi Tochigi IC IC Kiryu Sta. TakasakiTakasaki jct. Sta.jct. Sta. Kiryu Sta. IwafuneIwafune jct. jct. Oyama Shimodate Oyama Shimodate TakasakiTakasaki Sta. Sta. Mito Sta.Mito Sta. Sano Sta. Sano Sta. Sta. Sta. Sta. Sta. Maebashi Tochigi Sta. Maebashi KiryuKiryuTochigi Sta. Fujioka Fujioka jct. Sta. jct. Sta. Sano- SanoSta. Sta. Ibarakimachi Shin-ShinIbarakimachi jct. jct. KiryuKiryu fujioka ICfujioka IC Tomobe jct. Tomobe jct. Tatebayashi Tatebayashi JR Ryomo Line Line Sta. Sta. JR Ryomo Sta. Sta. Tsurugashima Tsurugashima jct. jct.

JR Takasaki Line Line JR Takasaki


TsukubaTsukuba Ibarakikuko jct. Ibarakikuko jct. Kuki- Kukikita IC kita IC ShiraokaShiraoka jct. jct. Omiya OmiyaKawaguchi jct. Kawaguchi jct. Sta. Sta. Taiei jct.Taiei jct.

Tobu Line Tobu Line

Fukushima AirportAirpor Fukushima Tokyo Tokyo Kyoto Kyoto Nagoya Nagoya OsakaOsaka

IbarakiIbaraki AirportAirport NaritaNarita Int. Airport Int. Airport Haneda Int. Airport Haneda Int. Airpor

KansaiKansai Int. Airport Int. Airport

Shinkansen ( bullet train )train ) Shinkansen ( bullet

Ibaraki Ibaraki Airport Airport

JR Lines JR Lines Local Local Lines Lines Expressway Expressway

Narita jct. Narita jct. Tokyo Tokyo area area

Sendai GUNMA GUNMA SendaiSendai AirportAirport Sendai

Narita Narita IC IC

Narita Int. Int. Narita Airport Airport

Highway bus bus Highway Station Station Expressway IC / jct.IC / jct. Expressway

Haneda Int. Airport Haneda Int. Airport

Plan Planyour yourtrip trip HOWHOW TO GET TO AROUND? GET AROUND?




and experiences are are AkagiAkagi The most way enjoy Kiryu Kiryu is to is toAll silkAll silkkimono and kimono experiences The fun most funto way to enjoy Trip has theall info Tripallhas theyou infoneed you need available all-year-round so yousowon't its richitssilk and activities in Kiryu are within walking available all-year-round you won't to plan experience rich silktextile and textile activities in Kiryu are within walkingexperience Kiryu to your plan trip yourtotrip to Kiryu no matter when when you you ( first hand: try ontry a kimono, or distance from the station. For anFor an historyhistory be disappointed no matter first hand: on a kimono, orbe disappointed distance from the station. ( visit. Kurohone is particularly at silkat spinning, even more memorable experience, visit. Kurohone is particularly try hand your hand silk spinning, even more memorable experience, try your There There is alsoisinformation for tourists also information for tourists Most of theof cultural sites and Most the cultural sites and

starting from cherry and and or indigo dying!dying! We also try hopping on theon Mayu open-air beautiful starting from cherry weaving, or indigo We also beautiful try hopping the Mayu open-air weaving, blossom season in April, all all recommend checking out the many blossom season in April, recommend checking out the many peachpeach leaves turn toturn to cultural heritage sites, including old old the way theuntil waythe until the leaves cultural heritage sites, including autumn colorscolors in November. For For and warehouses perfect speedspeed to leisurely take intake the in thefactories autumn in November. factories and warehouses perfect to leisurely into shops and galleries sights sights of theof town. (Available on on repurposed repurposed into shops and galleries the town. (Available environment and moves at theat the environment and moves

historic atmosphere. weekends. Price: Price: free.) free.) Taxis Taxis and and with unique with unique historic atmosphere. weekends. TheseThese are great placesplaces to buytosilk buses buses are also For For are great buy silk areavailable. also available.

miss the Yagibushi Festival on theon first miss the Yagibushi Festival the first

destinations in Kurohone on theon the destinations in Kurohone

people gathergather from in andinoutside of people from and outside of Kiryu Kiryu to dance in the in streets and and to dance the streets

outskirts of town, you can outskirts of town, youtake canthe take the scenicscenic Watarase Railway. Watarase Railway.

weekend in August—500 thousand weekend in August—500 thousand

Japanese festival food and forgetforget to explore the rolling hills and Japanese festival food and to explore the rolling hills and enjoy enjoy beautiful temples outside town via beautiful temples outside town via e-bike!e-bike!

( ( For direct inquiries, you can For direct inquiries, youuse canthe use the contact form on Akagi Trip Trip contact form on Akagi ( (

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Discover Kiryu 1.5 hours North of Tokyo  

2 Days in Kiryu. Jump back in time to a storied old silk town in the scenic countryside. Kiryu is a storied old silk town surrounded by be...

Discover Kiryu 1.5 hours North of Tokyo  

2 Days in Kiryu. Jump back in time to a storied old silk town in the scenic countryside. Kiryu is a storied old silk town surrounded by be...


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