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Purchase necessary, not desirable. (Ovidio)

With money you can buy the book, but not the intelligence, the luxury, but not beauty. (Anonymous) Shopping and more shopping, is for that many people today are interested, either for simple taste, for necessity, pleasure, or simply feeling good about itself. Many people in the world suffer from the need to have it all, that is to get all that they want to simple view, what is pleasing to their eyes. Arrive to the point of wanting it all, to reach a level of desperation by not getting what you want, this is a big problem for the welfare of the human being. Because of this problem in particular born an interest in knowing the tastes, or the options that a person has in mind at the time of purchase or get what you want, so surveys were carried out to different people, with different tastes and choices when buying. Within the survey were different questions about different types of elections, for example clothes or electronic devices, choice of a warehouse specific to make a purchase or that so often the person carries out shopping, among others.

In the survey done to random sample of people, it was found that 57% of the interviewees go shopping at least once a week, which demonstrates that we live in a society where the comfort, pleasure and consumerism are the mainstay of the actual economy. But none of the people interviewed were noticed any symptoms of a compulsive disorder because the 79% of interviewees base their purchase on quality and price, not for fun specifically. Is true that we all have needs about technology and meal, however there is a very small group of people who could buy expensive and luxury in order that they have the purchasing power to do it, or actually they suffer a compulsion, which many of them are women. Shopaholics actually experience compulsive buying disorder (CBD) that is frequently conjoint with mood, anxiety, substance abuse and eating disorders. People who score highly on compulsive buying scales tend to understand their feelings poorly and have low tolerance for

unpleasant psychological states such as bad moods.

Isolation by the need to hide what is happening, they are away from their loved ones for fear that discover their addiction.


How do you know if you are a shopaholic?  Every addiction brings interderence to daily life, in this kind of addiction are common deceptions, job loss and economic debts. The shopaholic can not stop, but at the same time, they are aware that it’s doing is wrong, they resort to lies or hides their problema from loved ones. 

The shopping is a necessity and lives like a persistent and irresistible feeling, and if not performed generate anxiety and irritability, leading to possible depression. These people do purchases that are beyond their economic reach to the point of generating a bankruptcy. The satisfaction is not in the iterms purchased, but in acquiring new things. Is a increase in adrenaline produces buy any object.

It can be seen in the survey of 14 people there is a tendency to make purchases, but not of great concern respondents do not spend their money on luxuries but they invest their money in new fashion items and technology. However, among the likes of respondents is not a tendency to buy stuff a high economic value because it is not suitable to normal economic budget, you can also infer that respondents are looking for a balance between price and quality, a way to invest your money very well.

How often in a month do you go shopping just for fun?

What do you prefer?


How much would you spend buying a mobile phone?

To overcome this disease exists psychotherapy which explains reasons associated with this problem like fear , sadness , depression , loneliness, staff dissatisfaction , low selfesteem , emptiness and emotional needs, and others. To provide solutions to this problem is important the person recognize he is addicted, and thus, begin a process to change. Furthermore, is relevant share feelings, problems , triumphs and thoughts with the loved ones to assure that they are aware of the situations and they can become the best support in the right time. Likewise, the recreational activities, sports, having fun with friends or family, can replace the desire or pleasure that addicted people feel for shopping. Like this and other addictions, is necessary to maintain positive control and balance over things, situations and feelings because otherwise people can fall into extreme levels of uncontrolled impulses making see them like basic needs, and seriously affecting their own life as a person, family relationships and into the society.

Written by: Lina Barrera Alejandro Bello MarĂ­a Fernanda Escobar Juliana PachĂłn