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JBP Nanoneedle Cannula made in Tochigi Located in Tochigi Prefecture, Nasushiobara is one of the world-leading towns for the production of injection needles, and is sometimes called “hometown of needles”. Yasuo Sakata, craftsman and the developer of "JBP Nanoneedle", was born and grew up in this town. He had taken over the precision processing work his father started. He was always wishing to relieve many people of the fear towards needles when injected. The dream of Yasuo Sakata came to be thinning of needles. His overflowing ideas, trial and error and repetition of practice became "persistence", and finally turned out to be "obsession". In 2003, Sakata succeeded in extending and thinning the tube of needles. Furthermore, he developed his original microtubule polishing technology "Nano-polishing process". In 2004, Sakata gained the technology of mass production, and finally realized his dream, thinning of needles. —Thus, the "ultra-thin wall" hypodermic needle was born with its large inner diameter, giving less strain to the skin. It was 15 years after the conception of the idea. In 2009, Sakata succeeded in producing the ultra thin hypodermic needle as a brand product, collaborating with a pharmaceutical company, JBP (Japan Bio Products Co., Ltd.). In autumn of 2009, "JBP Nanoneedle" was launched with his basic concept of the ultra-thin wall hypodermic needle, "No pain, no fear".

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