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JANZZ Plus subscriptions: the convenient way to success

Let’s JANZZ! JANZZ seminars

Benefit from the unique services of JANZZ. Short of time? Not a moment to complete your JANZZ for yourself? Want the perfect presentation without the time investment? With a subscription surcharge from CHF 60.–, JANZZ offers you a comprehensive service that makes it even easier and faster to get online and find your match.

Using JANZZ effectively. JANZZ holds regular seminars for sportspeople, clubs, associations and federations, to familiarize them with the efficient handling of JANZZ, its revolutionary features and unique opportunities. The more thoroughly you acquaint yourself with the subject, the more advantages you will realize for your benefit.

“Power play with JANZZ: just one click finds the most exciting engagements and the best teams for sporting and personal success.” Christian Kobelt, centre player

SETTING UP YOUR JANZZ USER ACCOUNT We use the information you supply to set up a complete user profile perfectly adapted to you. From this initial template, it’s very simple to compile any further profiles. PROCESSING / UPLOADING YOUR DOCUMENTS You provide us with digital or hard copies of your documents. These may include your CV, video files or company documents, facts and figures, job and function descriptions, etc. We process and scan these documents on request and load them into your JANZZ Document Management.

Regular JANZZ seminars are held in your community. Information about upcoming dates and venues of these events is available at For an individual seminar, please contact us at any time via e-mail at sales @

DRAWING UP YOUR JANZZs We draw up your JANZZs exactly as you instruct us. Our JANZZ specialists know exactly which points are crucial to the success of your JANZZs, and deal with your data in strict confidence. When they have finished, they return the complete set of documents to you. How it works.  You send us all the relevant background information, preferably by e-mail.  We set up a user account for you, draw up a profile and prepare your JANZZs.  If anything is unclear, we contact you.  You receive all information regarding the use of your account from us by e-mail. Remember: the first thing to do is change your password.  Any questions? Please write to us at support @

Help & contact Contact us at support @

The first intelligent Web 3.0 platform for locating all the skills of the world.

All the skills of the world at

What does JANZZ mean for sportspeople and associations?

JANZZ subscriptions for sportspeople and associations?

The simple but brilliant principle of JANZZ. There is nothing the world does not know; nothing it cannot do. The pool of knowledge, the individual capabilities and the experiences of around 7 billion people and millions of companies are inexhaustible. It is precisely this all-round ability that JANZZ makes available to you online via a universal Web 3.0 platform. JANZZ brings the right people, companies and jobs together, accurately matching the requisite skills against those available, across language barriers. JANZZ makes costly headhunting and laborious selection procedures a thing of the past.

What advantages and opportunities does JANZZ offer us? Many keen sportspeople in Switzerland experience great difficulty finding suitable engagement or seeking out new challenges at clubs. Whereas sports clubs and associations are desperately short of talent, in the form of players, coaches or support staff. JANZZ enables sportspeople to offer special skills and experiences, while it steers exactly the right talent and expertise towards clubs or associations, to meet their requirements perfectly. JANZZ taps all the full potential at home and abroad for you, permanently. There are no laborious evaluation processes or expensive administrative efforts.

The choice is yours. JANZZ offers you a whole range of attractive subscriptions, tailored to your personal requirements. JANZZ also offers free registration to our young sportspeople (up to age 25) via the Young Talents subscription. You alone decide which subscription is right for you and for your success on JANZZ.

Success is a few clicks away. From player to team doctor, club organization, coach, support staff, association officer, physiotherapist, referee, rising talent or volunteer, JANZZ matches all available skills, experience and qualifications on the highquality matching principle and only shows you the results relevant to you. This happens in just a few clicks, in real time, securely and anonymously for both sides.

JANZZ only finds what fits. The revolutionary Web 3.0 platform guarantees you the greatest possible match. You yourself actively influence the quality of the match result, by setting criteria relevant to you. These may include requirements or special skills, etc. You also set the minimum Match Factor. JANZZ matches your own criteria with those of all available providers and shows you who fits you and to what extent.

Sportspeople and individuals

Club, association or federation

Availability Postcode / place / radius

100 %

Availability Postcode / place / radius

Education Languages

80 %

Education Languages

Special skills Experience

60 %

Special skills Experience

Positions Pay / salary / remuneration

40 %

Positions Pay / salary / remuneration

Specializations Occupation / profession

20 %

Specializations Occupation / profession

Match Factor

PRIVAT PREMIUM (CHF 120.– /year)  5 users  Unlimited number of profiles  25 JANZZs (simultaneous active search /offer)  Portfolio documents: CV, testimonials and references, diplomas /certificates, pictures, work samples, video, audio, web links, miscellaneous CLUBS AND ASSOCIATIONS (price on request)  10 users  Unlimited number of profiles  30 JANZZs (simultaneous active search /offer)  Portfolio documents: brochures, publications and presentations, annual reports, facts and figures, job and function descriptions, work samples (candidates), legal documents and contracts, video, audio, web links, miscellaneous Other subscriptions. presents a range of other attractive subscriptions open to companies. For an individual subscription, please contact us at any time via e-mail at sales @


All the skills of the world. On a single platform. With just a few clicks, JANZZ uniquely matches people, businesses, jobs and projects with...

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