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TEAM CAPTAIN AND FUNDRAISER KIT 2013 EY Bowl-A-Thon Event site: #janewyork

Join your colleagues for a “Party with a Purpose!” The Junior Achievement Bowl-A-Thon is a fundraising event where participants fundraise to support JA’s free financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship programs then celebrate with an evening of bowling, food and beverages. OUR PURPOSE IS TO EMPOWER YOUNG PEOPLE TO OWN THEIR ECONOMIC SUCCESS Junior Achievement of New York (JA New York) is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. Our corporate and community volunteers deliver relevant, hands-on experiences that give students from kindergarten through high school knowledge and skills in financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship. JA programs empower students to make a connection between what they learn in school and how it can be applied in the real world - enhancing the relevance of their classroom learning and increasing their understanding of the value of staying in school.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from the Bowl-A-Thon will be used to provide JA programs to over 67,000 students. 2012-2013 Academic Year by the Numbers 67,000+ 2904 439,211 28 200+ 3370 111

Students Served Classes Served Contact Hours JA Programs Offered School & After-School Partners Corporate and Community Volunteers NYC and LI companies that volunteer

How do I get involved? Sign up online as a team captain or individual fundraiser, create your personalized fundraising page, start fundraising, and celebrate! All the information you need to be successful is included in this kit.

What’s included in this kit: Start or Join A Team Fundraising Goals and Incentives Steps to getting started and build fundraising pages Fundraising Tips Confidence builders Asking for donations 50 contacts in 5 minutes FAQ 1

TEAM CAPTAIN AND FUNDRAISER KIT 2013 EY Bowl-A-Thon Event site: #janewyork Thank you! Before we go any further, thank you for volunteering to be a fundraiser. We are here to help you reach your goal…and have fun doing it. We want to make this easy and even rewarding for you. Most of us aren’t professional fundraisers but we all know that people we care about will respond to the things we care about, so long as we have the courage to give them the opportunity.

Start or Join a Team. Captains first have to start a team BEFORE 5-7 teammates can join. You don’t have to be a great bowler or even bowl to participate.

Visit to:  Start or Join a team  Donate to support an individual or a team:  Check your fundraising progress o Fundraising goal: Individual $150 | Team $1200  More information about the event and JA New York

Fundraising Incentives. Each participant is asked to raise $150 individually or $1200 as a team. Surpass those fundraising goals and be rewarded! Individual Fundraising Levels Raise $500+ and receive a retro JA bowling shirt, trophy and two AMC movie passes Raise $350+ and receive a trophy and two AMC movie passes Raise $200+ and receive two AMC movie passes Teams that raise over $1250 receive a gift card for a Chipotle team lunch! The overall top fundraising team also receives a trophy.


TEAM CAPTAIN AND FUNDRAISER KIT 2013 EY Bowl-A-Thon Event site: #janewyork Getting Started. • Build your team or individual fundraising page. Personalize your page with the reasons why you care, why it’s important, and ask people to support you. • Identify potential team members. Team minimum is five bowlers and maximum is eight bowlers including the captain. • Invite teammates to join your team or support you. Send them this email: o “I have committed to raising $150 for Junior Achievement of New York, but I need 7 people to help me do it, 7 people to be on my team. Will you consider being one of them? It’s easy to register and fundraise. Then we celebrate with a night of bowling, food and fun!” • Ask for donations. E‐mail everyone you know or ever knew, ask them to donate. Everyone who donates online gets an e‐mail thank you and tax receipt automatically. • Send reminder e‐mails at least three times during the campaign. Even the people who want to support you receive e‐mails at bad times and then forget to take action. Statistically, most people need to receive your ‘ask’ three times before they respond. • Encourage your team members. Send emails to your team members to encourage them to reach their goal and remember the purpose.

Build your fundraising page. An online fundraising page allows for customizable Web pages for teams and individuals, email communication tools that send personalized messages to potential donors, all donations processed online, easy set up, fast and simple thank‐you messages to those who donate.

To register as a Team Captain and set up a team page: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Go to Click the Register Here button Select "Start a team” Sign in or create a new profile Create your team fundraising page and your personal page, personalize it, and invite anyone to support your efforts!

To register as an individual fundraiser: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Follow Steps 1 – 2 Select “Join a team” Sign in or create a new profile Create your own fundraising page, personalize it, and invite anyone to support your efforts!


TEAM CAPTAIN AND FUNDRAISER KIT 2013 EY Bowl-A-Thon Event site: #janewyork Fundraising Tips and Ideas Facebook and Twitter Status updates are a great way to share your fundraising link with your social network. You can also thank donors by tagging them in a post. Matching gifts Many employers have matching gift programs to match charitable contributions made by their employees. While EY does not, find out if one of your donor’s employers has a matching gift policy. E‐mail signature Include a line in your e‐mail signature (at work and/or at home) letting your friends and family know about the Bowl-A-Thon. Include a link to your fundraising page. Workplace giving Post a donation sheet in high‐traffic areas, take to meeting or send an e‐mail with a link to your fundraising page. Find out if your supervisor will match the money you raise. Be sure to check your company’s policies first. Voicemail fundraising Add a line to your voicemail at home or on your cell phone letting callers know you are participating in JA BowlA-Thon and need their support! Special occasions If you have a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion coming up, why not ask for donations instead of gifts? Host a benefit garage sale or lemonade stand Clean out your closet, attic or basement, and generate funds. This is a great activity for your team! Your children can participate by setting up a lemonade stand. Dinner party Cook dinner for your guests and ask them to donate what they would pay in a Restaurant for a similar meal. Talk it up! Ask your doctor, dentist, hairdresser, grocer or favorite business owner to support you.


TEAM CAPTAIN AND FUNDRAISER KIT 2013 EY Bowl-A-Thon Event site: #janewyork Be confident. As you engage in fundraising activities for any purpose, it’s important to have some master tools in place to ensure success. Most seem like common sense and we encourage you to print and keep as a handy reminder throughout the campaign. Refreshers are always important. Believe in yourself. You are the most important contributor to success. Believing is the most fundamental element of successful fundraising. Have a purpose. In order to maintain motivation (or even get motivated in the first place), you and your team need to be clear on why you are putting time, energy and effort into raising money. Then, you must keep this reason at the forefront. Many people want to make a difference but don't know where to get involved. Ask them to join your team and raise $150! Set a goal. $150, the individual fundraising goal, funds a training session for a JA volunteer to bring their real world experience into the classroom. $1200, the team fundraising goal, provides materials and program support to an entire JA class. Ask. Someone asked you to be involved, share that opportunity with someone else. Remember that you’re giving people a chance to do something that will make them feel good and help students in our community. Don’t give up. How many times were you asked to participate before you agreed? Make sure you are prepared with responses for those that may need a little “extra” convincing. Implement – FAST and OFTEN! Set up your page and send your first e‐mails now. Don’t decide for others. Ask everyone. The reality is that people will want to help you for a good cause, and they will feel good about it. Many will be flattered that you asked them to be part of something important to you. Some might say no, but at least give them the chance to. Get outside your comfort zone. Reach beyond your typical circles of family, friends and co‐workers. Tap into social media, personal or professional connections, alumni organizations, and other networks you can discover as you think creatively. Celebrate. Every donation and new team member is cause for celebration! Don't underestimate what you can accomplish! Remember that you and your team will make a real difference in the lives of many.


TEAM CAPTAIN AND FUNDRAISER KIT 2013 EY Bowl-A-Thon Event site: #janewyork Be prepared. Asking for support, whether financially or participation, you need to be prepared for those impulse responses. As I’m sure you recall, you likely had some of the very same responses below but were overcome with conviction to get involved. Below are some examples of what you may encounter and some possible responses. Reason: “I don’t have time.” Response: “Do you have one hour? The reality is this, setting up my page took me about 15 minutes, and the other 45 minutes is spread out over time when I get the chance to send emails. That’s it! This is the easiest fundraising I’ve ever done.” Reason: “I really don’t like asking people for money. It makes me very uncomfortable.” Response: “I know how you feel. Once I took a look at what Junior Achievement is doing to help kids be successful, I couldn’t say no. We are giving 64,000 students free financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneur programming to prepare them for the real world. I can handle a few weeks of ‘uncomfortable’ e‐ mails.” Reason: “I don’t know anything about Junior Achievement of New York.” Response: “Perfect! That’s why I want and need you on my team. Not only are we raising money, we are also spreading awareness about Junior Achievement of New York. I’ll give you all the information so you are comfortable sharing the mission, history and impact of JA’s programs.” Reason: “I just asked my friends for money last month for something else and so can’t ask for more.” Response: “I get it, ask your friends to help you by emailing their contacts. Spreading the word is just as valuable as donating.”


TEAM CAPTAIN AND FUNDRAISER KIT 2013 EY Bowl-A-Thon Event site: #janewyork 50 Contacts in 5 Minutes Not sure who to ask to support you? All you need is 5 minutes, pen, and paper (or excel spreadsheet) and you’ll find you know A LOT more folks that you ever imagined….try this:  List 5 relatives 

List 5 friends

List 5 co‐workers

List 5 former co‐workers

List 5 neighbors

List 5 former neighbors

List 5 organization contacts

List 5 people that “take care of you” (hairdresser, doctor, dentist, mechanic, etc.)

List 5 people who invited you to a party, wedding, anniversary, etc.

List 5 spouse’s/significant other co‐workers or their spouses

List 5 contacts through your children’s associations (niece, nephew, grandkids count)

So now what? It’s simple, through your online fundraising page send all these folks an email with the link to your page and make a donation to support you. Email templates are in the Participant HQ.

10 Easy Ways to Raise $100 1. Donate $20 yourself and ask 4 friends for $20 each. 2. Donate $50 and have it matched by GS. 3. Ask 20 friends for $5 each. 4. Ask 10 friends for $10 each. 5. Send a letter to family and friends’ describing JA and ask for a donation. 6. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Knock on doors and ask your neighbors for their support. 7. Arrange a JA Jeans Day at work. We’ll even provide stickers! Anyone wearing jeans will have to pay. You could charge anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 per person to dress down. You could arrange these on a weekly or monthly basis. 8. Get your children involved and have them help you fundraise in their schools. 9. Host a bake sale. 10. Host a “Night Out” at a local restaurant that will give a % of sales back to Junior Achievement. 7

TEAM CAPTAIN AND FUNDRAISER KIT 2013 EY Bowl-A-Thon Event site: #janewyork FAQ What is a Bowl-A-Thon? 100% of the proceeds support Junior Achievement’s free financial literacy, entrepreneurship and work/college readiness programs to over 67,000 students in New York City and Long Island. Programs are led by more than 5,000 corporate and community volunteers. Teams of 6-8 people fundraise then celebrate with an evening of bowling, food and beverages. How do I sign up? Visit the event website and click “Register Here”. Captains must first start a team then up to seven people can join. How many bowlers per team? The alley can only accommodate eight bowlers per team/lane. We recommend between 6-8 bowlers per team. We can squeeze up to 10 people per lane but note:  

additional bowlers will have to alternate turns additional teammates can fundraise and attend but not bowl

Do I have to bowl to participate? No, you don’t have to bowl, but you should still register on the site so that you can fundraise online and so that we can include you in the catering count. Can my son or daughter start a team and participate with their friends? Unfortunately, no. This is a company event for its employees only. They are welcome to fundraise and support registered bowlers. Do we have to raise funds in order to participate? No, but please understand that this is a party with a purpose and that funds raised support the event costs and JA programs free to the schools and after-school partners we work with. What if we don't meet our fundraising goal - can we still play? Yes, but see answer above. Who do I contact for any other questions? Lynnette Sorio, JA Special Events Manager, or 212-907-0027 Michelle Ng, EY Community Engagement Leader, or 212-773-8115


EY Bowl-A-Thon kit  

EY 2013 Participant and Fundraising Kit

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